My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1246

Vol 5 Chapter 1246: I Want What Use Is This Iron Rod.

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Regardless of Shenyan Palace or Shenyan Palace, there are so many peerless evils, not to mention Fangze, and even seeing Bai Ruoyan's side is very difficult, why is it this kid...

The Qingxu son roared in anger-"I hope you can pass the alternate game. When the son challenges you, don't be a turtle."

You can choose to challenge the monster list, and the challenged can't refuse. However, the enchanted list challenges the candidate, and the candidate has the right to refuse.

Qingxu son would like to unload Lin Chen eight!

Lin Chen smiled: "As you wish."

At this time, Shen Lao came.


Shen Lao's voice is rare and extremely cordial.

"Whether you want to join our world tower, you can rest assured, just hang a guest name, you can still take welfare and dedication, there is usually nothing to do if you don't come back in 1800, and our world tower is neutral and will not tend to a certain The grudges of the forces are the cleanest choice. How about it? Should we consider it?"

Seeing Shen Lao's eyes showing signs of being thirsty, Lin Chen was a bit wary. These old foxes have all lived for some unknown number of years. If they are pitted by them, they may not climb out!

"Well, I think about it..."

Before the words were finished, a fragrant wind filled the air, and another stunning person came out of thin air, and was protected from the faint crimson cherry phantom.

"Have seen old Shen."

The beautiful lady was slightly indifferent, neither humble nor hyperactive, and smiled at Lin Chenyan immediately.

"How about, son, cooperation..."

Crimson Fairy hadn't finished her words, Lin Chen was amazed, the fragments of Phantom Dream Charm Stone were shot at the lady, she caught it with one hand, her face couldn't hide the surprise!

A beautiful ring was suspended in front of Lin Chen, and the Scarlet Fairy smiled and said-"This is the agreed remuneration. Thank you, Master, for your care."

Lin Chen took the ring, the spiritual consciousness penetrated, and a colorful and exquisite Qi Yunling seed was suspended in the ring.

"If there are good things about this kind of cooperation in the future, remember to contact me." Lin Chen smiled, but this is Zhongpin Qiyunling planting seeds, the value is difficult to estimate!

The crimson fairy turned his eyes and smiled slightly when he stared at Bai Ruoyan-"The son is really a blessing, even the fairy in the Shenyang Palace."

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan picked up Lin Chen's arm and smiled as if Feng Huahua was peerless.

"This senior, I still have something to discuss with brother Lin Chen. Let's talk about it first."

Having said that, Bai Ruoyan pulled Lin Chen to ride the wind, and was blocked by the desire of the Qing Xu, and was shocked by Bai Ruoyan's cold eyes.

Shen Lao looked at the direction of the two leaving, shook his head and marveled.

"This Lin Chen kid is really a strange person, Shenyan Palace like this kind of woman, the heart is often perfect, how can such a firm love for one person..."

East Island, inside a gorgeous palace.

This is the resting area prepared for the VIPs by the Jie Tower. In a vibrant flower field pavilion, Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan have been alone for a long time.

Bai Ruoyan clung to Lin Chen's palm and asked about his experience after leaving Kyushu.

From the thrilling battle of the false gods, to the airborne holy world, to the first encounter with the genius list, the Cangyue secret realm, the Quartet conference, and the meeting of everyone in class 66, they were chased and killed by the group holy, and even Lin Chenlian won the arm of God of War 'Nothing is hiding Bai Ruoyan.

Although Bai Ruoyan has been investigating Lin Chen's news, he knows his experience after he came to the Holy Realm, but it is different from the investigation information and his own beloved teenager.

"You, I really want to thank Bing Xin Gong, people help you a lot."

"Fortunately, you have been on your way, but how dare you get into the Holy King's Tomb?"

Bai Ruoyan caresses the teenager's cheek, Dai Mei frowns, and the two are alone, wondering how long it has passed...

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan transferred an ancient scroll from Najie and handed it to Lin Chen's hand"Brother Lin Chen, I can only come out this time as an exception. I don't know when I will meet you next time. Can help you a lot."

Lin Chen took it curiously, running the Holy Force to spread out the ancient scrolls, and a series of ancient essays shining on San Manro poured into his mind.

"Nine Heavy Burning Sky Palm, Fire Department Orange Rank Palm Technique, Palm Technique Divided into Nine Layers, Nine Layers in One, the power is directly chasing the Orange Stage Intermediate Combat Skills. Nine Layers in One requires a minimum of 30 Holy Caves to attempt to display..."

Lin Chen was shocked! The strength of this volume of exercises is a little scary... Orange-level intermediate and orange-level junior, it seems that the difference between the first level, the value and power are increased by multiples!

As far as Lin Chen has been in the Holy Realm, he has never seen the Orange-level intermediate exercises!

The strong who can have orange-level low-level exercises belong to a small group! The orange level intermediate level is simply a legendary existence!

Even the six ranks of the sect, there are not many times the name of the orange-level intermediate exercises.

"Sister Yan, where did you come from this volume of exercises?"

Lin Chen was moved.

Bai Ruoyan smiled and answered-"The Shenyan Palace belongs to."

"But, should this be a practice for you? If they are gone, will they blame you?"

Bai Ruoyan put his hand on his cheek-"These questions are not worth mentioning, everything in the world is not as important as your hair."

In the heart of someone Lin Lala moved, Tian Xian said love, who can stand it!

Lin Chen held the beautiful woman tightly in her arms.

The fabulous Tianxian's body shivered slightly, and suddenly fluttered in his arms.

"Brother Lin Chen, you are not honest."

Someone Lin said in a serious way-"Sister Yan, let us continue to be interrupted while in the flame! I don't want to endure anymore!"

Bai Ruoyan raised his head and stared at him with a beautiful apology.

"Brother Lin Chen, my mind is not perfect. If I break my body, I will lose my mind state..."

Someone Lin is thundered by the sunny day! Shivering with anger!

What stuff? Come again!

Why is this plot again?

Bai Ruoyan's beautiful eyes flowed through the blue waves, and looked at him very seriously, suddenly his face Ruoxia burned, as if the heavenly immortals fell into love, whispered.

"If Brother Lin Chen wants, my sister can give up everything, it doesn't matter now..."


Lin Chen's breath trembled slightly, and his heart refused like a knife!

Embrace the fairy, the arrow is on the string. At this moment, it is too difficult to say the word "no"!

Judging from the attitude of Shenyan Palace, Lin Chen probably guessed how much sister Ruoyan is valued by Shenyan Palace today.

If there is a problem with the mind, I am afraid it will directly affect her foundation and even the safety problem!

It's the second brother who is suffering! Brother Chen, I'm sorry for you! You haven't opened up to now!

Lin Chen wanted to cry without tears, and uttered a tragic sigh in his heart that belonged to Lin Shuaiqi alone!

"I want! What's the use of this iron rod!"



[Consumed 680,000 advanced exercises and spirits, and began to integrate the memory of "Nine Heavy Burning Palm"...]

[Specify the target to integrate the cultivation skills of "Nine Heavy Burning Palm", double the consumption, and consume 1.22 million points of advanced skills...]

Lin Chen suddenly consumed 1.9 million points of merit, and he and Bai Ruoyan simultaneously merged the practice memory of "Nine Heavy Burning Heaven Palm"!

If Shenyan Palace finds that she has given such important exercises to herself, even if she respects her status, she will inevitably be held accountable or punished.

Although Bai Ruoyan didn't care, Lin Chen couldn't do it.

He could not tolerate Sister Yan a little wronged.