My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1252

Vol 5 Chapter 1252: 3. The Combat Power Bursts And The Strongest One In History Is One Of Three

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At the moment when the rune bursts slowly, the three great evildoers only fall asleep and fall into the vortex of siege offensive!

Xiao Jingji pulled the red sword, beheaded the layers of sword shadows, and broke through the shackles of the slow runes.

Long Yijing's sword attracted nine days of thunder, each sword came into the world like Thor, raging sand, and thunderstorm desert! Crush the angry flame sword rainbow!

Even Mo Qingxu was forced to shoot, even with his fingertips, a beam of Shenghui's light flickered like a polar star, tearing off many offensive offensives.

The two sides played against each other, and many powerful people could vaguely capture more figures!


A devastating storm blew up, the two sides retreated, each party according to one side.

Standing still, the three of them looked slightly moved as they looked around!

This scene in front of me is extremely shocking. All seven Lin Chens, either holding swords and swords, holding guns and bows, or handprints, are ready to launch a violent offensive at any time!

These seven Linchens are as strong as they are!

At most, the type of combat skills used is different, but the essence is exactly the same, and the body is undoubtedly difficult to distinguish between true and false!

"Interestingly, this is your shouting capital?"

Mo Qingxu's eyebrows flickered, his tone frivolous, but his expression took away his previous contempt!

"My capital? This is the beginning! The kidney-deficiency son of Shenyan Palace, you may not see the sea when you see the mountain, I will start from you, let all the people of Shenyan Palace know, Bai Ruoyan, who is the woman!"

Lin Chen is completely free of previous cynicism, and the eyebrows are full of domineering and enthusiasm, which shocks the heroes!

After the battle of the Wanlong Association, Lin Chen killed countless enemies, just like the temperament of the king of Wanlong!

"The frog at the bottom of the well, how do you deserve to be a goddess! Your son will destroy you today!"

Mo Qingxu pulled up a crimson trident, spurred violently, and the 12 alien crystals in his body were shining like stars, and a round of red crystals in the center were like a sun wheel!

Some strong-eyed strong people are shocked, Shenyan Gong is really a big deal, this Mo Qingxu has refined a Chinese crystal!

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen and all the avatars were shocked, and the body and each avatar exploded with 17 brilliant stars of brilliance!

The strong players who watched the battle shuddered--

17 inferior crystals!

Are you still personal?

Golden wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, light, dark, and nine attributes are all available!

The number of this crystal is almost catching up with the number of his holy cave! How did he refine so many different crystals with different attributes without dying out of the hole?

Wizards as strong as the monster list, the number of alien crystals under control before expanding into the cave area is also less than 10!

"Destroy the Halberd Fire Thousand Blades!"

Mo Qingxu shattered the stone with one shot, Crimson Trident pierced the flames of the sky, and torn the space to Lin Chen, all over the sky!

"True Dragon DanceReverse!"

Lin Chen's pure strength burst, his hands fluttered the ghost phoenix gun, the gun shadows flashed into the dragon, and the heavy dragon shadows like the dragons covered the sky and danced.

clang! clang! clang!

Each spear shadow dragon spirit is divided into five, and it is twisted into a flame with a trident bursting into a flame, bursting with sparks and bursting into the sky!

Xiao Jing and Long Yijing never stopped, and when Lin Chen and Mo Qingxu met, the two stepped on the body and rushed up, and Lin Chen's avatars launched their actions in an instant!

"Heaven thunders!"

Lin Chen thought, launched the only blue-top top nirvana, heavenly thunder!

Sigh~! boom!

The sky thundered, and the anger burst into the sky! Tens of thousands of purple thunderclouds exploded out of thin air, bursting into the earth-shaking power, covering the three evils!

Long Yijing seemed acquainted, his face slightly changed!

boom! boom! boom!

In their respective thunderclouds, the three purple thunders carry a strong atmosphere of destruction, such as a giant python skimming over, and slashing towards the three evils!

