My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1254

Vol 5 Chapter 1254: Draw? ?

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"Extremely Thunderous!"

The glory of the eight thunder crystals in the Longyi crystal skyrocketed, and the sword cut through the eight wastelands, and the sword cut out the thunderous shadow. Where thunderlight passed, there was a space for absorbing evil spirits, and a sword cut down dozens of voids. The stalk of the flying sword and the burning palm!

"There is snow all over the world!"

The phantom shadow behind Xiao Jing pulled up his sword, and the eight-treasure sword dragon box shielded him from the attack of the nirvana.

Bang ~!

Xiao Jing's offensive to smash Lin Chen's two avatars with a sword, and when he was about to make another sword, the space behind him entangled a burning dragon with spiritual strength and roared!


The dragon roar changed into five, as the five-acoustic storm destroyed and withered, Xiao Jing and Long Yijing shook back and forth at the same time, his face pale and his spirit burned!

"Damn, this violent sense of burning spirit, why can't heal..."

Xiao Jing and Long Yijing looked at each other and saw each other's shock.

At this time, Thunder Clouds dissipated, Lin Chen's top-ranked Blue Skills began to dissipate!

The two men resisted the nirvana with each other's life-saving cards! It has also resisted the five Lin Chen offensives, revealing the details of the list of evildoers!

However, they have also paid a sufficient price for the accumulation of trauma and internal trauma and trauma, and more importantly, some of the injuries are incurable? Can only let the injury worsen!

The two of them do not have the entanglement of the top-level nirvana of the blue ranks, and are preparing to destroy Lin Chen's five avatars in one go.

Bang ~!

Ten rounds of blazing sun rose in the desert plane, the temperature and the atmosphere of destruction exuded, even the faces of the two demon were dignified, and even revealed a bit of fear!

Long Yijing's demeanor is uncertain, he can no longer maintain his previous graceful manners, and is unwilling to gritt his teeth.

"Lin Chen actually forced Mo Qingxu to this point. This mighty power is probably a peerless combat skill with a mindset. The background of the Shenyan Palace is really far more than other denominations!"

So proud as Xiao Jing! He was born in awe-inspiring gate, and stood out as the culmination of countless monster-like geniuses, ranking in the list of evildoers, but at this moment, he and Long Yijing are frustrated!

Because the two even advance to the Acupoint Expansion, unless there is a time-honored encounter with the sky, otherwise they step into the Acupoint Expansion, at most between Mo Qingxu's cultivation base.

Lin Chen can make the Mo Qingxu of "Expansion of Caves" to the end, and they will not be any better!

Unless you can open the second holy cave in the cave-expansion realm, but the high amount of cave-expansion multiples requires a more vigorous accumulation, it is not so easy to break away!

In other words, they can no longer suppress Lin Chen, at least from the combat strength, Lin Chen really surpassed them!

This result cannot be changed even if they become a hole-expanding environment! This is a huge blow to the two pretentious demon.

Bang ~! Arrow light vertical and horizontal, Lin Chen's avatar struck again, the two struggled hard, head to face Lin Chen's five points body!

On the other side; Mo Qing is in a ten-round sun, the sea of fire is like a robe, and the divine prestige is like a tall sage, overlooking the living beings. !

The sacred caves in his expanded cave are like seas, but at this moment it seems to have been completely drained, and injected into all fire crystals, blessing within ten rounds of the sacred sun.

laugh! laugh! laugh!

The entire plane began to ignite an endless fire, the desert flames skyrocketed, the yellow sand quickly melted, and tens of thousands of flames rose and fell, and a hundred thousand miles in a circle began to be burned into nothingness!

"Oops, Lin Chen is going to lose!"

"Senior Shen, our human race will lose a peerless demon without taking action to save people!"

"Being able to do this, Lin Chen is already against the sky, there is no need to fight anymore!"

"Yes, Lin Chen's son, what is lacking is the silence and experience of time. The future will definitely surpass Mo Qingxu. The age gap between the two can't be compared!"

"Notify several sages who assisted the healing department, something is wrong, immediately rescue Lin Chen!"


Inside the boundary tower; the many saints belonging to the boundary tower have acted in strict guard, with solemn eyes!

Holy battles, unless it is a life-and-death battle, generally seldom do their best. Unlike the war emperor, although the saint has the power to destroy the world, it takes a lot of resources and time to make up for the exhausted holy cave.

But Mo Qingxu's move was so strong that it almost hollowed out its own divine power!

Take all the power of the alien crystal and merge your own mind, orange-level exercises, and even your own blood veins, and use the cultivation of expanding the cave realm as a trick!

Ordinary saints face this trick, unless there is attribute restraint or special killer skills, otherwise there is no four-level consummation of the holy realm, it is impossible to survive under the attack of that trick!

Not to mention the geniuses who passed the alternate game, even the enchanted tribes of the Sacred Realm who were forced to attend the show are dignified!

They asked themselves, even if they were promoted to expand the cave, they might not be Mo Qingxu's opponents.

The background of the Shenyan Palace is terrible!

"Goddess, this..."

With a hoarse voice, Bai Ruoyan in the East Island Palace was indifferent, staring at the light screen with beautiful eyes and blue waves flowing.

Including the great power of Qipin family, everyone thought that when Shen Laohui would shoot, he stood still!

Shen Lao's eyes were deep, his palms shook slightly, and there was no more movement.

Mo Qingxu's face was slightly pale, he bit his tongue and spit out a blood arrow into the ten rounds of the'sun'.

"With my hard work, I sacrifice the prestige of the ancestor Shengyang, the ten-yang absolute flame, listen to my orders!"

Mo Qing emptied the sky, and ten groups of blazing sun crashed into Lin Chen!


Ten rounds of the sun spread in a fan shape, sinking into the plane, and burning up the stars billions!

"Very powerful, Ji Shaochuan at the Wanlong meeting may not be his opponent..."

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly, and the nine-color starlight in his palm suddenly seemed like a roulette!

The 17 inferior crystals are like glittering stars, Lin Chen's Taiyi Shenglu and the main body Shenglu skyrocketed in endless nine-color divine light!

Nine-color divine light flooded into the palm, all the sacred power of Lin Chen was poured into the nine-color starlight, and the palm was thrown away!

[The host activates instant light split, extinction fissure talent, consuming 100,000 talent points.

Bang ~!

The streamer crossed the sky as if the nine-color meteor fell into the sky, and the nine-color meteor was divided into five, which shook the ten rounds of heavenly sun!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

The nine-color stars collided with the holy sun, and they spun into a vast nine-color beam of light.

Under the rotation of the nine-color divine light, the energy fluctuations of extinction are overflowing, and each rotation of the beam of light is like a star, absorbing and destroying the energy of the exploding Holy Sun!

boom! boom! boom! Ten rounds of the Holy Sun exploded in madness, and the energy of the aftermath was continuously absorbed and annexed by the nine-color beam, annihilating to nothingness.

The plane capsized and shook, and hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand were wiped out by two waves of annihilation energy. The battle between the two evils was affected by this, and they were forced to stop constantly retreating to the other side of the plane!

If it were not the space plane opened by Shen Lao personally, this wave of offensive alone would be enough to destroy the battle plane prepared for the demon list into nothingness!

"This Lin Chen could explode this kind of tremendous learning..."

The two evil spirits were stunned and trembling in their hearts.

What is this kid doing? Sanctuary is not triple!

If he is promoted to the fourfold of the Holy Realm, once the hole is expanded, is it not to subvert the evil spirits list?

Everyone held their breath and looked forward to the results of this battle...

Only a few strong men exclaimed!

"It turned out to be a draw?"