My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1245

Vol 5 Chapter 1245: Lin Chen

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It is Lin Chen's vitality that makes some scalp numbness in the hidden world!

"This kid was beaten up by Yang Wanli, but he didn't have anything at all. The flesh was as strong as a wild beast..."

"Even if the Holy Realm is fourfold, it doesn't necessarily dare to defend Yang Wanli so many punches without defense, this guy has many secrets......"

The geniuses of the Holy Land have a dignified expression.

Central Island; Lin Chen won, and also brought Yang Wanli out.

After taking Long Qingguo, Yang Wanli regained consciousness and was shocked when he found himself out of the fighting plane!

"I, I lost, and fainted... Sure enough, Brother Lin Chen, you are so skillful, I was completely fooled by you."

Yang Wanli smiled bitterly. He didn't blame Lin Chen for fooling him.

The real battle is to use everything to the extreme. It is everything to win. If it is a battle of life and death, it is Yang Wanli who is the one who dies.

Yang Wanli urgently and curiously grabbed Lin Chen's arm and asked seriously.

"Brother Lin, you really are the legendary master. At the last minute, the contemptuous person can't even see your trace of your shot. Dare to ask Brother Lin what is the trick to defeat me? Hope to tell me."

Yang Wanli asked this question, so that some holy geniuses could not help but support the amount......

If I tell you that he was blown away by his bomb hole, are you afraid you are going to be crazy?

Someone Lin said seriously: "I'm also lucky to win. I have been weak in the end. Only then did my whirlwind at the bottom of the pressure box invincible capture the dragon claw and barely hit the lord."

Yang Wanli thought deeply: "No wonder the pre-outbreak power was so horrible at the time, and I was not defeated!"

Hearing Yang Wanli's sigh, the genius twitched...

Some female geniuses looked at Lin Chen in amazement. What a wonderful young boy with excellent character and good heart, and also knows the emotions of taking care of others, at first glance is a honest child~

"Squad leader!"

Peerless people smiled and landed next to Lin Chen, it was Han Yizhi!

"It's a squad leader, and he beat my opponent sooner than me."

Han Yizhi's smile was staring at countless geniuses.

Someone Lin pretended to be proud: "Must, your squad leader, I can last long and fast, all in my thoughts."

When the two were talking and laughing, an old voice came from the void.

"Friend Lin Chen, I have been admiring you for a long time in the Nanlong family. I don't know if I have the honor to invite the little friends to come to the West Island. I will entertain them with the highest specifications."

"Jiu Wen Lin Chens great name, really deserved reputation, and the alchemy skills of the alchemist are superb. I wonder if I can come to my nine sacred sect to name an elder guest secretary. Ill wait for the Holy Pavilion to have enough top-level Danfang. Alchemy fingerprints can also be taken!"

"I have always asked the brothers Lin Chen to be extraordinary, and today they opened their eyes. Can they come to the North Island to gather together? The old man is the elder of the Seventh Sect sect for thousands of months, and the elders of the pavilion are interested in doing some exercises with the children. discuss in depth"

"Hey, little guy, I heard that you have a very good relationship with our family, Qingcheng. Would you like to come to Jianyu to play, which Juggernaut you want to worship as a teacher, as long as you can tell the name, the old man can take you Find someone."

The sounds from the void made the geniuses of the genius list tremble!

The seventh grade, the seventh grade, and the seventh grade!

The great powers of various Qipin families actually recruited Lin Chen personally, and even the mysterious ancient sword domain sent him an invitation!

Although all geniuses have extraordinary backgrounds, almost all of them are from the sixth grade sect, but there is a gap like the sixth grade and the seventh grade!

I have never seen any genius, evildoer, who can be solicited by so many Qipin forces at the same time!

The Qipin family, everyone has a giant-like background, and it is the top of the world's cognition. The forces above the Qipin family will basically not be born.

It can be a high-level sacred realm within the fifth-grade power, but it is not uncommon to go to the sixth-grade power, and the higher-level sixth-grade sacred realm can only be regarded as a low-end existence!

Lin Chen gave a slight hand to the voice in the void, and then laughed.

"Everyone, I am someone who is not that kind of vulgar. The kid is free by nature and doesn't want to join any denomination for the time being."

As soon as this remark came out, some geniuses almost rushed up and beat Lin Chen! What you reject is endless opportunities!

"Oh, anyway, come to Japan for a long time."

"Young heroes, it is normal to have a personality, we can be friends without joining the denomination, can we..."

The voice in the void is extremely gentle, which is like the Qipin Juqing that is usually high above. Lin Chen's treatment, envious of others, more than others, maddening......

"A group of old foxes, but also want to put a long-line set close, saying that I will not join your forces..."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows lightly and took Han Yizhi to the East Island.

"Sister Ruoyan."

When Lin Chen landed on East Island; a scorching power swept through!

Lin Chenyun is breezy, walking in the void, his eyes are condensed, and his mental fluctuations are like a mountain flood!

Bang ~!

The face of the handsome young man who tried to suppress him changed slightly.

"This spirit?"

Lin Chen patted his shoulder and joked with a smile: "Why, the people of Shenyan Palace, just this amount of energy?"

boom! boom! boom!

The handsome young man was furious, with nine rounds of holy flames above his head.

Han Yizhi stood quietly beside Lin Chen.

"Oh? The strength of the demon list?" Lin Chen relaxed freehand, without any intention of hands-on.

Bai Ruoyan Dai frowned, her beautiful eyes flew across a strand of pure white holy fire, and her anger first appeared!

"Princess Qingxu, although the old man respects your Palace of Divine Flames, it does not mean that you can come here."

The void above the East Island, an old man who walked out of the fairy bones, is the oldest person in charge of the tournament, Shen Lao.

"No, how dare Qingxu arrogant..." The handsome young man murmured, and punched Shen Lao in a fist.

Lin Chen said with a bad smile: "Just you pay off? Is it kidney deficiency? Why did you suddenly counsel?"

"Huh?" The Qingxu son glared!

Lin Chen said again: "The dissatisfied end practice."

Qingxu son: "Are you looking for death?"

Lin Chen said: "The big deal, I let you have one hand..."

The corner of Qingxu's mouth is slightly drawn. Are you a sacred cave with 20 holy holes, and the guy who hasn't reached the triple of the holy realm dare to be so arrogant?

Lin Chen said again: "Let you not make a sound with one hand, then I will let two, if you are still afraid, I will let two feet."

The ten beautiful maidservants who served Bai Ruoyan in the Shenyan Palace were puzzled.

Let two hands and two feet? How do you fight?

"What are you bullying too much!"

Lin Chen said: "It's too deceptive? You are a bit demanding, so I don't even use the Holy Power, so you're empty?"

Bai Ruoyan smiled, Han Yizhi covered his mouth and smiled...

The Qingxu son was screamed by Lin Chen, he was a generation of evildoers in the Shenyan Palace. In ordinary circumstances, he would be so disoriented.

But facing Lin Chen alone, he couldn't calm down...

He kissed his dream goddess!

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