My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1230

Vol 5 Chapter 1230: Dragon Power Trading

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"Ah! This method is really fierce!"

The dragon family who sent the sound to Prince Xuanzhen sighed deeply!

He wanted to take action to rescue Prince Xuanzhen, so that he could win the relationship between the jailed dragon and the dragon family. According to the regulations, no one can enter the battle plane before the candidate has not issued a surrender!

Obviously, Prince Xuanzhen just had enough time to'surrender', but he didn't mourn before he died. Obviously this is the hand of the British state!

Inside the Wanlong venue; the atmosphere is particularly strange and silent!

Prince Xuanzhen fell, and even when he retaliated, he did not even cause a little substantial damage to Ying Bangbang!

He is still a leapfrog challenge! How big is the gap between the two sides?

What can make countless strong people crazy is that this British state is so perverted and unreasonable!

You know he is strong, but can't say where he is strong? Such an obvious cultivation gap is there, he can still crush Prince Xuanzhen!

"Prince Xuanzhen is dead?"

"A new generation of dragon king is born!"

"This Gil Ying Bang Bang, after that, will become the most powerful challenger of the King of Dragons!"

"His last bloodline supernatural power is close to the supernatural power. He hasn't done his best to exert it. As long as he uses up all the dragon veins to launch, it must be a superpower supernatural power!"

When the dragon clan was shocked, some dragon clan felt numb!

Supernatural powers!

Under the peerless world, it is extraordinary, close to the apex of the Dragon Race, with supernatural power!

Is every supernatural superpower in the hands of Taikoo Dragon King?

At this young age, there is an extraordinary supernatural power, and the future is expected!

However, when the dust evil opened its mouth; a wave was not flat, and a wave started again!

"Extraordinary supernatural power is only one of them. This son is the Double Eighth Rank Bloodline! He had previously blocked the blood power of Prince Xuanzhen, which is the perfect blood power of the ancient dragon!"

Dust evil's eyes, directed at Qinglong tribe and others! "Sure enough, the Qinglong tribe can get such an unprecedented transformation, not only because of the remains of the Shenlong, but also because of this British intervention!"

"Wh... what?"

"Shuangbapin bloodline? Mother, did the old man get it right?"

"Eternal Dragon, the ancestral dragon of the Blue Dragon clan, this child has actually inherited the extreme water dragon and Eternal Dragon?"

"Qinglong Clan, do you really want to win the championship?"

"This guy killed Prince Xuanzhen, aren't they afraid that the king of prison jail will find the Qinglong clan in trouble?"

"Fart, with the Qinglong clan's current reputation and the potential of the British state, they will be valued above. Who dares to give them a stumbling block?"

All kinds of horrified, air-sucking sounds echoed in the Wanlong venue.


Many dragon princes and princesses who haven't played in battle suddenly feel a mountain above their heads!

Prince Xuanzhen's strength, at least in the first 5 or even 3 of the Taikoo Dragon Clan, even his life was lost, what about the others?

"Perhaps, only those two monsters can deal with him."

The smart and elegant girl in Tsing Yi threw out her lilac tongue, and turned to look at the positions of Ji Shaochuan and Yang Anran.

Within the plane of battle;

[Gain 600 million advanced qi blood, 200 million essence of combat spirit, 20,000 rune energy, 20,000 suit essence, 20,000 talent points, 80,000 strengthening points, 12,000 heavenly value, 10,000 advanced soil energy, 40,000 Some spiritual power, 20,000 points of advanced soil energy......

Lin Chen attribute hurricane!

Advanced Qi and Blood belong to the Holy Dragon, and the dragon veins are opened like a broken bamboo, and tens of thousands of upgrades!

In the end, the dragon veins opened to 1.1 billion, and the pure power soared to 11 billion dragon power!

Get rid of this mysterious prince, the attribute value dropped is more than the four levels of the ordinary Holy Realm!

Especially the energy of the soil system, Prince Xuanzhen refined seven earth system crystals and pinched it to give Lin Chen 460,000 points of earth energy!

In Qingxue planting capsules; all avatars and Lin Chens body, because of obtaining a large number of attribute values, the Holy Point in Taiyi Space-Time throbbed slightly, and the power increased by one point.

Lin Chen has a hunch that as long as he unlocks the state of "closing the hole", he will definitely burst the hole again and again!

His accumulation over the past few months is too strong!

If you let the outsiders know that your chin will fall, I have only heard that the Emperor of the War can become a holy hole, and I have not heard that the Holy Realm can burst when it breaks twice.

After receiving the attribute light ball, Lin Chen reached out and touched the exceptionally gorgeous five-light supreme treasure chest.

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get the items related to the Golden God of War set: the drawing of the extreme right leg armor.

Lin Chen was shocked!

It turned out to be a part drawing of the Golden Ares suit? Can this thing still be made?

"Interesting, anyway, there is a sign, I also want to make drawings!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, and incorporated the production drawings into the system.

However, the next moment, someone Lin was angry with the system on the spot!

[Gold Ares Legplate Production Drawing-Materials required: 999 pieces of second-grade sacrificial objects or more, 2 million points of Heavenly Dao value, 2 million points of suit essence, 5 cubic meters of top gold mines of gold series are required, Note: Gold mines Not lower than the Ninth Grade Saint Grade.

Your mother, why don't you grab it? 999 pieces of second-grade sacrificial objects

This is the time Lin Chen wants to work with the system the most, changing the way of pitting people?

It is expected that the parts of the God of War suit have been confirmed by the ancient **** in person. When this object is comparable to the artifact, Lin Chen's heart was only slightly balanced.

Anyway, it is a killer comparable to artifacts, there is no way to be more expensive!

With one wave, Lin Chen took away the dragon body and dragon core of Prince Xuanzhen.

When Lin Chen teleported away and returned to the Wanlong venue, the eyes of many dragon clan strong people had changed.

No one dared to underestimate the new king, let alone the Qinglong tribe!

In fact, even the dragon clan has never seen through Lin Chen's heritage. The blood of the Double Eight Ranks cannot be retreated in the battle just now.

That is to say... this child hides a more terrifying ace!

Yang Anran opened her beautiful eyes, and she stood at the height of the cold, finally showing a hint of war, and looked directly at Lin Chen!

The two faced each other. Lin Chen blinked back at her and blew a whistle. I didn't know that the two were flirting.

At this time; Lin Chen sent a sound of ideas.

"Qinglong new king, how to make a deal, this seat wants to buy the dragon core and dragon body of Prince Xuanzhen on hand."

Is a dragon power.

"Oh?" Lin Chen was intrigued, but then found that the dragon body had been absorbed by "Bang Bang", which was already incomplete. If it is taken out now, it may expose something.

"Dragon Clan is powerful, the dragon corpse must not have been returned to you, and there will be a dragon core. If you want, you can exchange 20 inferior crystals."

Lin Chen laughed at the sound, and the man was stunned!

"This... Twenty abnormal crystals are impossible... If there is still a dragon body, it is better to say that it is better. Five abnormal crystals, as long as it is not a blood abnormal crystal, you can choose the attributes, how?"

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows, did he really want this power? He just made a random price.

Lin Chen did not know that the magical secrets inherited by the Archaic Dragons are no lack of forbidden techniques, and they can change their lives.

As long as the dragon's core is not broken, the mental body can be reshaped by shattering the spiritual idea. If the dragon body is kept intact, the bloodline can even be restored to 70% or 80% of its heyday!