My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1236

Vol 5 Chapter 1236: Who Wins Who Loses

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Scalp numbness!

Sweating in cold sweat!

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This is the current state of all dragon clan strong!

Including dragon clan powers are no exception!

Because this scene is too weird!

Gil Yingbang Bang twirled Yin and Yang dragon spirit, one black and one white, like two flying dragons dancing around him, each rotation will make his injury heal faster!

This efficient healing method, this sign of perfect fusion of the power of Yin and Yang, this gritty vitality, can't be wrong, it is the blood of Yin and Yang to create dragon!

Moreover, it is also the Eighth Grade Bloodline!

Three kinds of eight bloodlines? The four bloodlines coexist together?

This scene is even more terrifying than the dark dragon body of the Nine Grade Blood Vessel witnessed by my own eyes!

Although the bloodline of the Ninth Grade is extremely rare in the Taiko Dragons, it is not without history!

However, in the history of Taikoo Dragons today, no dragon can coexist with the three eight-grade bloodlines!

Dust Evil murmured to himself: "No wonder, no wonder he and Prince Xuanzhen's battle made me a little weird. With defense alone, how could it be possible to overstep Prince Xuanzhen's offensive. body!"

When the strong guys tasted it a little, it was a stormy wave hitting my heart!

The Yin-Yang creation dragon, the life-making dragon, the natural Yin-Yang dragon gas protection system veins, and the strong vitality are ranked at the top of the dragon clan, far exceeding the dragon clan of the same level, and the resilience can even achieve the growth of broken limbs and the recovery of the broken body in the battle.

Although this kind of dragon is weak in attack and defense, it has very strong vitality, especially the healing power can also heal other dragons. This is a true "baby" dragon!

There were no Yin-Yang-made Dragon Clan attending this Wanlong meeting, because what kind of treasure is this dragon clan!

This kind of dragon clan has one less death. It is the princess of this clan, then the ten thousand clan robs, the prince of this clan, there are hundreds of clan raise relatives, is the archaic dragon clan sought after by countless dragon clan!

But what does it mean that the new king of the Qinglong tribe, Gil Ying Bang Bang, combines the ancient Qinglong Dragon, the Extreme Prison Water Dragon, the Yin and Yang Chemical Dragon, and the three major and eighth grade bloodlines?

It means that he will have the defense force of the ancient dragon, the attack power of the extreme prison water dragon, and the vitality of the yin and yang chemical dragon!

The key is the spiritual accomplishment of this guy. He can't even win the phantom dragon Ji Shaochuan of the Eighth Grade Peak Bloodline!

A truly perfect one!

I don't know which strong person blurted out the fragrance.

"I am! Isn't this **** ridiculous!"

"Attack, defense, recovery, perfection. What about Nima She? This is an outrageous dragon in the history of the Taiko Dragons!"

The dragon clan who has experienced for so long can't calm down! Scolded the mother on the spot!

Some dragon clan princes are even more crazy, which is too popular! Dragon than dragon, angry dragon!

Eight grades of blood, one kind is rare enough, is this one of his grandma's three exclusive? This Jill is not afraid of being condemned?

Someone Lin laughed and said, "Are you surprised, not surprised, or stinged?"

Yin and Yang made the dragon blood line, which was the last blood line he chose when he left the remains of the dragon, and made up for his last defect of the holy dragon!

The only deficiency in the beauty is that this bloodline is a new bloodline, which failed to inherit the level of the previous types of bloodlines, and now the exhaustion of the strengthening points only strengthens the level +12.

Yang Anran, as strong as ever, felt an unprecedented sense of oppression!

"Trinity, good king of blue dragon, you deserve my luck to bet all with you!"

Bang ~!

The dark sky dragon flew into the sky, even though the dragon's blood was surging, it was like a shocking dragon, and it opened the sky. The dragon wing swept through the wind for thousands of miles, engulfed in a dark storm, and destroyed the incomplete prison prison!

Lin Chen stepped up from the air, covered with Jinhui in the top of his head, and the qi of Yin and Yang was born, and the dragon veins recovered while consuming.

He recovered more than half of his injuries, approaching 60%. It is already extremely quick to recover to such a short period of time.

Even if you eat Long Qingguo and Ruri Bodhi, you can't keep up with this efficiency. There is still a difference between the injury of the body of the Holy Dragon and the human body.

"Supernatural powers, you are not alone!"

Yang Anran's dragon mouth is steep, the dark and dark abyss dragon breath gathers like a vortex, and a breath of destruction is quietly diffused!

Lin Chen exhaled, ignoring Yang Anran's attributed sphere of light, and concentrated on it.

The gap between his and Yang Anran's cultivation methods is very large, the difference between 9 billion dragon power and Yipin bloodline.

His two major eight-grade bloodlines are enhanced by +15, and his single potential and talent are no match for nine-grade bloodlines.

Can hit now, all rely on the slow runes and a few big orange rank talents to support!

Being able to force Lin Chen to this point, Yang Anran is a well-deserved monster!

"My dragon veins are only enough to make a supernatural skill, and one move will determine the world!"

Lin Chen condenses all the dragon veins, the blue light, the steamed cloud Xia Wei, the left arm St. Mangshi, the right arm Yin and Yang clutch!

Many dragons hold their breath...

This will be a historic scene!

Wanlong will not know how many times there haven't been those of the Ninth Grade Bloodline. This time, not only did the Nine Grade Bloodline appear, but an unprecedented talent has emerged!

"It's all at this juncture. What is this Gilling State doing, and the dragon hasn't changed yet?"

When the dark dragon head lifted, the breath of destruction in the dark vortex burst into thin bursts, and a dragon breath black gun across the sky was swooped out!

"Great Dark Abyss Fallen Sky Gun!"

The destructive breath of the spearpoint is like a devastating hurricane, which directly locks Lin Chen's breath of dragons, unavoidable!

This gun made many eighth-order intermediate dragons strong smell the death, if they face this gun, they will definitely die!

Boom~! A gray rune was born, and the rune energy dropped by 200,000 points!

Poof~! Tear ~!

The black spear pierced the stagnant power of the gray rune, and when the power was reduced, it pierced Lin Chen!

"Instant Light PartitionYin Tianclaw!"

Bang ~! Like the blue dragon claws of the sun, the moon, and the sky, crushed and crushed, and suddenly fell into the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

The entire plane exploded in an instant, and all the space crystal walls were fragmented and all shattered into fragments!

The two were blown away by the aftermath!

Before the battle plane broke, more than a dozen spiritual beams came down, taking away all the attributed light **** that Yang Enran dropped!

The battle plane reinforced by the dragon's powerful power is enough to withstand the destruction of the Holy Realm in the middle and later stages, and it is overturned and broken at this moment!

"Shoot! In this way, both people must die!"

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

The dust evil and the gray-clothed old lady went directly to flash, and escaped into the void.

Several other powerful men sneaked into the void, with one hand in the town, stabilized the aftermath of the battle and prevented it from reaching the Wanlong venue.

boom! boom!

The two were brought back to the venue by the Dragon Clan, and everyone felt terrified. The two guys broke the battle plane. What a perverted attack...

But more people are concerned about who wins and who loses?