My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1241

Vol 5 Chapter 1241: Is He Here?

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Therefore, the meaning of Lin Chen is, as for all top forces, the puru jade that blocks walking!

Who can recruit him, who will be able to rise up against a strong man in the near future!

Without the support of forces, it has become a hundred thousand geniuses in the genius list. Although such examples are rare, they are not without them.

Not many people can reach Lin Chen's height!

Throughout the ages, without the support of forces, one hundred thousand geniuses stood out from the genius list in a short period of time. Two slaps can count the geniuses who are close to the level of the demon list!

These'monsters', which are not supported by forces, almost survived in the end, and have become the lords of the Holy Realm.

That's how the Haotian Saint King rose!

Now someone in Lin has become the most waves and the most eye-catching one on the cusp of the storm, and the forces of the 36th domain are staring at him!

Lin Chen ran all the way from the second floor. Wherever he passed, his eyes were shining, and he continued to launch stolen harbingers on the passing saints, stealing their attribute values.


Boundary Tower, third floor.

The Cangyu Boundary Tower was created by the sages of the ancient times. The space is self-contained, stable and not chaotic. The internal space is countless times larger than what the outside world can see. One layer can withstand the small continent of the world.

This is also the reason why the registered elders allowed Lin Chen to speed up the pace. On the premise of not being able to shuttle space, Lin Chen had to fly to a continental plate.

The third floor; five void islands, connected to the southeast and northwest, the central island is the largest!

Each Void Island covers an area of 100,000 mu, and each Void Island has over 10,000 saints!

There are more than 40,000 saints on the third floor!

The appearance is unprecedented! Witness the birth of the evil in the new era, it is even better to see the evil in the new era against the old evil!

The central island is the largest, standing 431 people!

Their temperament, vision, characteristics, too unique! Even if it is gathered together, it can make people remember their characters at a glance!

Men or Yuanzhu Yuezhi, Jianmei starry eyes, every one stop will have everyone's style, thunder and foot at the foot, dominate the world!

Or Leng Junjun proud, as if Shura came into the world, the top of the head spins hundreds of sword gas tornado, there is the momentum of heaven and earth!

Some sharp edges are restrained, peerless sharp edges, sacred swords are sheathed, pupils have endless sword qi derived from disillusionment, if they are not out of the sheath, they are like red dust hard-working guests, and the sword will move the sky!

Some are as cruel as archaic relics, with a height of several feet, a third eye with open eyebrows, a breath of breath, breathing between dragons and tigers and dragons and snakes.

Some are holy and pure, with the Buddha's light shining, the cassocks draped over them, their hands folded, their heads raised up behind them, and their eyes are closed.

Some are strange and unpredictable. A black robe is blowing in the wind, and there are nine heads of dragons lurking under the feet. A pair of sensationally cold eyes seems to make people fall into hell!

Some **** violent, utterly mad, carrying a **** single knife torn apart the sky a **** awn, knife Saint King coming, domineering between the eyebrows world!

The female is nothing but the attitude of sinking the fish and falling into the country and the country! The beautiful women are either jasper-exquisite, or hot and charming, or ancient spirits, cunning and clever, or charming and cold, or extraordinary, and playing the piano solo, the heart is like a mirror.

They are the top geniuses from the entire thirty-six domain!

These 731 people perfectly interpreted what is called "genius"!

They don't need any proof, they just need to stand here, all the saints will agree that they are representative of this era, peerless genius!

The top 1,000 geniuses in the genius list gathered at the world tower, but only one-third of them could really participate in the alternate game.

There are not many geniuses holding alternative orders. Most of the seven hundred geniuses are withdrawing or giving up their original ranking of the genius list, and concentrate on cultivating or collecting alternative orders.

Therefore, among these people, there is no ranking genius, but it is even more terrifying. No one knows what level their latent training has reached!

At this time, 731 geniuses stared straight ahead.

In the distance of the central island, the mountains are winding!

Each mountain stands tall, standing alone!

If we say that 731 geniuses have distinct personality characteristics and visions. Each of the characters on the top of the mountain has opened up a new world!

Enchanted List Enchanted!

Every one of the people on that mountain is a peerless demon!

Xiao Lin and Long Yijing were among those who had a holiday with Lin Chen!

As long as you pass the alternate match, you are eligible to challenge the enemies list and plunder the opponent's ranking!

The raging fighting intentions that permeated the entire central island, everything is without saying!


Like the terrifying flame above the nine days, straight down to the ordinary dust, descending to the Void Island in the east, amazing many geniuses!

"My son has seen this peerless mentality, that is; the vision of the Palace of the Divine Flame!"

One of the young geniuses wandered in wonder.

The geniuses urged the Holy Force a little, seeing through the void and looking far away.

At this glance, all geniuses, both men and women!

I saw the Void Island in the east, a fairy in a white dress came down, quiet, beautiful, beautiful!

Such a human being, how could it be there! No matter men and women, the first ideas of geniuses coincide.

Brush ~!

A list of holy lights shone brilliantly above the heads of many geniuses, and many names began to roll.

The old voices spread all over the five islands, it was Shen Lao who spoke.

"Alternative start officially, the opponents drawn, from the space door into the battle plane in turn."

Brush ~!

Twenty silver-white space doors, ten feet high, opened from out of thin air.

The geniuses watched the rolling list.

At this moment, the eyes of 40,000 saints converge, and every battle here will have extremely high specifications!

Buzz~! Sparkling, the Holy Light is changing, and the names begin to be neatly arranged!

"No. 299 in the list of geniuses, the flying dragon shocked the cloud Silent Wushuang. No ranking genius; Beiming Cangdao Mo Yihai."

"No. 455 in the Genius List, Peerless SwordJian Qingcheng, No. 410 in the Genius List; Wanli Xuanbing Feng Qingxue."

"No. 1 in the list of geniuses, son of surprise Han Yizhi, no ranking genius; Qin Lian."

"Beyond the 1000th place in the genius list, the **** of the world, Lin Chen, has no ranking genius; Dragon Fist is the most holy Yang Wanli."

"Talent list..."

When seeing the name of the fourth row of combinations, the saints of all walks are dumbfounded!


Lin Chen?

How did his name appear? Isn't he not present?

The powerful people who previously held the power of various parties are still discussing why this child will be absent from this alternative conference.

Many saints looked around, and there was no figure of Lin Chen in the central island.

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

After the geniuses got their opponents, they entered the space door in turn, and a series of light screens emerged, showing the situation of the space inside the space door.

Only in the fourth space door, only the hidden world genius, Yang Wanli was alone.

He hugged his chest with both hands, his mouth scornful.


"What's going on, the list shows, where did people go?"

"Could it be a false alarm? The elders inside the Boundary Tower may first apply for the registration of Tichenchen, and then this son failed to rush..."

All the saints on the Quartet Nether Island looked confused.