My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1242

Vol 5 Chapter 1242: Goodbye Ruoyan.

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When the saints of the four islands have a lot of discussion-

Bang ~! Bang~!

The sound of the breaking wind exploded, and when it roared, the Qingyou battle gun was like a Qingdian, and it came!

On the west side of the Void Island, a beautiful lady in a red dress, showing a smile of inexplicable joy.

"It seems that he has completed the cooperation between us..."

It's a scarlet fairy.

On Dongdao, the beautiful lady in a white dusty skirt suddenly stood up, and her deep eyes showed her deep miss!

Its him, hes here!

"Goddess, you are..."

The handsome young man beside the white skirt lady wanted to ask, his heart was shaking, he had never seen the goddess show such a moving look!

The beautiful lady did not pay attention to him, turned into a ray of light smoke, the youth was horrified!


In front of the fourth space door, there is a blue sacred holy lance, if there is a rebirth of the phoenix, soaring for nine days!

The sky was covered with goose feathers and heavy snow, and the teenagers walked in a stroll in the snow.

Snowflakes dotted the young man's body, showing a silvery sparkle. He was wearing a brand-new silver robe, about eight feet tall, and pulled up like a gun. The waist has a purple sapphire belt and a green bow and red sword. Green bow dotted with starlight, vast and mysterious. Chijian surging flames, from time to time with a king-like breath!

The jade belt on the waist of the boy wears a flying knife as thin as cicada wings and a blue knife. He walks according to the knife, his face like a crown jade, the corners of his mouth are raised, the eyebrows are radiant, and the endless handsome and elegant, hidden. Exuding an absolute confidence, it is amazing, a free-spirited young man in the painting!

Xiao Jinghe, proudly standing among the demon list on the top of the mountain in the distance


The teenager pulled up the Youqing War Gun and smiled slightly.

"Sorry, I just went to the Wanlong Club next time. I picked up a few dragon clan princesses, set up a few dragon clan princes, found a few dragon clan young women, picked up a few dragon clan bloodlines, and watched a few love movies on my return. I took a hot bath and changed my clothes to a new one, so there was a slight delay."

He said sharply-"If there is anything wrong, please hold back, I will not change it if you say it. A handsome wise man once told me that being handsome can do whatever you want."


All geniuses: "?"

This year, if you look handsome, you can brag about it without thinking?

What event is Wanlong going to be? The scale is not inferior to the alternative games at this time, and there is even more!

According to the documents of the sages, most of the people who can enter the Wanlong Association are eighth-level intermediate dragons.

You entered the Wanlong Club alone? Was it possible to drink a grain of peanut last night without drinking?

Brush ~!

A divine light spreads across the sky, and the fluttering figure flutters down from the sky.

The geniuses were shocked, and the person who came was the peerless beauty who had competed with the Celestial Gods in the Shenyan Palace!

At this time, the beautiful women stared at Lin Chen, and they had countless thoughts and rejoices.

Lin Chen was slightly startled!

"Sister Ruoyan..."

"Brother Lin Chen..."

The two looked at each other; they ignored everything in the world, and only each other in their eyes.

One month in the world, one year in the Holy World. Although Bai Ruoyan left Kyushu soon, the time spent in the Holy Realm is far more than the time of the ordinary realm.

After Bai Ruoyan was defeated by the will of the torch, when Lin Chen rescued him, the two of them "sincerely treated each other" in the spiritual world. With their experiences and feelings, they also experienced a spiritual blend of water and milk, and wished each other.

Bai Ruoyan landed in front of Lin Chen, and the two were like the people in the painting. Lin Chen ignored Bai Ruoyan's eyes and surprised him.

The beautiful woman Xiafei cheeks, let the teenager hug, Yan Yan smiled and said: "I know you will come, I came here to wait for you......"

The words are not finished, the lips of the teenager are overbearingly printed with the cherry blossom lips of the lady!

At this moment, the audience fell into a strange silence!

Bang ~!

Between the East Island and the mountains of Chuo Island, there is even more explosion!

Xiao Jing's green bars on the top of the mountain were exposed, and Long Yijing's teeth were almost broken!

Damn, this kid has a complicated relationship with his sweetheart demon, and this relationship with the goddess of Shenyan Palace?

"Oh my god, this is going back to the Palace of Gods and Flames. I'm afraid I have to make those peculiar evil spirits who are against the sky crazy!

"This woman's status in the Palace of Divine Flames is not ordinary. I didn't expect to have this relationship with Lin Chen..."

Some old voices lurking in the void of the four islands are astonishing.

Lips are divided, a crystal arc is drawn between the two.

Bai Ruoyan is charming and glamorous"Others are still watching..."

Lin Chen smiled and said-"That means it's okay when no one is watching? Well, I think I don't know Ruoyan sister enough, so it's easy to meet. When there is no one, I'll take a closer look."

Bai Ruoyan glared angrily at him pretentiously, his style was peerless.

Someone shrugged her shoulders and said indifferently-"Some people want to watch and watch, I just want everyone to know, you are mine, what a **** of the flame palace, I will take you back sooner or later. !"

"You..." Bai Ruoyan scraped the tip of his nose, gently tidying up his clothes--"What anxiety, my sister won't run, even if the fairy meets you, even a mortal sister ..."

Lin Chen said seriously: "Don't~ sister, I like your appearance as an immortal. It doesn't matter if you are an ordinary person, can you be a fairy once in a part-time job..."

"Cough cough..."

Shen Lao's soft cough sounded.

Then let these two people be sloppy, and the young people and evil spirits who follow the Shenyang Palace are estimated to run away.

"Friend Lin Chen, the alternate game has already started. If you do not participate in the challenge, it will be regarded as abstention."

Lin Chen scolded a trace of incomprehensible style in his heart, and smiled at Bai Ruoyan: "Sister Ruoyan, wait a moment."

Bai Ruoyan smiled: "Well, I want to hear what happened after you came to the Holy Realm."

She did not remind Lin Chen to be careful or something, as if she had absolute confidence in him!

Lin Chen stepped into the fourth space door in many eyes of consternation, surprise, jealousy and attention!

Bai Ruoyan rose against the wind. Floating like a fairy, return to the location of Dongdao Keqing.

"Goddess, you..." The handsome young man of Qiu Xuanang was frightened and angry, gritting his teeth.

"My affairs, I will handle it myself, or do you want to point fingers at me?" Bai Ruoyan gave him a light look at him and the people behind him.

"I really don't understand. There are so many peerless evils in the palace, and even Ben Shao is ten times better than this one. Why are you still..." The handsome young man was a little excited, flushed, and forgot to use the honorific. .

Bai Ruoyan shook his head slightly, leaving only one sentence.

"In my heart, he is the best boy in the world. Everything I have is given by him."


Within the plane of battle;

Yang Wanli was wearing a holy armor, awe-inspiring, a pair of tiger eyebrows slightly picking, with great interest-"You are Lin Chen?"

Lin Chen joked.

"Why, not as handsome as the legend?"