My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1243

Vol 5 Chapter 1243: Use The Most Handsome Appearance Be The Most Poisonous.

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"Hahaha!" Yang Wanli laughed in the sky!

"I don't know if I'm handsome or not. I only recognize Yang Wanli as a strong man. Let me try to see if you can deserve the praise of the Holy Power!"

Yang Wanli's shoulders shook violently, Shengli fist broke out, 25 holy caves gleamed all over the body, and a Canglong rushed from the holy cave, stirring the wind and the clouds, moving in all directions!

Shengli Canglong swayed with his fist, and rushed to Lin Chen with a mighty surge. A full-strength dragon fist stirred the plane and swayed turbulently, striking Lin Chen!

Seeing Lin Chen's understatement, many powerful and geniuses from the thirty-six domains are looking forward to.

What kind of strength does this legendary teenager have? How would you take this trick? Most of them have only heard of Lin Chens legend, but have never seen its real person. His curiosity about this son is extremely intense!

Although Yang Wanli was not ranked, he was once ranked 230th in the genius list. Since then, Qian Xi has withdrawn from the genius list for 100 years and won a copy of the Taikoo Boxing Dragon Dragon. There are few rivals in the melee combat field, and the melee is almost the same. Invincible level!

He went all out as soon as he came up, apparently did not underestimate Lin Chen!

"One shot is his orange-order exercises, the Canglong boxing style in the Seven Dragon Boxing!"

"The domineering power, how to take this punch?"

"I've heard that Lin Chenneng and Long Yijing played in the demon list before. Wasn't it easy to hit Yang Wanli?"

"I guess, Lin Chen estimates that he will be able to clean up within 50 strokes."

"Who do you despise? Despise my brother Chen, fifty moves? Want me to say, up to twenty moves, do you believe Yang Wanli will have to get down later?"

"I have all my studs and buy Lin Chen to win! I lost Laozi upside down!"


The next moment; what surprised everyone was -

Lin Chen was about to raise his hand, but his face suddenly changed slightly!

Bang~! Rumble~!

The plane swayed, the Canglong slammed Lin Chen's body hard, and it was so shocked that Lin Chen was hit by a punch! Straight into the abyss of the battlefield!


An old man in the Holy Land tasting hot tea on West Island sprayed the face of an old friend directly?


The corners of many strong men's mouths were slightly pumped. Lin Chen was beaten without taking a move?

Some geniuses who have been'professionally trained' cannot help laughing.

"Is it a doppelganger?"

Yang Wanli responded very quickly, the holy cave was magnificent, the holy force enveloped the body, and immediately entered a state of alert and defense.

He has heard of the legend of Lin Chen, who has a super anti-Sky avatar skill, powerful enough to deceive even the genius list.

However, there were no avatars to attack him.

"Cough cough..."

Dust and smoke rolled up, Lin Chen coughed and pushed away a gravel, with an accident in his eyes.

"No avatars?" When Yang Wanli found that there was still only one Lin Chen, he seized the opportunity to take a step to urge the body, such as the flying dragon, and a few breaths flashed in front of Lin Chen!

Bang ~! Yang Wanli raised his hand and hit Lin Chen's chest straight, hitting him into the sky with one punch!

Brush ~! Yang Wanli was a must-have, and the strong men who fought in close combat flashed straight into a light of mysterious yellow. He threw a fierce fight at Lin Chen. He did not forget to alert the surroundings while fighting fiercely.

boom! boom! boom!

Yang Wanli was like a violent wind and rain, and Lin Chen was mad all the way. In this face, Lin Chen was even beaten by him!


"I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Lao Tzu pressed all his net worth!"

"Sun! This kid has a nickname, I rely on it!"

Many powerful people in the Holy Realm scolded, and their vision was extraordinary, how could they not see that Lin Chen was completely beaten unilaterally!

Finally, Lin Chen stepped on his body in the storm-like offensive of Yang Wanli, dodged his attack, and pulled away the knife while pulling away the distance!

The strong spirit of the four islands is mentioned again!

I'm coming! Lin Chen finally drew his sword!

Legend has it that he slaughtered dozens of saints with a knife-style knife. Can he finally open his eyes today?

Tear ~! Lin Chen held a clear blue moon and cut a moonlight shining in the sky!

However, at the moment when he cut off his awn, his power suddenly diminished, and his speed slowed down several times.

grass! What are you doing, is this not a kidney deficiency?

boom! Yang Wanli punched his "Jingyue Chi God" with a punch, and couldn't help laughing-"No, the legendary Lin Chen, is it just that?"

Yang Wanli stepped on a dragon, kicked Lin Chen's swiftly fast side, Lin Chen was repelled again!

Even the hidden powers of some Qipin family are dumbfounded!

what's going on? This plot is wrong!

They have thought that Lin Chen's strength may not meet their expectations, but it is not so outrageous!

"Hahaha, what is the embroidered pillow, what is the golden jade and the others, it's defeated. This Lin Chen is a perfect interpretation, it's so funny."

"I'm amused, is this the legendary one, with the most handsome appearance to get the most poisonous beat?"

"Hey, hey, Yang Wanli, he's still a child, don't let him go, hit him in the face!"

In the central island, many geniuses who were not on the list of talents and many sage geniuses laughed and laughed.

East Island, VIP seats.

The handsome young man of Qiyu Xuanang in Shenyan Palace sneered, "This is it?"

"Goddess, this is what you said, the best man in the world?"

The handsome young man looked at Bai Ruoyan, and the ten beautiful ladies in the city couldn't help but look around. They listened to Bai Ruoyan's mention of this young man countless times. Could this be the case?

I saw that Bai Ruoyan didn't hear the handsome young man at all. He stared at the light screen of the space plane and couldn't help but exclaim slightly.

"I haven't seen you for a long time. I didn't think that Brother Lin Chen was so handsome when he was beaten..."

Everyone fell.

On the top of the mountain, Long Yijing and Xiao Jing showed their doubts.

They have been in direct contact with Lin Chen, this kid's strength is not so weak?

"Could it be said that something has happened to this kid in the past few months, and he can't show his strength?"

Long Yijing laughed in his heart.

Within the plane of battle;

Lin Chen had just unsealed the seal of "Taiyi Time and Space", and before the power of the Holy Cave had been activated, a burst of Holy Power penetrated all the Holy Caves of Lin Chen, which indirectly caused his strength to not be displayed!

"I gan, this is too funny, to burst a hole at this juncture?"

Lin Chen laughed a lot, and mobilized all the avatars to dedicate the Holy Power that caused the surge in Taiyi Space and Time, and rushed to the next Holy Cave!

"Well, Lin Chen, I dont know what you are playing. You have such a strength. I am too disappointed!"

The wind and cloud changed suddenly, Yang Wanli mobilized the power of four crystals, and the wind and thunder and lightning were able to fulfill their fists. If they held four dragons, they punched Lin Chen with one punch!

Bang ~! Bang~!

Suddenly, the whole plane trembled!

A terrible explosive power exploded from the center of the two, as if the world was overturned, the plane collapsed, and the momentum was strong, which shocked many powerful people!

This is a battle plane that is enough to withstand the late attack of the Holy Realm. Although the kid's fist is strong, it is far less powerful than this?

Brush ~! In the dusty sky, a meteor-like figure flew out, vomiting blood directly, unconscious!

To everyone's surprise, that person turned out to be Yang Wanli?

what's the situation!

Brush brush!

At this moment, many hidden monsters got up!

Their eyes, puzzled and horrified, fixedly stared into the fourth battle plane.

That expression looks like a ghost!