The power of Zilei is enough to shake the fourfold of the Holy Land!

"Be careful, this is his strange attack that cannot be avoided!"

Long Yijing shot the waist laser mirror, and the lightning mirror magnified in time, becoming huge, like a wind wheel surrounding Long Yijing! With a snort, the thunder mirror blocked the thunder strike in front!

There were eight dragon shadows flying in front of Xiao Jing's chest. Each dragon shadow had tens of thousands of body enhancements, and the sword dragon sheltered Xiao Jing. When the thunder struck, it disappeared!

Only Mo Qingxu gave a glimpse of the sky, and tore Zi Lei tore apart!

There are sword dragon shelters, lightning mirror body protection. Lin Chen's top-ranked bluelist offensive skills offensive was stopped by all!

And the actions of the two great evils are completely unaffected, and the action is free to kill Lin Chen, and the avatar fights together, as if the two life-saving sacred objects on his body will protect them spiritually!

With Lin Chen's current background, the one-on-one enchanted list is on the list. With the opponent's enchanted firepower fully open, the killer skills are endless.

But if two avatars play against a demon, they can suppress them steadily!

"It's the Eight Treasure Sword Dragon Box and Lei Jun's goggles in the Palace of Divine Flame!"

The strong exclaimed.

"It's terrible, and as soon as he came up, he forced out both of their life-saving cards!"

It is possible to force out both the evil wizards of the two evil rankings and the life-saving killer skills. In some ways, Lin Chen has won, because this is the premise of picking two!

"The key is to look at Mo Qingxu and fail to win this person. The victory in this battle will never come!"


Bang ~! Lin Chen and the avatar rushed up again, Lin Chen, with World War II, one bow, left and right way, he and Mo Qing fought together!

The three men fought fiercely, one knife and one halberd, the halberd split the gun and picked the knife, the halberd waved the halberd, the three afterimages crisscrossed from the void, the halberd blade and the gunpoint did not know how many times they collided!

The heavens were thundering and thunderous, and they continued to split the thunder of the destruction of the stars, forcing Mo Qingxu to have Fengshen to deal with the bombardment of the nirvana, and the battle was distracting.

This scene seems a little shocking!

Lin Chen actually killed Mo Qingxu head on!

Sacred Realm's double consummation of the evil spirits, Lin Chen's battle against the old demon wizards, Mo Qing's four-fold Sacred Realm's virtual battle, how much does it taste equally?

Sacred Realm: Double Overstep Order and Sacred Realm: Fourfold? This is still the four-fold enchanted list of Holy Realm!

At least at the level of Liupin family, I have never heard of such a thing! It is no exaggeration to call it the most terrifying leapfrog challenge in history!

Lin Chen's various mysterious methods, and the orange halberd method he received, made Mo Qingxu's expression more condensed.

Previously, but the orange-level low-level halberd that he was good at was actually perfectly blocked by this front?

Although there is a taste of pure power blessing, what can he do! Cultivation is completely incomparable with himself, this shot technique is even stronger than him!

There is a big gap between Lin Chen and Mo Qingxu, but he has 6 billion dragon power pure strength, 17 inferior crystals, double sacred acupuncture points and high-enhancement orange-level exercises, combined with an avatar and the whole instant. It is impossible to suppress him by light splitting, but it is okay to stop his attack!

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chenhe and the avatar turned into a stream of light, fighting with Mo Qingxu from the sky to the desert, and then from the bottom of the desert to the sky, wherever they passed, the sky turned upside down, the desert sand flew into the sky, and collapsed and collapsed!

Xiao Jing and Long Yijing, under the desperate siege of Lin Chen's other five avatars, showed signs of falling into the wind for the first time!

The geniuses were trembling...

It's really a dozen or three! There is no doubt that Lin Chen's strength has surpassed the general Wizards Wizards!

However, after hundreds of rounds of fierce fighting between the two sides, Mo Qingxu seemed to understand Lin Chen's details and raised his lips, sneering.

"Lin Chen, that's it?"