My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1234

Vol 5 Chapter 1234: 1. It Is A Supernatural Superpower ?

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Behind the demon youth in black robe, he slowly stepped out a figure,

"Finally got a fairly good body."

The person who came, the appearance of a boy, Gujing Wubo, the expression of the vicissitudes of the ancient to the end, only when thinking of the person who disturbs the overall situation, the shame between the eyebrows suddenly broke out!

Bang ~! The young man was startled by the boundless Demon Prison, with a head of eight-armed barbarian devil and nine-headed devil surrounded him, the devil on the left was monstrous, the holy light on the right was endless, and the radiance was so bright that the surrounding light shone from the sky.

Actually, the two means of man and demon coexist?

"Lin Chen, this little king and eight eggs destroy the plan of the king, don't sacrifice this son with blood, this king can't swallow this breath!"

The young man's face was distorted, like a mad beast.

The young man in black robe said indifferently: "Alternative games, he will definitely participate. We can kill him there, anyway, for you, the body is now enough, isn't it."

Hearing this, the young man's anger subsided slightly, licking the corner of his mouth, strangely.

"Hey, I dont know what the current list of enemies is. Its comparable to when this king participated.


In a palace, the young man carried the middle-aged man with the last breath in one hand.

He has a pair of golden pupils with three thousand sharp edges, as if he can penetrate the void with one glance, and his sword is vertical and horizontal!

The youth questioned indifferently.

"What about people?"

The man struggled: "I... I don't know, but... if he is okay, he should participate in the Cangyujie Tower's demon list alternative."

The middle-aged man tried to struggle out of the palm of the young man, shining through the holy cave and shining Shenghui, but found that he even pinched the entire space in his palm, his strength was terribly creepy!

"What strength is he in the end? Acupoint expansion? But in today's world, how can there be such a perverted acupoint expansion!"

The middle-aged man was terrified in his heart. He was also a quartet of 37 sacred lands in full bloom. Anyway, the cultivation practice in the later stage of expanding the cave! Actually suppressed by this young man!

"Oh? It seems that you are a little dishonest."


The young man twisted his palm and squeezed the man's neck, looking cold and cold.

"Lin Chen... Chi Ling Qi Ling is not something you can hold!"

"Alternative meeting of the evil spirits list? What garbage meeting, I Lin Xingchen lifted it with a sword!"

Bang ~!

Youth turned into a sword light, sweeping thousands of miles!

This young man was the one who personally broke into Lin Xingchen who buried the Holy Mountain Range! !

Alternate meeting of the monster list, gathered together!

Great waste.

A thin black robe appeared quietly, and when he looked down at the magic mark on his palm, it suddenly flashed and disappeared quietly.

On the other side; Wanlong venue.

"In the final round of the representative game, the Blue Dragon clan vs. the Dark Sky Dragon clan. Gil Yingbang v. Yang Enran!"

"Please, the two sides enter the battle plane, and the winner will become the king of Wanlong in this Wanlong Conference! You have the qualification to enter the seventh floor of Wanlong Hall, and all races of your race will get Taikoo Dragon every 100 years. Gas baptism!"

When the old lady in the grey clothes announced, Wanlong was boiling!

Wanlong Club, the final battle!

The King of Dragons can benefit the entire race. Each of the Kings of Dragons is overwhelmed by the Taiko Dragons. Only three million years ago, the ancient Dragons had a terrifying talent and won the King of Dragons. Since then, the honor of the King of Dragons has never belonged to dragons other than the Taiko Dragons!

Not to mention the ancient dragons! If the blue dragon can complete this unprecedented feat, it will become the most dazzling family in the history of the dragon!

Lin Chen, Yang Anran entered the battle plane!

Yang Anran still wears a capable short skirt today, black clothes are like night, like roses under the night sky, and there is a fatal and hidden murder in the beauty.

She smiled slightly, the smile was so thrilling and beautiful!

"Bing Bangbang, this time you..."

Bang ~! Lin Chen exploded with a palm, the dragon veins drained away, and the water shone lightly!

The world is overturned, the world is changing! The huge angry sea dungeon descended from the sky and swept the entire battle plane!

All the powerful at the Wanlong venue were dumbfounded!

This kid didn't play according to the routine!

As soon as it comes up, it is a supernatural power?

But, much more than that!

boom! boom! boom!

The air waves are rolling, the power is shaking, the ten gray and white symbols are huge, and they explode out of thin air, bursting out the invincible momentum of blocking everything, sealing people and ghosts, and sealing the magic town dragon!

[Consume 50,000 rune energy, activate level 7 slow rune.

Lin Chen's whole body was burning with a'golden flame', which is a sign that burning Jinshengyuan coins quickly supplemented the dragon veins!

"Beauty of the Dark Sky Dragon Clan, I am very good at pinching things. I can't bear to remember to surrender."

When Lin Chen sulked with a smile, his hands were violently squeezed, the huge jail prison quickly tightened and compressed, continuously squeezing Yang Anran's delicate body, and his hot body continued to stand out, as if he had the weight of an infinite plane Instantly suppress her!

The horrible pressure of the slow runes made Yang Anran unable to move at one time. Lin Chen's slow runes were unprecedentedly high!

Click! Click! Click!

The space crystal wall of the plane began to crack. Although this time after the reinforcement of the dragon power, it still can't stop the trend of fighting!

Yang Anran, who was always disdainful and disdainful, finally changed his look!

The power of the perfect level of supernatural power is probably equivalent to Lin Chens increase in Jingyues God or Sword Fury, the top level of perfection, or comparable to "Gods Tears" and "True Dragon Dance".

And the extraordinary level, directly chasing the human orange level intermediate skills, after the strengthening of Lin Chen, perhaps the orange level intermediate power!

This jail cell can be attacked, defended, and consumed. For Lin Chen, it is a real skill against the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

The Jilu Tianlu continued to burst and explode, and a burst of dark dragon air shattered the void. Although the Jilu Tianlu was not destroyed, it was hit hard.

"Can't you trap her like this, this woman is a little tricky..."

Lin Chen accelerated the speed of absorbing Jinshengyuan coins, and the dragon veins were quickly replenished.

The sneak attack just a moment ago, in conjunction with the slow runes, the ordinary middle of the quadruple sacred realm also had to be exploded by him. Can Yang Anran even break a corner?


Thousands of thousands of miles were pushed by the dragon's air, like a torrent of water pushing away the corner of the prison prison, killing the prison!

Yang Anran was energized with dark dragon spirit, **** lips, and blue silk was scattered, looking charming and stern, she smiled strangely: "You did not disappoint me, Ying Bangbang, don't stop, ha ha ha ha!"

Yang Anran even stepped into the void, stepped on the shadow of the heavy dragon, and his speed jumped like the star pill, so fast that only a few people in the Wanlong venue could see clearly!

His arm transforms into the scales of the dark dragon, and he heads down towards Lin Chen's heavenly cover!

"Wan Zai Qing Guang!"

Lin Chen urged the blood of Qingtian Dragon, his whole body skyrocketed, he swept the dragon tail with his full defense, and sacrificed the azure blue dragon sword!

Five dragons lightly cut, and the claws of the dark dragon tear and crush!


One shot smashed Lin Chen's azure blue dragon sword, and the heavy dragon spirit penetrated the azure sword light, and bombarded it on the ``Wan Zai Qing Guang'', which shattered Lin Chen's perfect magical defense!


The bleeding at the corner of Lin Chen's mouth retreated abruptly, and the faces of many dragon races changed slightly!

"Yang Anran broke through 20 billion dragon power?"