My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1232

Vol 5 Chapter 1232: The Last Representative Game

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Each Unreal Dragon Shadow is a spiritual attack. Such a storm-like mental offensive is enough to destroy most of the holy realm's will to fight in the early four levels!

"Azure Dragon Sword!"

Lin Chen's dragon-tailed sword cuts off the dragon spirit!

Those mental offensives that were enough to disturb the fourfolds of the Holy Realm could not invade Lin Chen in the slightest. Every time they approached, they would be transformed into a vast starry sky by a stronger spiritual force, and the destroyed spiritual force would be moved away from it. harm!

Than mental power? Other dragon races may be a little afraid, but this is Lin Chen's strength!

"How... how is it possible that Prince Ben's bloodline is so good for this guy?"

Ji Shaochuan was more shocked during the Vietnam War. He has used two kinds of spiritual supernatural powers successively, but he could not shake his slightest war intention!

The perfect level of supernatural powers is equivalent to the human rank orange-level exercises. Ji Shaochuan's spiritual supernatural powers are more equivalent to the human-like spiritual orange-level exercises, and they are more difficult than ordinary tricks.

Why, he responded so easily?

"His mental power is at the same level as me, and even if he is better than me, he will not be immune to the spirit offensive of this Prince!"


Ji Shaochuan's tendency to become more and more poor in battle has made the powerful people of all races aware of the anomaly!

"He even hit Ji Shaochuan evenly?"

"Fight against a fart, he hasn't turned a dragon until now, this kid is hiding too deep!"

"Many of Ji Shaochuan's mental offensives have no effect on him! Ji Shaochuan is forced to fight against him with pure power!"

"This Gillian State's spiritual accomplishments are so terrifying?"

In the previous battle, Lin Chen did not rely on mental power to fight. He was afraid that he might be aware of the clues. He was also in the middle of the Holy Land. His spiritual accomplishments far exceeded Ji Shaochuan!

Lin Chen shattered all of Ji Shaochuan's mental offensives, and then the Bible began to run quietly in the beginning of the etheric world.

In order to avoid the in-depth study of the Dragon Clan, Lin Chens mental strength is only for attacking and defending, hiding perfection!

Tear ~!

After more than one hundred rounds, Ji Shaochuan was first attacked by Lin Chen, and the dragon scale was cracked by the azure dragon sword!

When the dragon's blood was rushing, Lin Chen smiled and said: "You have been able to fight for so long."

Fuck~! Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the Super Chaos talent was launched!

Buzz! !

Ji Shaochuan's dragon throbbed, and the dragon veins, qi and blood, muscles and bones, and even consciousness appeared extremely chaotic!

"This... what kind of technique is it? Is it his spiritual supernatural power? What kind of supernatural power does this have to control the dragon veins of Prince Ben!"

Ji Shaochuan was shocked and horrified, he finally understood one of Prince Xuanzhen's'causes of defeat'!

Why was his breath suddenly unstable when the offensive was brewing to the strongest, it turned out to be this trick!

At the next moment, the power of the vast dragon veins poured into the water system crystal, Lin Chen held his palm, and the supernatural supernatural powers and Jiru Tengu suddenly came to the entire plane!

Bang ~! Boom~!

Infinite raging waves overwhelmed Ji Shaochuan and built a prison prison! Countless phantom sea dragons gallop across the sea, and even more chains bind Ji Shaochuan's body!

Lin Chen's 1.1 billion dragon veins were almost completely drained, and then a large amount of silver holy yuan coins were madly refined to supplement consumption!

Last time against Prince Xuanzhen, Lin Chen launched the "Jigong prison", which cost him only 500 million dragon veins and crushed him.

This trick is superb, and only one billion dragon veins can exert its true magic power!

The whole plane instantly became an endless stormy sea, and Ji Shaochuan was imprisoned!

Click! Click! Click!

The entire plane is crumbling, the crystal walls of space are cracking, and all the dragons can stand up suddenly and look horrified!

"My God, this little guy can destroy the entire battle plane!"

"This is the power of his supernatural power! It's terrifying, and the superpower supernatural power that the old man inherited was far less than this!"


Lin Chen launched the Extreme Prison Heavenly Prison with 1.1 billion dragon veins. The +15 bloodline makes the bloodline supernatural power more than 4 times!

The perfect level of supernatural powers can be compared with the ordinary orange-level low-level exercises. What about the extraordinary level?

A supernatural superpower that turns 4 times more powerful? How terrible it must be!

Ji Shaochuan was frightened and trembling. If his mental attack was effective for this British country, he would be able to give it a go!

But this is still a hair! He completely ignored his mental offensive, plus such a **** magic trick!

Bang ~!

The plane overturned, squeezed into a ball, Ji Shaochuan's spiritual ideas suddenly spread!

"I surrender!"

He was very clever and sent his mental energy into multiple parts. It seemed that Prince Xuanzhen only realized that he had to be surrendered by Lin Chen when he finally realized that he would surrender.

Tear ~! The space splits, and the two dragon races instantly break into the battle plane, intervening in the battle results and protecting Ji Shaochuan!

"Well, you have won the king of the Qinglong tribe."

Lin Chen didn't take back his magical power until the announcement of Mighty Power. Although his face was slightly hollowed out, his eyes flashed with strong fighting spirit!

"The superlative supernatural powers that are fully displayed are really abnormal, and with the strengthening of my blood, my holy dragon has mastered another level of combat power!"

Lin Chen is confident that if he sees the four sacred realms buried in the Sacred Mountain Range again, maybe he does not need to rely on the armor of the God of War anymore. With his body and the Holy Dragon, he can also fight one!

Disruptive power! Lin Chen, which is less than double in the Holy Realm, now has the background of the Fourfold Holy Realm!

"If it's you, you might be able to play against that monster. She has a great opportunity in the giant whale plane. Don't give her a chance at the beginning..."

Ji Shaochuan heard Lin Chen.

The monster he refers to is Yang Anran.

Ji Shaochuan is not a weak person. On the contrary, he is stronger than Prince Xuanzhen. He has no choice but to meet Lin Chen, and his spiritual supernatural powers are restrained to death.

Even if he took the risk of fighting back, he might be able to hit Lin Chen, but the end result must be that he died under that terrifying supernatural power.

"Thank you for telling me." Lin Chen gave him a few shots and gave him a few Long Qingguo.

He and Ji Shaochuan were not too much grudges, Lin Chen was too lazy to kill him.

Ji Shaochuan arched his hands and turned to leave.

Lin Chen's dragon claw swung away and took away all the attribute light **** dropped by the opponent, most of them were mental attributes.

Returning to the Wanlong venue, Yang An also defeated his opponent and arrived at the venue.

Their eyes met, and the smell of gunpowder quietly filled before the final.

Lin Chen smiled: "It seems that we can continue to play the first round of the unfinished game."

Yang Anran said plainly: "I expect you to have more cards, or this battle will be boring."

Lin Chen said: "Relax, the other people's evaluation of me is full of surprises, guaranteed to surprise you again and again."

When the two returned to the field, when the strong men of all races stared at the Qinglong Banner in the championship again, their minds were complicated!

Who could have imagined that a team that did not fall into the ancient dragon clan was able to break through the encirclement all the way, shining a tremendous light at the Wanlong meeting, no one could control its edge, step by step in front of the dark dragon!