My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1237

Vol 5 Chapter 1237: The Change Is Steep

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At this time, both of them were seriously injured, Yang Anran returned to human form, her body was covered with scars, her black skirt was soaked and blurred by dragon blood, and her eyes were slightly loose.

In contrast, the King of the Blue Dragon, although he is weak in qi and blood, can be covered with Jinhui Holy Qi, and the Yin and Yang dragons are spared to restore the injury!

The trade-offs are long and the wins and losses are divided!

Lin Chen walked in front of Yang Anran. Although he was breathless, he asked in a warlike manner.

"Are you still fighting? On the enduring, the coach can't beat anyone."

Yang Anran was throbbing, and looked casually at the young man who was grinning and laughing wildly...

"I...I lost..."

Yang Anran was very reluctant to say those three words. This was the first time since her birth that she lost to her peers!

Her injury could not be cured, but the other party was able to heal the injury quickly, and the result was clear at a glance!

Hearing Yang Anran's answer, all the dragons were stunned!

The old lady in grey clothes reacted the fastest and shouted loudly!

"The old man announced that the champion of the Wanlong Club was the Qinglong tribe!"

"Congratulations on the birth of the new King of Dragons, Gil Ying Bang Bang!!"

The Wanlong venue was boiling!

Some are dumbfounded and some are shouting!

This is a fantastic counterattack!

The King of Dragons has belonged to the aura of the Taiko Dragons for countless times. Wanlong will not know how many years the King of Dragons below the Taikoo Dragons has not appeared! The historical record is only once, and it is still the shocking talent of the ancient dragon tribe.

On blood talent, on resource potential, and cultivation as supernatural powers, the Taiko Dragons can suppress the ancient dragons and the ancient dragons!

It is almost impossible to counterattack even if the time is right and the people are standing in the latter two dragon races!

In short: The Archaic Dragon Clan will have a lot of difficulties in the Wanlong meeting, and it is almost impossible to take the top spot in the final assessment!

Today, the Qinglong tribe has broken this record!

The most excited is the Qinglong family, dreaming like a dream, was stunned by the brain!

Even when they got their blood vessels transformed, they never expected such glory!

"Us, is our dragon king the king of dragons..."

The elders of the Qinglong tribe cried tears and wept with joy.

"Father Emperor, did you see that we have become the head of Wanlong..."

Mu Tianqing cleared two lines of tears, his hands tightened.

Under the attention of many people, Lin Chen walked slowly to the awarding stage before waiting for the Dragon Clan to award the prize himself.

He stood proudly in the championship and smiled lightly but domineeringly.

"All the participating teams, who else wants to fight, at this moment, whether it is a match or a life-and-death battle, whether it is a single or group pick, as long as there are challenges, this king will take it together!"

Choke~! Bang ~!

He suddenly pulled out the Qinglong Banner, the eyebrows and charms of the world dominated the world, Lin Chen held the flag with one hand, and the Dragon Banner danced against the wind!

"This king has always served people with virtue, and those who refused to do so will fight until they have served. Now that the Qinglong tribe has won the King of Wanlong, whoever has an opinion and who opposes. Whoever feels dissatisfied, can come up now and win me, The king of dragons gave in!

The corners of his mouth were raised, and Lin Chen's evil spirits were mad, and he smiled awe-inspiringly!

There was an uproar in the venue!

The young man's figure was as sharp as a gun, his face pale and cold, the yin and yang dragons fluttered like a double dragon, coiled around his body, and the endless Jinhui Yun covered the top of his head. Just like a king, glance at the world!

All previous doubts, disdain, ridicule, ridicule, all disappeared!

In the conference hall, there was no sound of a dragon!

Whoever refuses to accept it can now challenge him!

No one dared to move, so proud as the princes of the Taikoo Dragon Clan, they didn't even dare to say anything!

overbearing! powerful! Free and easy! This new king of dragons will perform it vividly!

Yang Anran's eyes were fascinated, staring at the dragon's figure...

"Hahaha, my family will never die, a good new king of dragons!"

"This kind of courage is the son of a new era that I and I are pursuing, Ying Bang Bang, you have exceeded the expectations of the old husband and others..."

At this moment, there were several laughs and applauses that shook the sky!

The expressions of the dragons' powers have changed slightly.

"Dust evil, award it."

When a high-level speaker heard the voice, Long Wei was vast and shocked the world.

At this moment, the cold-faced, cold-faced man with a sharp face slowly walked out, and the red-faced man clenched his fists and said seriously.

"High-level, there is one thing unresolved, this child has a lot to do with this matter..."

After finishing talking, Red Face Mighty didn't wait for the senior executive to reply, and suddenly turned around and questioned sharply!

"Gil Yingbang Bang, tell your origin! And your relationship with the human race Lin Chen, the old man now suspects that you collude with the human race, and poisons the ancient dragon clan princes. You have been detained and put in a dragon prison!"

The words of the red face can stir up a thousand waves!

Collusion with the human race, scourge the ancient dragon prince?

Before waiting for the "high-level" to speak, the red-faced man invited two more beautiful shadows. One person still has charm and charm. A charming and charming woman.

Some of the second female Qian Eyes were afraid of Yu Yu after a few minutes, and looked at Lin Chen seriously.

"Yes, it's him!"

The mother and daughter spoke in unison!

"Oh?" Lin Chen jumped in his heart. Was it actually the princess of the dragon family and the lady of the fantasy dream?

"How to understand this matter?"

The senior voice questioned, Long Wei was filled, and the strong men choked on their chests...

"High-level, that's it, a few months ago..."

The red-faced master briefly explained Lin Chens record in the fantasy dream Charm Dragon...

The strong men in the venue heard some surprises and some angers, and the combined human races murdered the prince of the ancient dragon race. This matter can be big or small!

If this Ying Bangbang killed himself, the key is that he is involved with the human race. The dragon clan strongman who is present is more or less involved with the human race, but they will basically not unite the human race to murder their fellow race!

If you have any grievances, you will solve it yourself! If the human race intervenes, the nature of the matter will be different!

In the process of the elaboration of the red face, Lin Chen quietly connected the system.

Once the East Window incident occurs, he can't be killed by the neck, the super-dimensional teleport and the slow rune of the maximum value will be instantly displayed, and the only blue-level top nirvana and God of War suits will be used!

"What? Is this kid related to Lin Chen?"

An elder of the Nine-claw Tiangang dragon clan stood up suddenly, his expression cold!

In the past, one of their clan's dragon princes had a death at the four-party assembly of the human race. The prince's bloodline was not fully inspired. In the future, he may have the opportunity to impact the qualifications of the fifth-grade bloodline.

The murderer is a human race called Lin Chen!

"Oh? There is such a strange thing."

The voice in the void sounded a little surprised, but it didn't seem to mean much anger and blame.

"Gil Ying Bang Bang... What is your relationship with Lin Chen..."

High-level voice transmission, everyone's eyes looked at Lin Chen!

Everyone in the Qinglong tribe suddenly felt tight!