My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1244

Vol 5 Chapter 1244: 1. The Most Outrageous Way To Win In History

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A group of self-proclaimed geniuses in the Holy Land geniuses were all surprised and stunned.

Yang Wanli was blown up?

Could it be that... Lin Chen came up with real strength?

Under the public attention, the sky's energy frenzy dissipated, and Yang Wanli collapsed unconsciously, twitching, and even the holy armor on his body showed cracks!

A move to win or lose? Yang Wanli actually lost!

Buzz~! A nine-color holy glow was dazzling, and the holy cave of ten brilliant stars flashed from Lin Chen!

Click! Click! Click~

Breaking through the shackles of the echo, Lin Chen's body illuminated the eleventh holy cave!

Everyone was shocked!

what? Breakthrough?

However, when everyone hasn't figured out the details carefully-

Sigh~! boom!

From Lin Chen, another holy energy that shook the plane erupted into a loud noise and the plane shook, just like before!

Lin Chens 12th holy cave, completely exploded!


This world must be crazy!

At this moment, all the holy geniuses felt a tingling scalp!

They finally realized the seriousness of the problem!

West Island, a group of hidden elders trembling...

"Damn, this kid is actually bursting holes!"

There is only one vision in life when the Emperor Zhuang breaks through the Holy Land. Lin Chen was able to burst a hole when he broke through the second level of the Holy Realm!

Even more frightening, Yang Wanli was stunned by the energy fluctuation and momentum of his burst hole!

A character as strong as Shen Lao is also standing in the mouth of the vast void and pumping...

This **** thing!

What are the odds and odds of the odds list?

There is a trick to kill, there is attribute restraint, there is a sneak attack to win, and even a handsome man who is more handsome than Lin Chen forces a beautiful man's plan to directly attract female geniuses to win!


No one can use the energy of the burst hole to directly blow the opponent!

Some holy realm geniuses felt a chill coming straight from the soles of their feet!

It's so scary!

Can the blastholes blow people seriously?

This Lin Chen is definitely an unprecedented one!

It can be called the most outrageous way to win in the history of the alternate game!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen bursts into a hole, and the momentum is like a broken bamboo, bursting into the 16th suddenly, making all the powerful people stunned!

I still looked down on Lin Chens young man in Shenyan Palace, and his mouth was so wide that he could put an egg!

Every frying hole in Lin Chen seemed to be overturned, the horror of power, and even the holy land of 30 holy caves in full bloom felt the fear of death with scalp numbness!

The power of Lin Chen's burst hole is a terrible disaster!

At the time of sanctification, the momentum of bursting 9 points is enough to shake Jiu Xiao, not to mention the "closing points" after the completion of the Holy Realm!

How many powerful enemies did he kill during Tai Yi space sealing?

Taikoo elders, dragon princes, and dragon prisoners!

Which of these strong men is not terrible?

In particular, Lin Chen beheaded hundreds of Dragon Prison criminals, each of which was comparable to the existence of more than four times in the Holy Realm!

The massive essential fighting spirit essence obtained by him was fully incorporated into the body, but was suppressed by Lin Chen with sealing caves!

In the previous battle, when he unlocked the "closing cave", as if a torrent swept through, the tens of thousands of volcanoes suppressed like an epoch!

The main reason for the explosion of the power of the burst hole is because of Lin Chen's avatar!

Lin Chens avatars pull a soaring divine aura into a hole, and the 7th-level phantom rune can display six avatars, plus the main body, which is equivalent to seven Linchen a burst hole!

Seven Linchens, seven Taiyi Space Time, each person counts as Tai Yi Space Time, that is, 20 holy caves per person, which adds up to 140 holy caves!

The weight of the holy cave in the Holy Realm is equivalent to 100 million dragon power! The 140 holy caves of the Holy Land are all concentrated in one point, which is 14 billion dragon power!

This is equivalent to the 14 billion dragon power of the Holy Force concentrated to explode a little, even if no combat skills are used, the power is enough to be comparable to the four attacks of Holy Realm!

Earlier, Yang Wanli had been guarding Lin Chen's "avatar" sneak attack, so at the moment when he burst the hole, he also subconsciously urged defensive combat skills.

If it werent for his second-grade Holy Armor and Yang Wanlis defensive combat skills, Lins blowhole, Im afraid hes not as simple as a coma and a serious injury...

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen once again broke through the three holy caves, the light of the Holy Light, the nine-colored holy mansions enveloped Lin Chen, and the 18 holy caves were in full bloom.

"The 20th Holy Cave, open it to me!"


Nine-color Holy Force collided, and exploded the earth-shattering Holy Force, Lin Chen's 20th Holy Cave was exploded!

Finally, breaking through the 20th holy cave, Lin Chen's accumulation at the Wanlong meeting was only squandered.

"Huh~" Lin Chen exhaled for a long time!

In the battle plane; Lin Chen shone with 20 hexagonal starbursts, beautiful wheels, nine-color holy wheels above his head, nine-color divine radiance on his feet, the five-knight holy power of golden wood, water, fire, and earth, lingering around his body. .

In front of him there was a hurricane of holy force roaring, thunder and light. Light and dark holy light circulate, the brilliance of alien crystals is shining like stars, Lin Chen's every move, like a goddess, with extraordinary temperament!

Inside the light screen of the space; tens of thousands of saints in the four islands, their eyes trembling, their mouths trembling, as if they saw miracles!

10 consecutive burst holes!

It wasnt enough to blow Yang Wanli into the hole, he even broke his record of bursting 9 holes when he was sanctified!

Use genius to describe how pale he is, and use the profile of the evil devil to talk about the extent of this child's unnaturalness!

"His divine power, powerful and overbearing, there is no void at all, and he perfectly controls the power of bursting 10 holy dens!"

"It's terrible. No one has ever tried to burst a hole after being sanctified. This is not only the first in history, but also the last!"

"You have to draw this guy! You will be on the order to transfer all the princesses in my holy kingdom. I will do everything I can, even if I can't draw this son, I must give him a good one!"

All the forces and veteran powerhouses on the scene exploded!


In the plane of battle; Lin Chen's eyes show the domineering spirit of the world!

"20 holy caves, my fighting power, I don't know if I can shake the four or higher levels of the holy realm!"

At this time, Lin Chen looked around, and was a bit stunned.

"Brother Wanli, where have you been? The coach forced a little burst just now, how are you gone?"

"There is a song that sings well, the genius of thousands of miles never fails, and the handsome force Lin Chen surging. I haven't started to sing, why are you gone?"

"Hey, Brother Wanli, why are you dizzy! Hurry, I have Long Qingguo!"


The corners of the genius twitched slightly, and when they saw it, Yang Wanli was half lifted from the bottom of his heart when Lin Chen was lifted out of the battle plane by Lin Chen himself!

More than half of the genius prayed.

"Don't get this pervert in the next few games..."