My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1248

Vol 5 Chapter 1248: 3. Attributes Hurricane

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[Obtain 2000 points of the essence of the set, 10,000 points of rune energy, 300 million points of essence of war...]

Lin Chen took away all attribute light **** dropped by Xiao Zhoutian and the broken Zhoutian chemical map, and harvested a lot of essence of the suit!

"What kind of metaphysical exercises, his spiritual accomplishments are probably already in the middle of the Holy Land, and the spiritual exercises used are at least orange-level!"

"His spiritual power burned the characteristics of the second-grade sacrificial implement to the full, making it impossible for the spirituality of the sacrificial implement to autonomously protect the body, and then shattered with pure power and anti-sky palm!"

"Under normal circumstances, you want to break the second-grade sacrificial device as much as you can kill a holy realm triplet. If it is not a fortune map, now the Xiao Zhoutian kid is afraid that it will be broken into pieces!"

In the four islands, the old-fashioned six-ranked family of powerful family members glimpse the clue!

All the strong men who previously had doubts about Lin Chen all dispelled their worries at this moment!

"Second round of alternatives, Lin Chen, win!"

Shen Lao announced that Lin Chen slowly left the battle plane.

Lin Chen's eyes in the central island, no genius dare to stare at him!

Based on the battle between Lin Chen and Xiao Zhoutian, who is eligible to compete with him, perhaps only the top 10 of the genius list!

"This is the strength of the double consummation of the Holy Realm. I have twice the number of holy caves than the ordinary strong ones. The Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju is really a mysterious mystery."

Lin Chen's heart is increasingly looking forward to his strength when he enters a higher realm!

The general Holy Realm is double perfect, the Holy Power of 20 holy caves in bloom is equivalent to 3 billion dragon power, the one Holy Cave of the Double Holy Realm is equal to 200 million dragon power, the double perfection is 3 billion dragon power, and Lin Chen has one more Times, it is 6 billion dragon power!

With 6 billion dragons in the shell and 6 billion dragons in the divine power, Lin Chens current moves can suppress all kinds of holy realms in three ways!

"You are really a monster, I do not know how many times stronger than when I was in Phantom Dream Charm Dragon Clan!"

The woman's exclamation came and Lin Chen turned to look.

The beautiful lady has bright red hair, bears a sword, sings all over the country, and is awe-inspiring. There is indifference that refuses to be thousands of miles away from her eyebrows. When she saw Lin Chen, her indifference faded and she looked strange.

This woman is Jian Qingcheng.

"You are also very strong, you have rushed away 10 holy dens. This kind of cultivation speed, I am afraid that many geniuses can't beat horses."

When Lin Chen smiled, Jian Qingcheng rolled his eyes rarely.

"Come on, I was eliminated in the second round. Compared with you, I cant even catch up with you. Even if the Holy Realm is completed, it will explode 10 Holy Caverns, and it will directly cross to the Holy Realm. You dont know how many saints the weather has gone..."

The two talked and laughed, and several sword domains in the four islands were able to smile and smile. Although they are not arranged by them, they are eager to have a better relationship between Jian Qingcheng and Lin Chen.

Suddenly, Lin Chen turned his head suddenly, and there was a lingering chill and a sense of crisis in his heart.

There was a faint reaction in the palm of his hand!

"There are signs of demon qi in the boundary tower? There are so many human races here, which demon dare to mix in here?"

But see, among the geniuses in the list of geniuses on Central Island, a teenager with a pale white paper grinned evilly and stared at himself.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. He seemed to have seen this person before, when he was in the Tomb of the Holy King!

"Brother Lin Chen, your request from Mr. Shen has been completed."

At this time, Bai Ruoyan sent a voice across the air, Lin Chen was pleased and temporarily withdrew all conjectures.

"Improve strength, it doesn't matter what he comes up with or what his idea is."

Lin Chen flew into the sky and went to the four islands in the southeast, northwest, and third floors of the boundary tower.

Next, Lin Chen met some powerful saints in the four islands!

Even the super saints of Qipin family have met several of them!

These saints, Lin Chen can't see through their cultivation behavior completely, and conservative estimates are also above the sixth level in the Holy Realm! Really powerful characters!

Lin Chen actually steals attributes in the name of meeting.

And as Lin Chen's strength improved, some saints who were cultivated lower than Lin Chen's stolen attribute values were very limited.

