My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1233

Vol 5 Chapter 1233: The Conference Is Approaching

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"The final round of the representative game will be held in three days, please prepare for both parties. The winner will become the king of Wanlong this year!"

When the old lady of the gray clothes announced, Lin Chen sat back to his original position, constantly refining the silver holy yuan coins in the Taoyuan capsules, and supplementing the consumed dragon veins.

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sacred Realm Completed (10 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 398.8 billion points

Limit strength: 6 billion dragon power (carcass awakening + 100%)-advanced qi and blood: 228.9 billion points

Advanced spirit: 439 million points (in the middle of the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 3.1 million points-advanced rune energy: 2.25 million points-intermediate sky value: 1.85 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 2.84 million points-suit essence: 950,000 points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 97.9 million points

Advanced elemental energy: 1.6 million points in the fire system, 1.94 million points in the soil system, 1.36 million points in the wood system, 1.77 million points in the gold system, 1.64 million points in the water system, 1.55 million points in the thunder system, 1.41 million points in the wind system, and 1.5 million points in the light system , Dark Department 1.62 million points

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Life Awakening Bar (whether it is open)

Passive talent bar: Double Cultivation Acacia, Strike, Rip, (quasi-orange level) super chaos, (orange level) Extreme Divine possession fragment (3/4)

Active talent bar (whether open)

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)-talent combination skills (whether open)]

Yang Anran, like Lin Chen from the previous battle, did not even show the body, and his strength was unfathomable!

To deal with her, Lin Chen needs more cards!

"System, exhaust all strengthening points to strengthen all bloodlines!"


When the Wanlong venue is in full swing, on the other side, the Holy Realm!

The Cangyu Boundary Tower is not high, and the tower is as dark as a black dragon plate. Each layer of the Boundary Tower is quite a city with a population of 10 million people. From a distance, this thing is a real giant, straight to the sky!

At this time, the tower was crowded. Those who can enter the world tower are all saints!

Thirty-six domain saints, all parties are coming, Halloween is gathering!

Today is the day of enrollment in the alternate list of monsters. When the ten-year holy war is held, the situation changes!

A strong man is born, a hidden old monster comes out, and a peerless demon comes!

The list of geniuses is gathered, and the top 1000 geniuses in the Holy Land are all here!

There are even Qipin aristocrats and denominations who were born and watched this alternative match in person. This alternate competition, the first in history, can challenge the evil demon list!

Boundary Tower, ninth floor.

In a dense room; an old man with a fairy-like bone sitting on it, flipping through the jade slips in his hand, a pair of dark blue pupils brushing a hint of approval, nodded from time to time.

"Well, there are a lot of good seedlings coming this time. I just don't know if the young Lin Chen will come, I really want to see him..."

Buzz~! The space was rippling, and a black robe came down, kneeling on one knee.

The black robe said: "Shen old, there are valuable guests."

"Oh?" The old man was amazed. Is it the Qipin Juqing who can make him go?

"Whoever comes, if it is not a very important matter, let Yilian handle it."

The old man was a little impatient, and he didn't want to give the face of the Seven Ranks!

The black robe said again: "Yes, Shenyan Palace..."

Shen Lao pupil shivered!

Palace of Divine Flame!

Shen Lao got up, his eyes narrowed.

The black robe respectfully said: "The guest is on the eighth floor, Youlan plane."

"Well, the old man goes."

Shen Lao took a step, the battle shifted to the stars, and when it reappeared, there was a scent of birds and flowers around the world, and the empty valley was blue.

This place is the eighth floor of the boundary tower. Those who can come here, their status, experience and experience are all powerful in the upper level of the Holy World!

At this moment, there are hundreds of powerful holy realms gathered here, some are in charge of the party, and have the power to devote hundreds of thousands of souls, some are unpredictable, and some even enter the new realm of illusion.

The young ones are peerless monsters on the list of evil spirits, and each is a living legend of the 36th domain of the Holy Realm!

However, at this time, all the strongmen in the eighth floor stared into the waterfalls in the valley, dumbfounded!

Shen Lao space moved to a waterfall; the expression was shocked!

In the mist of water, there are ten beautiful jade stones standing beside a snowy white silhouette, set against the stunning world like the stars!

The long skirt is fluttering like clouds and snow, the mist looks like a fairy, the beautiful woman's hair is embellished with pearls, the bun is as e , Elegant temperament, no dust, no fireworks on earth.

The beautiful woman's flawless waist bundled a bunch of red neon, snow white reflected red, as if to eclipse everything between heaven and earth!

The water mist flows around the peerless beauty, and her white and flawless slender hands are placed in front of her waist. It is quiet, beautiful, refined and elegant.

People do not need too much decoration, as long as she stands here, it is the center of heaven and earth, which will make anyone sigh; how can there be such a person in the world!

If there are gods in the world, maybe she is the most beautiful one.

Seeing the arrival of Shen Lao, Renying Ying saluted.

"Seen the old tower Shen Lao."

Shen Lao returned to God, and immediately clenched his fists: "The girl is polite, and dare to ask Shenyan Palace what to find me in the world tower?"

Shen Lao's position is terrifying. Even if it is the mighty invitation of the Seventh Grade family, he will not necessarily see it!

But in front of the Shenyan Palace, he couldn't stand!

Not many people in this denomination know how much energy they have, but in the long river of history, there have been six or six families who offended the Shenyan Palace, and all the forces of their families were destroyed overnight and disappeared!

The multiplication of forces to the Sixth Grade forces is already at the top level in the various domains of the Holy Realm. Whether the Sixth Grade forces can be cultivated depends on the Sixth Grade forces and the elimination of one Sixth Grade force. of! It takes a lot of energy!

What is the power of Shenyan Palace? No one knows, even Shen Lao can't figure it out!

The beautiful woman said: "I want to be the guest secretary of this round of the demon list, to attend this competition, I hope Shen Laoxing will be convenient."

Shen Lao stunned and smiled with Yan Yuese: "It turned out to be this matter, a small problem. How can such a small matter bother you such a person to do it yourself?"

The alternate contest of the monster list is definitely a grand event in the history of the Holy World, but it can be placed in front of the Shenyan Palace. It is not enough to watch.

"It's not small." The beautiful lady shook her head-"It's not a small matter to have his business."

In the tone of people, there is a bit of joy, a little bit of miss and expectation.

"Oh?" Shen Lao has grown up, and asked with a smile: "Why did people come here, so a lucky boy in the world can be favored by a girl?"

The children smiled lightly, and they were gorgeous.

"He is my most important person, named Lin Chen."

Shen Lao froze!


Burying the Holy Mountains, a young man in black robe walked out slowly.

He has extraordinary eyes, such as the evil spirits coming out of the dead man's graveyard, flowing with the magic of the sky!