My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1235

Vol 5 Chapter 1235: Tremendous Collision

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As soon as Lin Chen opened, she forced her to use the perfect level of supernatural powers, which instantly ignited Yang Anran's fighting intentions!

As soon as he entered the fighting state, Yang Anran was like a fighting maniac. His previous image was completely absent. He chased Lin Chen crazy to fight!

"This is not possible. The requirement to participate in the Wanlong Association is 8 billion dragon powers. How did Nizi soar for such a perverted cultivation in a few months!"

"This woman has not completely broken through the eighth order intermediate level, but once she broke through the eighth order intermediate level, wouldn't she want to turn the sky?"

When the Dragon Clan lost his voice and was horrified; Ji Shaochuan, not far away, solemnly spoke.

"Sure enough, she used the dragon tomb to quench the body while refining the heart of the giant whale. Now she is enough to single out all our Taikoo Dragon Prince!"

Ji Shaochuan spoke amazingly, Su Meng'er's heart tightened, and when staring at the battle plane, her pretty face was full of tension.

"The gap is too big, how can this be played..."

20 billion dragon power is equivalent to the expansion of the hole by 24 times when the human race hits the 31st holy hole!

This number is beyond common sense!

The clan expansion of the human race, the ordinary saint, the expansion of the hole is between 3 times and 5 times, the monster-level genius can impact 6 to 10 times, and the qualification of the monster list is 15 times. It's far beyond the ranks of the ordinary demon list!

"The gap is too big, let that British state surrender!" Chen Xie is anxious, this gap has no chance to fight!

"Huh, don't worry, look again! This kid seems more and more spirited?"

Suddenly, the old lady in gray clothes stunned.

Within the plane of battle;

The prison prison was like a shadow, following Yang Anran, and sometimes a dragon-like dragon breath broke out, and sometimes the blue waves rolled up and bombarded Yang Anran!

Even so, Yang Anran still suppresses Lin Chen all the way!

"Ten thousand broken dragon guns!"

"Abyss bite!"

Dragon Breath Ruyuan, swallowed Lin Chen's blue light dragon gun in a single bite!

"Super Chaos Slow Rune!"

[Trigger 3 times Super Chaos, start to launch. Consumes 10,000 rune energy and activates slow runes.

As the gray-white rune descended, Yang Anran part of the dragon's veins fell into chaos, qi and blood twisted and twisted, seeming to break out of control!

"What a weird trick, is he using this trick to defeat Prince Xuanzhen's people, if Wanlong will be the first level, it may be useful, but now, it is not worth mentioning!"

Yang Anran suddenly whispered, "broken ~!"

The power of the bloodline suddenly soared, and an ancient dragon power like a wild dragon clan filled the bloodline of Yang Anran, breaking through the shackles of the slow rune and the state of ``super chaos''!

Bang Bang Bang!

Lin Chen was a little shocked after all the chaos was broken!

The distinguished Longwei of Wei An was released from the battle plane and spread all over Zhou Tianhuanyu. The dragon clan strongman in the Wanlong venue felt a sudden palpitations and tremors!

"This... this is a wild ancient dragon!"

"Nine Grade Bloodline! My God, this Nizi actually broke through the Nine Grade Bloodline!"

"Ji Shaochuan is only the top of the eighth grade, she has already advanced to the nineth grade!"

The dragon clan numb their scalp, and the mighty eyes narrowed.

"Baipin and Jiubin seem to be separated by a line, but in fact they are very different! Placed in the barren ancient dragon family, I am afraid they also belong to the top class!"

"Gil Ying Bang Bang, be defeated!"

Lin Chen flicked the Saint Phoenix wings repeatedly, and repeatedly played various cards, Yang Anran all blocked!

Dragon blood hurricane, did not fight dozens of rounds, Lin Chens holy dragon fell into a state of serious injury, although Yang Anran was also injured, and because of the extinct fissure, the injury could not be healed, but she received only minor injuries.

In contrast, Lin Chen's flesh and blood were all cracked, his arms were full of cracks, and the dragon scales on his body were covered with blood stains, as if they were about to be cracked!

"Talent of the Raiders does not apply to magical powers above the perfect level, unfortunately."

After a laugh in Lin Chen's heart, a look of excitement appeared!

"What about Jiupin Bloodline, today, Brother Chen, I will do it for you!"

The blue light wandered around, and the power of the ten-year Qingtian condensed Lin Chen's right arm of the blue dragon.

Bang ~! A piece of blue light dragon claw burst out from the five fingers, like the birth of Ruopanlong, the power of heaven and earth broke out, and the atmosphere of the dragon that shattered Zhou Tianxingchen broke out, shaking Yang Anran! Surrounded her in tandem with the prison prison!

Everyone was shocked, but it was a supernatural power?

Yang Anran's 20 billion dragon power broke out, his hands were held high, and the dark black **** condensed between the palms of his hands, smashing down!

"Dark dragon sky covered, broken!"


When the dark giant ball is about to collide with the blue dragon claw, the latter suddenly trembles, and one claw becomes five claws!

[The host consumes 200,000 talent points, launches two orange-level talents, and blesses super-level bloodline supernatural powers.

"Instant light split." Lin Chen smirked evilly!


Almost everyone's scalp burst instantly! The supernatural power is divided into five strokes? The power remains the same?

boom! boom! boom!

Five Dragon Claws smashed the dark giant ball, rolled up a dark and dark storm, and set off a tremendous explosion! The whole plane was shocked as if it was overturned!

Every ray of energy and energy was crumbling the crystal wall of space, Yang Anran was entangled in the prison, and the two were flying far away from the aftermath of the collision!


The two spit blood and flew out at the same time!

The supernatural supernatural power of the ancient dragon blood veins, relying on the sky claws, consumes the power of the dragon veins to make a record of shaking the sky dragon claws, the power can rely on the sky to cover the earth, one claw subverts the plane star fall, enhances the original dragon power 1 to 3 times the destructive power, And with the power of the dragon's breath, it can tear the opponent's defense!

Blessing the instant light splitting, the power of this move is enough to shake the current Yang Anran! But the consumption is also terrifying, almost Lin Xi's talent point of nearly one-tenth is consumed!

"Yang Anran was seriously injured!"

"How come this kid has so many cards!"

"Oops, Ying Bangbang's injuries are too heavy to accumulate. Although Yang Anran was seriously injured, he would be shocked if he failed!"

The dragon clan abruptly stood up, ready to shoot at any time!

In this way, the Dragon Clan will lose two peerless geniuses!

Yang Anran was injured, and his injuries kept and he couldn't recover! She bathed in her own dragon's blood, and finally revealed the body of the dark dragon!

The purple-black dragon is shaped like an Yinglong, the dragon's body is like a unicorn, and it looks like the world, dominating the wilderness. Its dragon claws stand like Qingfeng, and a pair of covered dragon wings are raised behind it. Every flapping of the dragon wings rolls up a monstrous storm, Sweeping for nine days, stirring up the situation!

Dragon head Wei An, amethyst gem-like dragon pupil filled with violent fighting intentions!

Seeing the incomparable dark dragon, many dragon princes and princesses were shocked to tremble!

However, there is a wave after another!

On the other side, the "Qinglong New King", covered in blood, covered with yin and yang on top of his head. The black and white dragon breath flowed through his whole body like an endless power of fortune, and his pale face recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. Scarlet!

At this moment, many dragon clan strongmen and powers suddenly stood up! The horrified face twitched like a ghost!

This is another bloodline!

This child is not a double eight-grade blood vein, but three kinds of eight-grade blood vein coexist together! !

What the **** is this?