My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1238

Vol 5 Chapter 1238: I Want You

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Lin Chenbolan was not surprised, but smiled indifferently: "Naturally it is a cooperative relationship, it is impossible or the relationship between the gun friends is not successful. Although both of us are very handsome, but our goal is very simple, I want to go to the magic dragon Chi took a bath, he wanted the dream stone, and we just snapped it together."

This light and breezy attitude has made many powerful people's mouths twitch...

I dont know if you entered your back garden? So blatantly going to Longchi?

Lin Chen's attitude made the top management stagnate slightly...

"Humph!" Red Face snorted loudly, his shoulders shook sharply, Long Wei monstrously, sneered: "I think you are contempt for the rules among the dragons and tribes, I will capture you first!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the body in Qingxue's capsules was ready to go all out!

When the red-faced power is about to suppress Lin Chen with a palm, an ethereal voice resembling the sound of natural sound echoes the Wanlong venue.

"You move him, all dragons have to die today."

Bang ~!

The monstrous demonic energy, such as a torrent of torrents, turned into a thousand fronts and slashes, and it came to the Wanlong venue. The master of the voice was so cold that all the dragons shuddered!

When the magic energy is like a tide, when the center of the magic energy vortex is slowly stepping out, a beautiful and thin black robe, wearing a cloak, does not show the true appearance!

The expression of all dragons' powers is shocked!

Demon strong?

"Who is coming!"

The evil dragons such as Dust Evil and Grey-clothed Old Lady suddenly rose into the sky, and the earth-shaking dragon power broke out, and the dragon-light candles shone for thousands of miles, and the void of 100,000 miles trembling!

All the dragons can breathe with only one tenth, and they will surround the black robe! All of them have entered the state of combat alert!

As long as the other party makes any move, a sky-like offensive will immediately hit her!

Coming person, very strong!

These dragons are all 100,000-year-old veterans under the Taikoo Dragons. No one will look down on this mysterious black robe woman!

Lin Chenlong shuddered, it was her!

Why is she here?

All the strong dragons in the Wanlong venue felt a sense of suffocation, which originated from the absolute suppression of the spirit level and cultivation behavior!

"Don't act rashly!"

A shock echoed, it was a high-level voice lurking in the void!

The voice just fell, and a series of bangs!


The power of the twelve dragon races, the dragon body like the stars and the moon, and the power of the mountain and sea prison, all vomited blood and retreated before half a point!

Those strong dragons who revolted immediately exploded their scalps!

They didn't even see when the black robe shot?

What a great **** this is!

"Your courage!"

Another high-level voice angered and screamed, the sky of heaven was shaking and shaking, and an abyss-like crack opened!

The arrival of an immense ancient throne, from the deep abyss, permeated with endless dragon qi, and the dragon's rune and dragon shadow of the dragons and dragons, which seemed to have suddenly returned to the ancient times!

The woman in the cloak and black robe raised her slender hands and gently clenched her palms, condensing hundreds of millions of blood, and rainbows condensing, all the light between heaven and earth gradually dimmed, and finally turned into a blood moon scimitar!

This machete is cast like blood jade, the blade is as bright and thin as snow flakes, but the magical energy of rolling seems to be able to split the eternal age and release the magical magical energy!

"You... are you?"

Hidden from the high-level hidden in the faraway void!

All the aura, vitality, light, space, and even time between heaven and earth seem to be evacuated by the blood moon magic knife.

The light was eaten up, attracted above the blade, the vitality was swallowed, and the vortex was annihilated by the magic knife.

The moment the magic knife appeared, the twelve dragon clan transformed from shock to fear. They were simultaneously out of control and were sucked by the magic knife!

"Damn it!" There was an angry and corrupt voice in Tian Yuan, and twelve dragon-shaped energies suddenly burst into the sky, disturbing the sky, moving the void, and pulling the twelve powerful people back to life!

Whether it is the veteran powerhouse or the arrogance of the participating teams, the face is full of fright!

so horrible! This mysterious man has suppressed the twelve dragon clan powerful enough to instantaneously kill the fourfold of the Holy Realm and suppress the fivefold of the Holy Realm before real shot!

How strong is she?

Brush ~!

The woman in the cloak pointed the blood knife at the meeting place and looked at the void on the other side!

"Can you save them, don't know if you can save the ants here?"

The woman's words scared many of the young Dragon Clan Tianjiao from the venue!

Damn, with this knife cut, all of their dragons will not even have scum! That's a move beyond common sense, and even the dragons can't escape, let alone them!

"Why did you commit my dragon clan! Do you really think that my clan dragon will not be born?"

Some of the old monsters shuddered and their scalp tingled when the upper levels spoke.

What is the origin of this woman? Even the top management has to move out the name of "Shenlong" to scare her?

"I want someone."

The black-robed woman grabbed Lin Chen directly from the sky and held him with one hand like a chicken!

Someone Lin: "Don't I lose face?"

"You!" Another high-level desire for anger, they are planning to cultivate this British state, actually killing a demon clan to grab the dragon?

"Why. Do you have an opinion?"

The woman in black robe shook her hands, and a **** knife awn flashed out of the magical dust, and the space was twisted into a vortex in all directions, and all the light was swallowed by the knife lance!

Bang ~! Directly chopped the sky deep in the sky!

"If you are not afraid that your dragon clan will die tens of thousands of dragons, just catch up."

The woman in a black robe and a cloak carried Lin Chen, without saying anything, she walked away, flashing thousands of miles away.

"This..." Dianxie gritted his teeth, and the Peerless Dragon Clan of the Three Kinds of Eighth Bloodline was just robbed?

"Mo Chai, this person's history is not trivial, beyond our ability."

When high-level voices were heard, they hurriedly dropped a sentence of "clean up the mess" and disappeared.

All the strong dragons were dumbfounded!

This Gil Ying Bang Bang... what kind of fairy is it? There is such a terrible strongman behind him? If you come directly to Wanlong, will you grab someone?

The eyes of the elders of the Qinglong tribe are split, so their dragon king is abducted?


In the sky, Lin Chen became a cuckoo chicken, and was held for tens of thousands of miles, not to mention how far he was taken.

It took a long time before he felt the space shuttle stop; he was placed on a mountain peak.

"I said Da Luo, can you leave me a little face next time. Say what you want to do, suddenly kill the game, I was shocked by you."

Lin Chen rubbed his almost cramped face and smiled bitterly.

He knew that this woman was the Luo Yaoer he met when he buried the Holy Mountain!

Luo Yao'er has seen his holy dragon, and he has a magic mark on his body. Even if the blood line is transformed, he can be recognized, so Lin Chen's holy dragon can hide from others, but not her.


Luo Yaoer took his collar by his hand and pulled it to his front, his nose was delicate and fragrant, Lin Mou shouted and hit the ball.

"I want you"

Someone Lin was shocked!

I rely on! what's the situation?

I'm not a casual person! By the way, I'm looking for my double cultivation talent first...