My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1231

Vol 5 Chapter 1231: Against Ji Shaochuan

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"Well, eight pieces, there can't be less, and if there is less, I might as well smell this Dragon Core cooking." Someone Lin made it difficult.

Fried food?

The mouth of the dragon family can be slightly pumped... and immediately said in earnest: "Seven, the limit of this seat."



While the other dragons were in full swing, Lin Chen and a dragon family were able to complete a terrifying worldly deal!

That dragon clan was able to make a good relationship with the dragon clan in Xuanyue Town, and spent a great price to buy Prince Xuanzhen's dragon core!

The inferior crystal is sold at a minimum of 400 million silver holy yuan coins, converted into gold holy yuan coins, worth 40,000 pieces!

Trade seven coins in one go, with a minimum equivalent of 280,000 gold holy coins! Attributes are optional, only the dragon family can have this heritage!

The holy beast core of the Taikoo dragon prince is certainly precious, and it can be used for alchemy to even refine the six-grade holy pill.

Alien crystals are even more valuable and valuable. For Lin Chen, there is almost no upper limit for the absorption of alien crystals. The more the better!

Lin Chen selected two light system crystals, one wood system, two wind systems and two dark system crystals to complete nine attributes.

However, Lin Chen is not refining now. His holy cave is in the "closing cave", and these abnormal crystals can only be refined after reaching the barrier.

Although the following top 16 battles were brilliant, they never reversed adversity like Lin Chen.

Instead, Ji Shaochuan and Yang Anran continued to defeat their opponents with a crushing trend, causing no small uproar!

Their opponents, Feng Sheng Pterosaur Prince and Extreme Que Thunder Dragon Prince, entered the tomb of the ancestor dragon. After the dragon gas quenched the body, they broke through 10 billion dragon powers. Their strength is second only to that of Prince Xuanzhen and others. !

In two days, the top eight places appeared!

Lin Chen's top eight opponents, for the Yinyang and Yanghua Princess, Su Meng'er, is the old girl in Tsing Yi!

In the venue; Su Meng'er fluttered like a butterfly, moved to the position of the Qinglong tribe, and came to Lin Chen.

"I chose to abstain, King Qinglong has no opinion?"

Su Meng'er smiled at Lin Chen.

"Uh?" Lin Chen was a little surprised: "Aren't you going to give it a try?"

The Taikoo Dragon princesses and princes in his cognition are all reckless and self-respecting, and have a very high self-esteem character comparable to the demon on the demon list.

"I don't want to be as brutal as you, Prince Xuanzhen."

Su Meng'er spit out the lilac tongue, Lin Chen listened to how a little unfit for children.

She was as familiar as ever, sitting to the position next to Lin Chen, shaking the snowy white jade legs, and Dai Mei's curvy smile.

A young woman elder of the Qinglong clan shoved Mu Tianqing, and unwillingly pushed Mu Tianqing to the left of Lin Chen, whose ears turned red.

The two beauties are left and right, envious of others. It made some Taikoo Dragon princes sour and gritted their teeth.

"The name Ying Bang Bang is definitely not the real name."

The girl's bright eyes flowed with a hint of cunning, staring straight at Lin Chen. She vomited Fang Lan lightly and heard Lin Chen-"Blue Dragon King, tell me your real name?"

She is dreamy and blurry, like a dream butterfly in the sun, and her delicate figure reveals a dreamy hazy charm, like a dream lover in a male heart.

"This? In fact, my real name is Zhang Taishuai, nickname Shi Lezhi, nickname the **** dragon in the wave."

Lin Chen made a haha.

Su Meng'er asked Lin Chen if he didn't want to.

In the quarter-finals, Lin Chen won unexpectedly without a fight due to the abstention of the beauties and advanced to the semi-finals.

On the contrary, Prince Wanhuo in the final quarterfinals played an incredible scene against the Dark Dragon.

After being crushed and crushed by Yang Anran for dozens of rounds, Prince Wanhuo was defeated and sent back to the meeting place, he staged an extremely **** plot.

"Princess Anran, your strength deeply captivated the prince. My prince Wanhuo is willing to serve you as queen, please marry my family!"

Prince Wan Huo knelt on one knee, and his unruly appearance was full of admiration and looked at Yang Anran!

Many strong players were dumbfounded!

Lin Chen laughed out loud, this Prince's hobby is a bit strange!

Someone Lin touched his chin and said, "Well, it turned out that this prince of fire had become a dog lick."

Su Meng'er and Mu Tianqing both asked curiously, "What is licking a dog?"

Lin Chen was serious: "Licking a dog is willing to give each other a cow and a horse, just give grass."

Second daughter: "Oh!"

Ok? There seems to be something wrong!

When the semi-finals were selected, it finally came to an end!

When the draw is drawn; the opponent drawn by the Blue Dragon Clan is the Funeral Dragon Clan!

Lin Chen against Ji Shaochuan!

The biggest dark horse of this Dragon Club is the "Monster" of the same level as Yang Anran!

Within the plane of battle;

Lin Chen and Ji Shaochuan are opposites.

Ji Shaochuan looked evil and licked his tongue.

"You, not my opponent. Abstain or fight hard. This prince is proficient in the spiritual way. If you are injured, there may be some permanent wounds that cannot be repaired."

"Abstain?" Lin Chen frowned, "Did you not see how hard the head of Prince Hao Xuanzhen was just now? Have time to talk nonsense, why not make two more moves."

"Interestingly, since the bloodline has soared, I haven't really gone all out. I wanted to find Yang Anran to start the surgery. Now I will destroy you!"

Bang ~!

Ji Shaochuan decisively showed the dragon body, and the endless dragon spirit phantoms intertwined in a vertical and horizontal direction. An abyssal dragon flying out of **** buried in endless creatures, the whole body is black, the dragon scales are poured like molten iron, vigorous and magnificent!

"Blue Dragon King, Prince Ben knows that your spiritual accomplishments are not trivial, so do your best!"

The abyss Longkou is steep, the sound of the dragon is shocked, and the terrifying dragon roars like a hurricane, mixed with the spiritual waves that penetrate all!

"13 billion dragon power?"

"Ji Shaochuan's son is so strong? His spiritual power has been promoted into the middle of the Holy Realm!"

When a dragon clan exclaimed, his expression was solemn.

This roaring broken galaxy is a double explosion of spiritual power and pure power!

"Ten thousand broken dragon guns!"

Lin Chen grabbed one hand horizontally, the blue gun was like a dragon, swaying and waving, and Long Yin, who was pierced and attacked repeatedly, the sound wave was torn together with the inch crack of the space crystal wall!

Ji Shaochuan's burst of mental power was swallowed up by a deep and vast spiritual fluctuation!

"What? Unscathed?"

When Ji Shaochuan was stunned, Lin Chen held the dragon gun with one hand, and the gunshots were like torrential rain pear flowers. Each shot exceeded 10 billion dragon power. Ji Shaochuan swept the dragon tail and hit it head-on!

Bang~! The collision between the dragon gun and the dragon's tail aroused tens of thousands of waves and shattered the crystal wall of space.

One person, one dragon, as if returning to the Taikoo Wilds, violently confronted each other. Each collision shatters the crystal walls of space, scattering countless spirits!

The funeral dragon is the origin of the dragon clan of all spiritual systems. Its bloodline talent is the spiritual way of cultivation. This talent will make the dragon clan extremely murderous, as well as the clan.

Strong men of the same level will fight against it with their spirits, and will be timid before they fight!

"Blood Fantasy Sky Realm!"

Ji Shaochuan manipulated thousands of unreal dragon shadows and invaded Lin Chen's body madly.