My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1253

Vol 5 Chapter 1253: Tremendous Collision

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Mo Qingxu said with a sneer: "Just this? Lin Chen, wait for this group of thunderclouds to disappear, the son wants to suppress you easily!"

Lin Chen grinned.

"Yes, super chaotic!"


Lin Chen snapped his fingers, and the holy points in the three evil spirits began to turmoil and chaos!

[Activate the triggered super chaotic talent 6 times, the enemy has entered a chaotic state, duration: 60 seconds.

"What the hell?"

"My holy cave actually closed on its own?"

When Long Yijing and Xiao Jing were horrified in unison, the offensive offensive immediately skyrocketed, Jumei Flying Sword, Sword Fury Qingtian, Jiguang Film Feather, Oblivion, and continued to show out, the two evils first fell into the wind!

Mo Qingxu was standing still, but he was able to stabilize the situation even if he fell into the "super chaotic" state with the fourfold Holy Land!

"However, today, I will let you see the details of My Palace of Flames!"

Mo Qingxu's hands were shocked, and two fire dragons swooped out of the palm of his hand. This palm blessed the power of all the fire system's crystals and the sacred gas of the whole body!

"The Qingxu son even made the blood sacrifice Yanlong..."

Inside the East Island Palace; a beautiful maid in surprise was secretly surprised. This is one of the most powerful moves of the Divine Orange Order in Shenyang Palace! Dragon

The fire dragon stirred the wind and the clouds, and the dragon hit the thunder cloud and broke the thunder.

A dragon submarine air attacked Lin Chen, Longyan was billowing, burning all over Qianye, the desert yellow sand was ignited and burned, and the entire desert plane instantly turned into hot yellow sand, burning flames!

"True Dragon's Edge!"

Lin Chen danced the ghost phoenix gun, the golden sacred gas was urged to the extreme, the gun tip was decorated with a touch of Gengjin Saint Mansions, and a thorn, Geng Jin Fengmang morphed into a dragon teeth thorn bite, divided into five, and the front was completely hit by Mo Qing Virtual!

Sigh~! boom!

The edge of the dragon penetrated the fire dragon, and the burning sand exploded into the sky of flames and storms. Lin Chen was shocked to retreat hundreds of steps, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding.

Huo Kejin, the attributes are restrained, his "True Dragon Dance" was completely restrained by the other party!

Bang ~! Mo Qing's imaginary line has the power, the foot fire dragon is rolling, and the spirit is extraordinary, as if Lin Chen will be captured and suppressed!

The corner of Lin Chen's bleeding mouth rose slightly.

"You're fooled, little brother, at this distance, let you know what is the tears of God's Tears."

Suddenly, Mo Qingxu's mind flashed a sense of crisis inexplicably!

The avatar in the state of Tianyin Runes temptation suddenly draws his sword!

Choke~! The blade is about to split the desert sky and the space plane!

Poof~! Tear ~! !

When the ultimate sonic boom screamed, the five crazy rotating aurora knives were twisted, and the knives were like Changhong, dazzling, like Tianhe flipping, and they were slashing towards Mo Qingxu!

"Quick knife!"

Mo Qing's retreat is irreversible, the foot pedals, the fire dragon swings like an arm, reverses upwards, vomits the dragon's breath head-on, and blocks five aurora sword qi!

Bang Bang Bang!

When Mo Qingxu's pupils were trembling, the five aurora knives actually blasted within a hundred miles of him, and the power of the knives soared, exploding into countless pieces of knife gas!

Hundreds of thousands of sword gas fragments are like broken jade, like the hole in the center of the storm, and the momentum swept by the storm swallowed Mo Qingxu!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

Sword gas fragments fell like a mountain torrent, like a space storm in the world, Mo Qingxu was instantly twisted, and jade-like blade gas fragments constantly slammed Mo Qingxu's "blood sacrifice dragon"!

What's even more terrifying is that the blades of knife gas are mixed with the sharp edge of the dragon's strength and the impact of the broken spirit, which makes Mo Qing's defense undefeated!

