My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1251

Vol 5 Chapter 1251: The Offensive Is Reversed And The Evil Demon List

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Time, back to three days ago.

Boundary Tower, fifth floor!

A special secret room with millions of space symbols and disillusionment is undergoing secret talks!

Hundreds of people gathered in the closet. Here gathers the leaders of the Sixth Rank forces from all sides of the Cangyu region, and the powerful people of the Seventh Rank family.

Each breath is strong enough to collapse and fall, and the world is subverted at the fingertips. In a single thought, it can dominate hundreds of millions of souls, all great people!

Originally, they just wanted to come to quietly visit the qualifiers of their juniors.

But today, there was an earth-shattering event that brought them all together!

This matter is extremely involved. And it has alarmed the high-level sect or above in the 36 domains of the Holy Domain!

"It's all here, everyone seems to value this time."

The handsome man in the blue shirt is out of the dust, and his fingers overlap his cheeks. This man is a generation of sovereigns of the seven-pin giant forces, Ying Taotian!

Ying Tao Tiangui is the Seventh Grade Sovereign, and is very close to him, but at the moment he looks dignified!

Ying Taotian said very seriously.

"This time we are going to discuss the matter of Gil Ying Bang Bang."

He spread out his jade jade palms, set the table, and then said-"Dragon race, after all, a talented man appeared."

Powerful people from all walks of life looked at each other one by one. Although they were speechless, the shock in their eyes had already explained everything!

The secular third-grade and fourth-grade sects of the Holy Realm are not qualified to learn the information at this level in the first place.

However, their six-grade power and seven-grade giant engine, intelligence means can be described as heaven, the news of the thirty-six domains and even the great wildness, they can receive the wind for the first time!

Not long ago, they received the news that the Great Dragon Wanlong Club has appeared the new King of Dragons!

If in the past, they would watch out for the new King of Dragons at most. Based on the human race, one or two'kings of dragons' can't shake their foundation!

But this new king of dragons is enough to make them wake up the twelve alarm!

"According to our latest information, this young dragon clan is of unknown origin and is suspected of descending from the descendants of the Taikoo Dragon clan, and is wearing a silver dragon mask. This is a portrait of him who has turned into a humanoid."

Ying Taotian launched an ink painting with a fine and engraving of a handsome, wild and domineering face, wickedness, and coldness. He glanced at the leopard from the pipe in the painting. This person must be the hegemon of the world!

Powerful people from all walks of life suffocated slightly, which is exactly the same as the information they obtained. Ying Taotian even got his portraits!

Ying Taotian said again-"The people of this sect have sent back a message from the Qinglong tribe. This dragon has participated in the Wanlong Association in the name of the Qinglong King. It is a multi-blooded dragon tribe. It is a real dragon phoenix with a real Yan Yan. Phoenix, Qinglong, Yinglong bloodlines."

Speaking of this, another middle-aged man with a sapphire sword slowly spoke.

"This dragon has a variable. The variable lies in his ability to perfectly control the transformation of multiple bloodlines. It is known that his blue dragon and Yinglong bloodlines have been baptized with dragon qi and transformed into the bloodlines of the descendants of the ancient dragon and the dragon.

Another white-haired old man shivered.

"This is not the most terrible. What is terrible is that he has spawned a new blood line, the blood line of the Yin and Yang and the dragon, and the blood line of the three dragons and the Phoenix!"

"And according to the combat intelligence at the Wanlong meeting, he does not have any combat load, that is, holding four bloodlines is not his limit!"

The beautiful woman in the pink dress has a twinkling eyes, Sheng Mang, with a solemn tone.

"What if he spawns more bloodlines in the future? Or, after being trained by the Taiko Dragons, he can continue to transform into higher bloodline talents, and a real world-destroying dragon will be born by then!"

"Although there are still a group of desolate ancient dragons, the possibility of this dragon bloodline surpassing them is very small, but it does not mean that there is no one. There is only one turning point now. It is rumored that the person of the demon clan appeared again and will be in the Wanlong meeting. The dragon forcibly swept away, but it did not seem to hurt him."

