My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1247

Vol 5 Chapter 1247: One Move One Palm

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"so amazing"

After a long retreat, Bai Ruoyan was amazed when she woke up!

The practice methods, methods, tips, tricks, and main points of "Nine Heavy Burning Heaven Palm" are all perfectly engraved into her memory! As if he was born to learn countless times, he can perfectly perform this exercise!

"Brother Lin Chen, you can help others to practice such quick and efficient exercises... this is a god-like method!"

Bai Ruoyan marveled.

If it is normal practice, even if she has the eternal flame, it will take about a year to complete the introductory practice of this practice.

This time Lin Chen directly saved her several years or even ten years of cultivation time!

Even more surprising is Lin Chen. If Sister Yan merges the memory of "Nine Heavy Burning Palms" to practice memory faster than all of his avatars combined, it will be integrated in two days!

Lin Chen had to lament the power of the "eternal flame"!

Lin Chen smiled-"Fortunately, this is not without a price. I can help others to integrate and practice memory very limited, and it needs a price."

"Then you are all right!"

Bai Ruoyan's serious worries, Xianxianyu pointed to untie his clothes.

The more things go beyond common sense, the greater the price often paid.

Peerless people hurriedly looked at Lin Chen's whole body, for fear that he would have three shorts and two longs.

"Yeah, it's really something, oh my god, it hurts like this, it's all swollen! This is not allowed next time, my sister will help you."

Tianxian's beautiful smile is like a scarlet scorch, and the charm of the gorgeous era is gradually thickened.

The graceful and beautiful Tianxian narrowed her eyes and smiled slowly.

Lin Chen's life is full of surprises, easy to move, live fairy, and a little air conditioning.


Central island!

Today is the second round of the draw for the alternate round.

Lin Chen was present, his hands were empty, his silver robe was embellished like a star, and the word "chen" left by a beautiful lady was rusted, wearing a feather crown, fresh and refined, his eyebrows were like swords, his nose was tall, and his gods were handsome and pretty. The son travels the charm of red dust.

"Although this guy is very upset, how can he feel that his temperament is getting more and more handsome, so annoying! I want to hit him!"

"I don't know which bad luck this time will draw him."

"It was a pity that he failed to see his true strength because of the last hole burst."

"What's the matter with Yang Wanli returning home to farm?"

"I heard that he knew he was lost by Lin Chen's blowhole, and he said what to do with a **** fist, and he dropped his bright light holy armor and left."

When many geniuses say it to me, the list of the sky scrolls again.

"If Sister Yan sewed the clothes for me, it would be comfortable, beautiful!"

When Lin Chen sighed, Han Yizhi smiled and pulled his clothes corner.

"Squad leader, the list is out, you are the first batch again."

Lin Chen seemed to see his opponent.

"In addition to the 1,000 genius list, the **** of the world, Lin Chen, against the genius list 51, Zhou TianhuaXiao Zhoutian."

When looking at Lin Chen's opponents, the many holy realm strong looks are extremely exciting!

I have to watch it!

Xiao Zhoutian is the top 100 in the genius list, which belongs to the level that can directly participate in the alternative competition without the need for alternative orders, let alone the ranking of 51!

This is a true seed player! Almost many forces are optimistic that Xiao Zhoutian will break out of the encirclement and become a new generation of demon list demon!

Lin Chen stepped into the third space door.

Xiao Zhoutian in the green shirt and robe had already waited for Lin Chen. He held a white paper fan in his hand.

"You are Lin Chen? I expect you to come up with stronger strength than before, otherwise I will be very disappointed. I am not Yang Wanli, ordinary little tricks can't beat my son."

After finishing the speech, Xiao Zhoutian closed the fan, his shoulders shook!

Bang ~!

The terrible Shengwei burst out of his 29 holy caves, and turned into thousands of feet of Yin and Yang Shenghuiblack and white, haunting Xiao Zhoutian's body, and his eyes turned into a black and white appearance, extremely mysterious !

In addition; he also refined five alien crystals! Sanyin and Eryang!

"29 holy caves, did this son also ascend this realm, really terrifying..."

Some old holy realms of the fifth and sixth grade families are full of dignity!

Those who can be on the list of geniuses are within two thousand years of age.

Sacred Realm cultivation, sometimes closed eyes and closed eyes, is tens of hundreds of years, for the Sacred Realm genius, two thousand years like mortal 20-year-old time.

It can reach 29 holy caves at this age, the real evildoer is undoubtedly! Looking at the current list of demon, Long Yijing and Xiao Jing and the lower ranked demon are only 30 holy caves.

When it was only in the top 30 today, there were 30 holy caves in full bloom!

Xiao Zhoutian's figure flickered, and immediately swept to Lin Chen's head!

"Zhou Tian's Creation Map!"

He urged the Yin-Yang dual-system anomaly, and sacrificed a vicissitudes of black and white catalogues, spreading Lin Chen's head rapidly expanded!

"Yin and Yang Shengli, suppress it!"

The catalogue is engraved with ancient Buddhas, ancient demon kings, and yin and yang twins, washing away the power of the yin and yang that is rolling like a river of heaven, and radiating thousands of rays of yin and yang holy light, and finally condensing a beam of holy light that penetrates the world and illuminates Lin Chens position!

"That's it?"

When Lin Chen smiled slightly, the pure spirits of the two heads were rising above the head!

Roar ~! Roar ~!

The two spirits roared the dragon with a roar. Long Xiao was like a sonic boom, and the roar shattered the Yin and Yang Holy Light!

Poof~! The Zhoutian chemical map of the second-grade sacristy, with a snorting fire, burned the flames!

Xiao Zhoutian, as the master of the holy weapon, was implicated for the first time, vomited against the blood, and shrank!

"Wh... what?"

Xiao Zhoutian's face was even more horrified. He found that the "flame" burning on the chemical map was condensed by pure spiritual force, and it could not be extinguished at all unless it was eliminated with mental force!

But his spiritual accomplishments have just advanced to the Holy Land!

At the moment when the second-grade sacrificial vessel and Zhoutian's fortune map were burned out of spirit, all the sacred caves of Lin Chen were injected into the fire system crystal!

Lin Chen raised his hands up to the sky!


The waves of fire turned upside down, burning a scorching breath like Lin Huang's five fingers, shot with a palm, as if even the Holy Spirit could be burned into nothingness!

Thousands of holy flames overturned the world, and a giant palm that burned the sky with the 6 billion dragon power that shakes the mainland plate, was ready to go, and the strength and the Holy Spirit exploded in an instant! Head to Xiao Zhoutian head-on!

Bang ~! boom!

Zhou Tian's chemical map burst in time, Xiao Zhoutian was blasted into the sky with a palm, blood spilled into the sky!

The fortune-telling attributed to the sky is scattered, and the ground is broken!


All geniuses took a breath!

One move, one palm! The seed-level genius of the alternate list, lose!

This **** ridiculously strong!

This is totally close to the top 10 of the genius list and even the strength of the demon list!

Qingxuzi stared at the battle light screen with his eyes!

"Then... that is the burning palm of my palace of flames?"

Qingxu unwillingly gave Bai Ruoyan a glance, the beautiful woman's eyes flashed in autumn, even if she was watching, her posture was elegant and dusty.

Qingxu can probably guess that Lin Chen used the burning palm, which is related to Bai Ruoyan.

But what he couldn't accept was why he could learn in such a short time? And the category used is more perfect than him, and the timing and offensive are almost flawless!

As if he had gone through a lot of hard work on this exercise!