My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1240

Vol 5 Chapter 1240: Lin

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Void, three dragon monuments.

The ancient vicissitudes of dragon monuments and the carvings of dragon patterns unleash the power of space in silver and white brilliance.

Suddenly, light illuminated in front of the dragon monument, and a figure descended.

"Why are you so disoriented? Didn't you pay attention to Wanlong meeting, how come you come back so quickly."

The dragon monument flashes slightly, and a bland voice comes out, making the void surround the faint dragon roar, the light is free and changeable, and the dragon is shocking in all directions, an almost invincible idea!

As if the master of this voice, every thought is actionable!

"Yao Taishang elder, Wanlong will appear a witch woman, holding a magic knife, can devour time and space..."

In the darkness, the two figures who returned turned trembling and said: "Suspected... Suspected of the Witch Emperor, Magic SwordCut Heaven..."


The unpredictable voice of the previous moment, at this moment there was an instant panic!

"The woman took away the rising star mentioned in our report, the two of us were too late to come..."

The two continued to report and briefly explained the situation in the Wanlong venue.

The voice on the Dragon Tablet questioned extremely seriously.

"Are you sure of her purpose, really just taking this child?"

The two of them looked at each other in the dark and said with affirmation: "It should be that if she wants to go straight to the wilderness with her strength, we can't stop it at all."

Longbei was silent for a long time and said: "Look closely for the news of the new king of Qinglong, but don't alarm her, there is no need to offend such an enemy for a junior junior."

"This matter, I need to personally report to the ancient Gulong tribe, and the rest will be left to you."

After all, the Longbei restored the everlasting silence, and the two sighed faintly, passing away.


In the Wanlong venue; after the previous accidents, all the Dragon clan was shocked. When the final award was given, the Qinglong clan took the Qinglong Banner and left the scene with endless glory.

The first prize in the representative game is the Qinglong tribe and others. The reward from the King of Dragons and the special reward of honoring the dragon tribe are enough to completely transform the entire Qinglong tribe!

Coupled with the high-rise of the Qinglong who was baptized by the Dragon Tomb, and Mu Tianqing of the Qipin peak bloodline, the future height of the Qinglong tribe is at least the top ancient dragon tribe!

"A new king, will it matter?"

In the void, when the Qinglong tribe returned to their territory, the elders worried.

"No, he has nothing to do." Mu Tianqing spread his palm jade card, his eyes eager, "He gave me the jade card in advance, presumably it was the day or he was ready to leave."

There is also the cyan dragon ball left by Lin Chen, which is made from the purple dragon ball obtained in the first level as a raw material, which can control the elders' bloodline strengthening grades, and at the same time, they can easily perceive the life and death of their masters.

The entire Dragon race, only Mu Tianqing knows, the current "new king" is very safe.

"Is this the way you left me, I will break through and show you..."

Mu Tianqing squeezed the cyan dragon ball tightly, and a grim and firm determination appeared on his cold cheeks.

She knew why the new king called herself at the beginning; the future dragon king. He never wanted to be the King of Blue Dragon!


Boundary Tower second floor.

The elder raised his hand and grabbed three streamers, which is an alternative order for the demon list.

"Oh... Lin Chen at the Black Horse Club?"

The elder flashed in front of his eyes, "Are you the Linchen who is burying the holy mountains and the head of the holy king?"

Lin Chen lifted her hair, hehe smiled and said: "If fake replacement, you can also call me the most handsome in the Holy World, I am very low-key."

"Well, that's the taste of shamelessness, I shouldn't be wrong!" The elder smiled, raised his pen and hurried away, took Lin Chen's name and alternative orders, flicked his palm, and shone a red light!

Lin Chen holding the red light is a red jade jade!

"Go to the third floor of the Boundary Tower, and the preparation for the start of the contest will begin. Your name will be entered into the random draw. The opponent will start when you draw it. Hurry up. If you are late, you will be eliminated. The space shuttle in the Boundary Tower cannot be carried out. You must hurry up."

The elder caressed and smiled, and someone in Lin clenched his fists and smiled: "Thank you, elder, the coach has taken off!"

Lin Chen's life flashed, if the light rushed to the third floor, many holy realm geniuses and holy talents reacted!

"He... he is Lin Chen?"

"My God! I saw a real person today!"

"Ma'am, really handsome, with potential and strength, why is God so unfair..."

"This is not the same as what I heard. What I heard was not that Lin Chenqi was so ugly, fierce and evil, rooted and loinclothed, three heads and six arms..."

"It's nonsense, you don't listen to a little gossip. It's okay. This man is the first demon in history to make alchemy with his eyes! It is said that there are several hidden family members and sects of the Sixth Refining Medicine coming out of the mountains to recruit him!"

"Alternatives are about to explode! Burst nine holes in a row, play the Holy King, play alone with dozens of Holy Realm quadruple, damn, who can compare to these geniuses!"

"Hey, this thing with the help of external force is not easy to say. It is not entirely your own cultivation practice. The more powerful the force, the greater the price..."

Immediately after Lin Chen, the powerful people in the whole world tower heatedly discussed and boiled in an instant!

What is different this time is that seven months have passed since the funeral of the Holy Mountains.

As strong as the vast and endless Holy Realm, there are also many strong people who have more or less contact with news about Lin Chen.

In seven months, Lin Chens various experiences, legends, stories, secret stories, and even those he had been in contact with several women in the Holy Realm were completely wiped out by some top forces!

Just what color pants he was wearing didn't know! There are even strong men secretly sending messengers to Bingxin Palace to secretly make good friends, and some even take women to Bailongmen to raise their relatives, Bai Junhao and others!

That's right, it was all about Lin Chen! Because, Lin Chen can be regarded as a "wonderful flower" forever!

In the Holy Realm, any peerless genius, evil spirit, has his own origin and life background, or has been recruited into the top sect, eternal family, great power!

The birth of each genius, rich resources, cultivation of secret realms, wonderful opportunities, top skills, guidance of famous teachers, various factors are indispensable, these are indispensable to the support of powerful forces!

Ordinary genius talent is no longer strong. Without a strong life experience and sectarian support, it is impossible to know how much time and energy it takes to obtain a top-level exercise alone, not to mention other ways to become stronger.

Only Lin is different!

His background is blank! No matter how powerful it is, there is only one result in the end!

This child, born in the realm!

Moreover, no forces belong! It's hard to say, what a dark horse club, or this kids own!

Without any influence, the single person broke into the Holy Realm, and it took more than a year to go from the War Emperor Realm to a level close to the list of evildoers?

This **** is a monster!