As soon as the devil's name came out, the atmosphere became particularly strange and quiet.

Ying Taotian tapped on the table with his fingertips, and then said after a while.

"No matter what, we can't let go of this matter. The first priority now is to find him before the dragon clan finds him! Even if this matter involves the devil clan intervening, we can't just stand by and watch where Wanlong is found. The whereabouts of the King, it is up to me to wait and decide!"


Three days later, East Island.

"Goddess, don't you really stop the little friend Lin Chen. Although his potential is strong, you can know the professed disciples of the 17 elders who belong to Xu, and his strength, you should be very clear..."

In the palace, the dim fire was extinguished, and a hoarse voice was transmitted by Bai Ruoyan.

"Grandma Yu, let's see." Bai Ruoyan smiled slightly, his style was peerless.

"He has never been disappointing."


Within the plane of the battle; the yellow sand is rolling, and the sandstorm is raging.

Many geniuses even stopped the challenge once, and no one wants to miss this battle!

Xiao Jing was wearing a three-footed red sword, without a sheath or a magnificence. In a snow-white robe, his hands clasped his chest, the holy glow in the 30 holy caves shone, and there was a roulette-like sword light spinning behind him, like a round of a new moon.

Long Yijing thundered in full body, feathered crested shirt, a gentle viciousness in the Wen Wen Ru Ya!

Mo Qing's imaginary face is like a crown jade, and the handsome and free are full of extraordinary auras, holding the chest with both hands, and sneering at the corner of the mouth with cats and mice.

Bang ~!

The sand rolls through the sky, and the power of the battle skyrockets at the same time!

The three evils do not intend to join forces and fight each other!

"Lin Chen, see clearly the gap between yourself and the enchanted list, go back and practice for another thousand years and challenge the son!"

Xiao Jing laughed arrogantly, pulling out his sword, and there was frost all over the world. Eight brilliant crystals were shining brightly, three feet of green fronts were swaying, and the sword gas was three thousand miles!

The chill dropped suddenly, and the goose feathers and snow were floating in the desert. Xiao Jing's sword came to the west, and there was snow in the world!

Long Yijing's five-finger horizontal claws, 30 sacred holes soaring in power, the right arm bursts with lightning, the fingertips burst into thunder, and a thunder shadow kills his claws and grinds to Lin Chen! Wherever I went, the void exploded again and again!

Mo Qingxu didn't even plan to shoot, and embraced his chest with both hands, waiting to see how Lin Chen was hit.

The three evil spirits are not afraid of Lin Chens cards when they burst into the sacred mountain range. They also have their own killer skills. There is no point to shock the world. How can they be called Wizards Wizards!

Lin Chen evil smile.

"You don't know, who created the dark horse club. Today, three of you, no one wants to get out of here!"

While everyone is looking forward to whether they will come up with the cards they once buried in the Holy Mountains-

Tear ~! Bang ~!

The desert winds and clouds suddenly change, the flake-like blade of light flashes out, the bright moonlight chops off the awn, the flaming sword rainbow, the feathers and the scattered arrow light are born, as the mountains and rivers run across!

boom! boom! boom!

The onslaught of Long Yijing and Xiao Jing!

Everyone suffocated!

Some genius pupils tremble!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Several white light dragon shadows shuttled like a **** light, and instantly killed three people!


Long Yijing pulls the thunder sword around his waist, cuts diagonally across the sky, and the sound of the clang blocks the flying sword's sharp edge!

The crystal wall of the space is cracked, the straight sword light is shot from the top of the three people, and the arrow light of the wind and thunder shadow passes through!

Bang ~! The vast gray and white runes exploded out of thin air!

Sigh~! Another raging flame of the handprints took the picture!

In an instant, the three great evils fell into a terrifying offensive, and everyone watching the battle instantly numb!

Isnt this a dozen or three? How did the three major evils be besieged instantly!