It can't resist the destructive power brought by the sharpness of the sword and the pure power, and it can't prevent the horrible spirit sword fragments!

With an explosion, Mo Qingxu's blood-sacrifice Yanlong was shattered alive!


This knife made countless old veterans Sword Saint move!

Too evil!

This knife, directly attacking the Eucharist, the spirit, the sacred qi repair behavior, the blade qi is shattered, it is invincible, the power and timing, and the application of the knife method have become perfect!

Click~ The defense of the Holy Qi broke down, and Mo Qingxu was strangled by dozens of pieces of Dragon Force Sword Qi, revealing his injuries since the war for the first time, with injuries to his arms, chest, and knife marks.

"Tear of Tears" is already an enhancement level of +15, coupled with Lin Chen's spiritual realm, flesh shell strength, and divine power cultivation, with all aspects of qualitative changes, this knife is almost Lin Chen's strongest group of attacks at this stage, The unexpected surprise effect is also a must!

boom! boom!

The space roared, Mo Qing's virtual foot stepped on the blossoming flame lotus, and for a thousand miles, he rushed away the follow-up bombardment aftermath of'Tears of God'.

All genius pupils tremble, this is actually an orange step body method?

The background of the Shenyan Palace is really abnormal!

A wave of waves is rising again; the sky is torn apart, a huge crack is cracked, a huge flame palm covers the eight wildernesses, a four-fold firemark is circulated, and the blazing waves are rolled up, and it is blasted down at the top of Lin Chen's head!

The geniuses who practiced the fire system exercises on the spot all felt ashamed in a flash!

This palm can be burned for nine days and ten places!

It is also a kind of sacred flame palace, the nine-fold burning palm!

And this is the "four-fold burning sky" that is cultivated to success. It is displayed by the power of 14 fire-type crystals. The ordinary holy realm is likely to fall on the spot if faced with this palm in the middle of the fourfold. !

Mo Qing is deserved to be a veteran demon, breaking through his opponent's offensive while already brewing a second move to learn!

"Slow rune!"

brush! brush! brush!

Another round of slow runes descended from the sky. This time Lin Chen directly consumed 300,000 rune energy, sealed the devil town ghost, condensed thousands of miles of space, and the power of the flame giant palm was reduced by a few points!

"It's not just you who can!"

Lin Chen's majestic laughter, the fighting spirit was high, and the power of the fire crystal was urged. The left hand ignited the five-fold fire mark, and the burning destruction of the burning sky burst into the sky!

Bang ~!

Another piece of burning palm was born! It can be argued that the obvious power of Mo Qingxu is ten times more powerful,

Buzz~! Lin Chen's five-fold burning palm is divided into five. If the quality is not enough, use quantity to shake!

boom! boom!

Tens of thousands of flame tornadoes exploded into the desert and spread all the time. Lin Chen's Burning Sky Palm was broken head-on!

Although Lin Chen's "Five-fold Burning Palm of Heaven" has high realm and accomplishments, it has been strengthened to +12 and "Blink of Instant Light" blessings, but the former has 11 fire crystals!

Mo Qingxu's crimson flame giant broke through the offensive and continued to suppress Lin Chen!

"Fanlong Tianyin!"

For nine days, a dragon screamed, Lin Chen's doppelganger coiled four heads of burning dragons!

Burning Dragon burst out a dragon yin, sound waves were like substance, penetrating the giant palm of flame across the sky, actually shattered Mo Qingxu's burning heaven palm!

boom! boom! boom! The flame palm burst and burst!

Lin Chen and the avatar took turns in battle, recruiting high-strength orange-level exercises, that is, hard fight!


Long Yin entered his brain, Mo Qing's imaginary body retreated, his face pale.

His mental awareness came from the hot "burning sensation"! The spirit was "burned"?

The trick of this kid is stranger than tricks!

In this tremendous battle, everyone who watched the battle was numb!

The outside world's Zhenzong and the ancient Peer-to-Peer Orange Order exercises are like the hands of these people! Every move is also used to the extreme, so powerfully abnormal!