My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1250

Vol 5 Chapter 1250: World War I

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That's right, it's a terrible thing for a person in the same level to face two enemies!

What kind of character is the Peerless Demon of the Monster List? Born in six grades, luck covers the sky, has endured endless tribulations, talent is unique, and the ace of the killer is endless. The high talent is the most special group of geniuses in the Holy Realm!

Such a character singled out two? This is not as simple as one plus one equals two!

Summarize the special characteristics of the enchanted list in two sentences; in the Holy Realm, there is no such terrifying gap that can triple the Holy Realm from the Holy Realm, but the Enchanted List can!

In the Holy Realm, any hole-expanding multiplier cannot exceed the first point-expanding multiple, but the demon list can!

On the list of evil spirits, everyone contains the energy and heritage of the sky!

What's more, Lin Chen is not at the same level as them, he still challenges the two!

Seeing Shen Lao's serious attitude, Lin Chen woke up like a dream and clapped his hands violently!

"Shen Lao is right! I shouldn't be like this. The coach always asks for fairness, fairness, and **** fairness!"

Hearing Lin Chen's words, Han Yizhi suddenly swelled slightly in his face, remembering something happy, and smirked.

"I feel now that a dozen or two is very unfair to these two people!"

Lin's serious and honest words.

Everyone: "?"

No, who did you learn from'fairness'...

Did someone in Lin step up one and two, and it was unfair to both of them? It's poisonous!

"You!" Lin Chen pointed in the direction of Dongdao, pointing to the sky, pointing straight at Qingxu!

"That kid with a kidney deficiency, you come up too. I don't like to grind the chirp. It's too unfair to fight a dozen. Let's go three together."

Someone Lins cloudless breezy laughter made the four islands suddenly fall into a strange silence!

The quiet atmosphere is a bit weird, and the needle drop is audible!

"Well, I did not hear anything wrong... This is a three-for-three is what he said is fair? Well, I want to know if I am crazy or Lin Chen is crazy?"

"Senior, what is fairness?"

"You ask him to go! Ask me to dry hair! This is the first time I have seen this fair!"

"One hit two is not enough? His mother wants to hit three?"

"Crazy! It must be crazy!"

Many powerful men were dumbfounded, and their faces were ashamed!

It's ridiculous to hit two, but how about three of those damned?

The most terrible thing is that Qingxu son became famous earlier, his strength far exceeds Long Yijing and Xiao Jing, and the latter two are not at the same level!

According to the regulations, the Qingxu son does not participate in this alternative challenge, he will appear so far, all because of Bai Ruoyan. The rules are even less likely to make today's demon alternatives to challenge an old demon wizard!

West Island, inside the VIP Palace.

"In this battle, unless this Lin Chen kid is really crazy to find death or has another strange move, it is absolutely impossible to win in a normal fight. No matter how powerful the skills are, it is impossible to overstep the game so outrageously. "

A giant engine of Qipin family said.

The beautiful woman in a pink dress from the Qipin sect's "Shadow Temple" nodded her approval. Although she was still optimistic about Lin Chen, she still had a solemn way.

"The Mo Qingxu of Shenyan Palace, this son became famous as early as more than 2,000 years ago, and he appeared on the list of demon sinners. Today, 31 holy caves are in full bloom, and they are listed in the fourfold of the holy land!

"I heard that this child's first time to expand the hole is 18 times!"


Hearing what the two great men said, many young holy geniuses took a breath!

18 times, the current demon!

The general enchanting list, the first time to expand the hole is only 15 to 16 times!

"The two mighty, if the younger generation remembers correctly, double the expansion of the cave realm is based on the triple holy cave of the holy realm, which is equal to 500 million dragon power. The expansion of the Qingxu son 18 times is an increase Its a holy spirit comparable to 9 billion dragon power, right?"

A young man in a blue shirt is brave enough to ask the peach skirt beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman nodded and said-"Yes, that's right. The most straightforward view is that the foundation of 30 holy caves is 8 billion dragon power + 9 billion dragon power at a time. Even if Mo Qingxuan does not use kung fu skills, The saint force that you can do easily can also exert the destructive power comparable to 14 billion dragons to 17 billion dragons!"

The genius shuddered at the corners of his mouth!

It's so perverted!

From the first practice of the Holy Realm to the triple fulfillment, they bloomed 30 Holy Caves, and the Holy Spirit they gained was only comparable to the destructive power of 8 billion Dragon Power.

And the enchanting list expands the hole, and the total amount of holy energy obtained by one holy hole exceeds the previous thirty holy holes!

No wonder all the monsters are all treasures!

The Holy Realm clearly prohibits the death or killing or killing of the people in the monster list, they really deserve this name!

Who can become a saint, which is not a genius among the world's millions? It is common that the sage's hole expansion is about 3 to 5 times, and it can completely crush the triple of the Holy Realm, let alone 18 times!

If the enchanting list does not expand the hole, the one expanding the hole will be a real dragon flying, unstoppable!

Mo Qingxu seems to have only one more holy acupuncture point, and even Xiao Jing and Long Yijing joined forces, it is impossible to be Mo Qingxu's opponent. The only possibility is that one of the two will also be promoted to the holy realm quadruple territory!

In the face of such a lineup, a dozen or three, this Lin Chen is either crazy, or has a strange move!

"Perhaps there is only one possibility." Another Qipin family was able to speak, thoughtfully: "This is the son who took out the strength of the sacred mountain range and killed the four cards of the Holy Land!"

"Only by this possibility, don't say that Lin Chen is now 20 sacred points, even if he is 30 sacred points, this seat does not believe that he can challenge these three."

The beautiful woman in the peach skirt nodded, her eyes exuding a hint of excitement!

On the central island, Mo Qing flew to the sky, and a sneer scorned to the extreme in the corner of his mouth!

"Lin Chen, do you want to hit three Li Wei? You live in a dream!"

"Good-looking, good luck. Maybe, this handsome man's dream come true?"

Lin Chen smiled slightly, and was not at all frightened in the center of the gas field of the three evils!

Only Shen Lao, who gave Lin Chen a deep look, seemed to see through all his secrets.

"The three of you can accept the challenge? According to the regulations, Lin Chen did not violate the rules."

Shen Lao looked at the three major evils, the three were pretentious, and the reckless appearance was exactly the same!

Shen Lao's hands were sealed, and the Holy Light was sweeping across the four islands. A five-finger slap in the void, tearing apart a thousand-foot space crack. The space crack is a desert world, deserted and solitary smoke, and yellow sand raging.

"This is the Damoshatian plane, a fighting space collected by the old man. This time, the old man will personally check the battle. The rules of the battle are very simple. If one of the parties can no longer fight or surrender, the battle is terminated."

Many old monsters were shocked, and Mr. Shen planned to personally guard this battle!

Old Lao Shen looked at the four people, Xiao Jing of the Absolute God Gate took the lead, took a sword, flew into the air, and straightened into a peerless sword light of three thousand miles, flashing into the cracks of space!

Long Yijing stepped on an Optimus Thunderbolt and roared in.

Mo Qingxu's white clothes were dusty and awe-inspiring, arrogant and cold, his body transformed into a beam of space and escaped into the void!

Lin Chen relaxed freehand, walked slowly, step by step into the desert plane.

brush! brush! brush!

Hundreds of light screens appeared above the four islands, and everyone looked forward to it, and the geniuses held their breath!

This battle may be the battle of the ancients!