There are too many saints on the third floor of this world tower, and not all of them can use the harbinger of thieves once. The talent points are not enough. Lin Chen only picks up the holy realm of the strong to launch the talent.

Time passed, and within three days, Lin Chen's attribute value skyrocketed all the way, but the bottleneck of the 21 Holy Caves had not yet ushered in a breakthrough opportunity.

Lin Chens opponent in the third round was worse than Xiao Zhoutian, and he surrendered as soon as he entered the battle.

If you win three consecutive rounds in the alternate game, you can truly stand out, become a candidate evil, and get most of the rights and qualifications equivalent to the evil evil list, and get the qualification to challenge the evil evil list!

In the East Island Palace, Bai Ruoyan personally protects Lin Chen.

Before practicing, Lin Chen still wanted to consume the essence of the practice method to achieve "heart consummation" for Bai Ruoyan, but the system showed the result of "failure".

Bai Ruoyan's "Shenyan Heart Sutra" requires the sacrifice of various types of skyfire, holy flame, and condensed "Shenyan", which is different from the ordinary combat skills.

In the secret room; Lin Chen entered the state of submerged repair, he sat in the void, the whole secret room was shining, the energy fluctuated like a mountain and sea prison!

Nine groups of glories hung in the void, clouds steamed Xia Wei, and visions appeared. Or like a hurricane eye, or seemingly infinite darkness, or aurora shining, or multitude of trees, like a wooden sea dragon, or thunder and lightning, and one side is thundering.

This is actually nine inferior crystals!

One Thunder System, One Fire System, One Wood System, Double Wind System, Double Dark System and Double Dark System!

Lin Chen and Dragon Clan Power traded seven inferior crystals, as well as the thunder crystals cultivated by Lei Teng, plus Bai Ruoyan, who learned that he was going to refine the crystals, and also gave him a low-grade fire crystal. crystal!

Bang ~!

Twenty holy caves of Lin Chen burst into horror suction, and the colorful aurora was included in Lin Chen's body!

If ordinary saints see this scene, I'm afraid their jaws will be shocked!

Lin Chen was refining nine abnormal crystals at the same time? This is also a variety of different crystals, and there is a risk of the Holy Cave exploding and instantly dying!

Nine alien crystals entered the body, Lin Chen urged "Taiyi Time and Space", 40 hexagonal star-like stars moved around like a sky, the Taiyi holy cave and the body holy cave enveloped the nine alien crystals, and began to integrate into the holy cave without burden in!

After two hours; the system's optical screen flicks!

[The host refines 2 inferior dark crystals, gaining 160,000 advanced dark energy...]

[The host refines 2 inferior light system crystals and gains 150,000 points of advanced light system energy...]

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's momentum has skyrocketed, and his strength has reached a new level!

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sacred Realm Double Perfection (20 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 516.6 billion points

Ultimate strength: 6 billion dragon power (carcass awakening +100%)-advanced blood: 366.5 billion points

Advanced spirit: 499 million points (in the middle of the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 2.99 million points-advanced rune energy: 3.95 million points-intermediate sky value: 2.95 million points.

Intermediate talent point: 1.45 million points-suit essence: 3.95 million points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 1.02 billion points

Advanced elemental energy: 2.7 million points in the fire system, 2.15 million points in the soil system, 1.99 million points in the wood system, 2.33 million points in the gold system, 2.41 million points in the water system, 2.35 million points in the thunder system, 2.31 million points in the wind system, and 2.46 million points in the light system , Dark Department 2.52 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding partsUltimate right armorUltimate left leg armor.

Bloodline status bar: +12 Purple Golden Eye, +15 Hongyan Holy Phoenix (Sixth Grade Intermediate), +15 Extreme Prison Water Dragon (Eight Grade Intermediate), Strengthen +150,000 Ancient Qingtian Dragon (Eight Grade Intermediate), Enhancement +13 Yinyang Yanghua Dragon (Eight Grade Intermediate) , Taixi Ancient Dragon Bloodline (35 points), Taizhou Ancient Dragon (70 points).

Qigong status bar (whether open)-life awakening bar (whether open

Active talent bar (whether it is open)-passive talent bar: double cultivation of acacia, assault, tearing, (orange level) super chaos, (orange level) extreme **** possession fragment (3/4)

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)-talent combination skills (whether open)]