My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1239

Vol 5 Chapter 1239: A Handsome Arrow

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Inside the cloak, Luo Yao'er's eyes looked directly at Lin Chen.

"I want you... follow me!"

Luo Yaoer's answer made Lin Shuai, who was preparing to upgrade his talents for double cultivation, stunned!

"Follow you... what do you mean, you said you were returning to the Devil Clan?"

Lin Chen wondered.

Luo Yaoer nodded his head, and said in a hurry: "Yes, this life and this world, no longer step into the human clan, follow me to the demon clan, I will make you my left arm and right arm!"

"Impossible!" Lin Chen refused.

Perhaps this Luo Yaoer left some indelible impressions and goodwill in his heart. The two had experienced life and death together, but this is not the reason for Lin Chen to give up himself.

"You dont worry, I wont control your consciousness. If you want to take back your friends and family, when the demon clan starts, you will be the overlord of the Holy Realm. Can only bow your head in front of you..."

Luo Yaoer's tone gradually softened, and there was a hint of supplication in the world!

Lin Chen's attitude was firm: "I don't know why you did it suddenly. The things I decided can never change. I will not follow anyone, including you."

Bang ~!

Luo Yaoer's momentum is steep, the magic pupil is cold, and the horrible sense of oppression is overturned like a sky, completely suppressing Lin Chen!

"If so, then I can only take you away by forcibly controlling your consciousness!"

Now Luo Yaoer, I do not know how many times stronger than the seriously injured state of the burial of the Holy Mountain. The injury seems to be completely restored. One thought will make Lin Chens Holy Dragon unable to move!

"Then you can try it! I promise you can't even get my body!"

Lin Chen's eyes were fascinating, even if he couldn't move, the body of the Holy Dragon began to burn with a ray of orange flame!

That was the harbinger of launching the talent of'Desperate Life and Death'.

Luo Yaoer is silent...

Although Lin Chen could not see her true face, she could still feel her inner confusion.

Finally, when she looked at Lin Chen again, her eyes became extremely cold, slowly raising her slim hands, Lin Chen's pressure increased suddenly, the palm of the magic mark began to appear violent magic energy, straight into the head, dive into the spirit of the sea, trying to control Lin Chen!

Instead, Lin Chen calmed down, a little indifferent in his tone: "I tried to save you last time, did you return me this way..."

Luo Yaoer's hands were stiff, and his heart was upset. He couldn't help crying: "Is it so difficult to follow me! Power, strength, status, Shou Yuan, if you follow me, these things you can only have if you turn your hands, Why are you so stubborn!"

"It's you who is stubborn!" Lin Chen sneered: "Do you not see what I look like?"

The beautiful woman's body shivered!

What does he look like?

He is not afraid of the will of the gods, can he control his will? Even if he can, can he be the one he wants after being controlled...

However, I don't know why I couldn't let go of him. Whenever I recalled a scene in the Sacred Mountain Range, my heart was always painful and looking forward to it.

I really want to take you away.

Suddenly, Lin Chen felt the pressure of the magic seal in his palm slowly dissipating, and the magic energy receded like a tide.

Luo Yaoer put down his hand and lifted his cloak.

Lin Chen suffocated...

Although he had seen Luo Yaoer's appearance and temperament, when he saw him again, he was still shocked and shocked!

The green silk is like a waterfall, the head of a moth eyebrow, the delicate nose, the fat and greasy outline of a perfect and holy beauty, like a goddess above nine days, but the eyebrows are dotted with beautiful cinnabar, as if a smile like a witch. Charmed.

The fairy-like holy face and the ultimate charm like a witch, the two coexist perfectly, like the most unique beauty in the world.

A faint tears flashed in the corners of her eyes, but she smiled, and the smile surprised everything in the world.

"After all...I still can't get down on you... Lin Chen, I'm leaving. Thank you for letting me have a good dream..."

Lin Chen was stunned. He felt Luo Yaoer, who had always been indifferent.

Lin Chen took a deep breath: "Where are you going?"

Luo Yaoer turned around, his back was picturesque, dancing like a goddess, flying in the air, and said softly: "I'm going to a very distant world, I will forget all..."

Lin Chen's heart was inexplicable.

He stared at Luo Yao'er's leaving, suddenly shouting.

"If you are still in danger next time, I will protect you."

The beautiful lady's body shivered slightly, and she burst into a smile when the tears dripped.

"Fool, take care of yourself..."

Lin Chen suddenly jumped into the air, reached out and grabbed the back of the beautiful lady, and turned into a ray of light smoke.

"I am a monarch but not a monarch, I am a deceased monarch. I hope this life will never forget me..."

The whining sigh of the woman's ever-changing life echoed the sky.

Lin Chen stood stunned for a long time.

The cold wind roared above the top of the pestle mountain like a wood.

I don't know how long it took, he suddenly tapped his head!

"Mother, it's almost time for the qualifying round! You have to go back quickly!"

Lin Chen shot Taoyuan capsules, and the small shadow turned into a thick and **** dragon.

"Little guy, it's your show!" Lin Chen grabbed the little shadow's little tail!

The purple electric flash above the small shadow-Wuhu Shadow, I want to take off~~~


Cangyu Boundary Tower, the last day of registration for the alternate list of demon today.

Say it is the last day, and the registration is already completed.

This kind of event, generally few stunned youth will be absent until the end, which genius is not early to prepare for the alternate.

On the second floor, the signing elder tilted Erlang's legs, drinking Baguotou, knocking melon seeds, and holding a copy of "The Million Pose Encyclopedia" with great interest.

The elders didn't listen to the surrounding things, and they only wanted the saint's book. The way is: the book has its own golden house, the book has its own Yan Ruyu, the book is more handsome, and the book has a handsome stand-alone.

"Huh? Look, what is that?"

Suddenly, in the second floor of the Jade Tower, there are a lot of powerful Sacred Realm eyes squinting, and they perceive a vision appearing thousands of miles away!

Thousands of miles away, the sky was torn apart by a crack, which was a blazing wave of extraordinary speed, such as the aurora falling, actually falling straight towards the boundary tower!

Some celestial geniuses on the second floor couldn't help but stop, curious to take a breath when looking through the window sill! Is it actually a meteor?

The very center of Meteor is actually an extremely auroraic arrow!


"Look, what is that? There is still a person standing on the arrow!"

The sages were stunned, with a figure standing directly in front of the arrow?

Arrows of light struck thousands of miles, and shot suddenly outside the second floor of the boundary tower!

Bang~! Bang ~!

The boundary tower is extremely strong. Although this arrow is powerful, it can't shake half a point, only exploding the sky full of arrows!

"Grandma, who disturbed the old man to study? Dare to surprise my tower, it's a big dog!"

The elder who was interrupted in learning raised his loose belt in anger and scolded!

I saw that, between the dust and smoke that exploded with arrows of light, a young and tall figure emerged from the sky, and laughter spread across the second floor of the boundary tower, making countless days stunned!

"A handsome and powerful arrow. Tens of thousands of handsome guys will meet each other. In the next Gilling...Oh no, in the dark horse club, someone Lin Chenlin, sign up to participate in the alternate list!"

After finishing the speech, Lin shook his palm, and the three alternate orders made him like the streamer lasing the elder in the "learning" just now!

I don't know which genius of the Holy Land was sighing slightly.

"He...he came on an arrow?"