My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1255

Vol 5 Chapter 1255: Instant Explosion

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The powerful people of Qipin family, such as Ying Taotian and Taoqimei, stood up.

They didn't look at the light screen that was transmitted to the plane, but stared deeply into the void somewhere, as if they had seen through the battle in the desert plane.

"Actually, tie?"

Ying Taotian and Peach Skirt beautiful women exclaimed almost immediately, and this result was very unexpected.

That's right, Lin Chen's performance exceeded their expectations! They didn't even think about it, Lin Chen could use the repair of the 20 holy caves to take the all-out blow of the enchanting evil in the expanding cave realm!

This is outrageous to the sky!

The two more steps to take the Xeon blow of expanding the cave? This kid's killer is so powerful that it subverts all common sense!

The strength of Lin Chen's "Nine Tribulation Stars" depends on Lin Chen's overall strength.

After the Battle of the Wanlong Society, his elemental energy and the number of abnormal crystals skyrocketed. The cultivation base is far more than before, with 20 Holy Caverns in full bloom, plus the double superposition of the "Taiyi Holy Cave", making his "Nine Tribulation Stars" powerful hurricane!

After possessing the "Taiyi Shengxue", Lin Chen can adjust the power of the Jiujiao stars. If it is a normal Jiujiao star, Linchen can use the effect of "turning the Shengxue" four times in a short time, but this time it is not.

Facing Mo Qingxu's Nine Tribulation Stars, this record is Lin Chen's full strength.

He mobilized all the holy forces in the ontology holy cave and the Taiyi holy cave, and poured the nine robbery stars that can be played four times a day on this blow, which is almost his strongest attack at this stage!

boom! boom!

With two explosions, Lin Chen and Mo Qingxu retreated suddenly and received different levels of repulsion. Lin Chen was bleeding at the corners of his mouth, Mo Qingxu was a light ball with the attribute of "mouth vomiting", and his injuries were various.

Bang ~! After the ten rounds of the Holy Sun were shattered by the Jiujiao Star Light Pillar, they sprayed the afterglow of the sky in the direction of Lin Chen. Each ray of Yang Fai has a very high temperature, which can easily burn through the triple perfection of the Holy Realm!

"Old Shen, it's time to shoot!"

Ying Taotian snorted coldly, and both of them are now trying their best to be in a neutral period. This second wave of offensive may directly threaten Lin Chen's life!

However, Shen Lao was immobile, and his old eyes glowed with unprecedented brilliance, staring at Lin Chen's back.

Bang ~!

Dao Xiao rolled, Lin Chen's avatar appeared on the side of the body like rain in time. The blue moon shone a knife across the sky, and another instant flash of the "God's Tears" killed five Aurora swords!

The knife mandrel spins vertically, and when exploding from the void, the sky is full of blade gas fragments!

boom! boom! boom!

Sword Qi debris and Shengyang afterglow kept pouring and colliding, such as the collision of two world-extinguishing storms, which were offset by madness.

The nine-color beam of light and the energy storm of Shengyang did not dissipate until a moment later.

Everyone saw clearly, the silhouette in the void, the bleeding in the corner of Lin Chen's mouth, the overbearing mad smile had not dissipated.

Mo Qingxu's body was covered with blood stains. Although the Holy Light was still protecting the body, it was covered with scars. What made the strong man watching the battle a little puzzled was why he didn't use the Holy Power to heal wounds?

brush! brush!

Two figures came, one left and one right surrounded Lin Chen and the last doppelganger.

It is Xiao Jing and Long Yijing.

Previously, Lin Chen used Jiu Tribulation Stars and fully used five avatars to defend him from the collision's aftermath. His training is not as good as Mo Qingxu, and such a terrible energy erupts at close range. It can't be stopped only by the strength of his body. .

The avatar fell, and the fighting power to stop the two evils disappeared.

"It was a draw?"

"No, his avatar has almost disappeared, and the unavoidable thunder attack has also disappeared. The next loser is him!"

"Lose a fart! Lin Chen can fight with his own strength and the three enemies to the present, I think he won the most thoroughly! Think about how old he is, what is the cultivation method? If this son expands points, I am afraid The enchanting list also hit three earthquakes!"

"My Yutiange wishes Lin Chen to be the strongest!"

The geniuses and even the demon in the demon list are hotly discussed!

Mo Qingxu was blood-stained and tolerated the pain of many injuries, standing proudly in front of Lin Chen, his breath was still strong and grinning.

"Can you compare the details of my Palace of Divine Flames, Lin Chen, even if the son is injured, it is easy to overturn you with one hand! Can you still use the offensive just now?"

Facing the siege of three evils


At this time, Lin Chen laughed loudly.

The geniuses were stunned, and now he could still laugh.

"Refreshing, I didn't expect that the strength of the ontology can reach the level it has so far."

Although the Holy Cave was hollowed out, Lin Chen felt a pleasant and happy heart for a while!

Before entering the Great Desolation, a Dragon Yijing had to force him to do his best. Except for the armor of the God of War, almost all the cards had to be used, and the siege of the avatar could delay a demon list.

But now, the ordinary Holy Realm is no longer his opponent. Non-expansion cave monsters, ordinary evil sins are even more difficult to stop his Lin Chen offensive, the evil spirits below the expansion cave realm, even if the evil wizards join forces, he can fight three!

Before and after this gap, at least ten times the gap!

Bang ~! Sword Qi is vertical and horizontal, and Long Yijing and Xiao Jing both shoot the sword and directly hit behind Lin Chen!

"Well, if you consume a lot of rune energy and create avatars, you may not be able to win them, just, let me play another ace!"

Lin Chen evil charm smiled, snapped a finger

Tear ~!

A touch of azure blue dragon light cut across the sky, such as a sword blast, and a sword flew off the offensive of the two. It even shocked the two evils by thousands of feet, and a look of horror!


"What's the matter? Lin Chen, you cheated?"

Behind Lin Chen, a man appeared!

His long-haired shawl, light hair roots, light roots, pupils like precious jade, face like a pile of snow and jade trees, the outline of the five senses is prominent, the nose bridge is tall, the eyebrows are cold, his hands are negative, and the arc of the mouth and the charm of the mouth are exactly the same as Lin Chen. !

Everyone was shocked!

This is not Lin Chen's avatar!

What are you calling a helper?

What is more terrifying is that the breath of the overwhelming overlord in this person is purely fierce, and his eyes look like a roar and roar of the Holy Dragon, just standing there, it looks like an insurmountable mountain!

Only Ying Taotian and Taotao Meiwu and others, together with the elders of the Liupin sect, suddenly froze when they saw the man's appearance and temperament!

A cold tingling scalp rose from the soles of their feet and rushed towards their heavenly covers!

"Sect... Sect Master? Are you?"

The delicate and pretty girl in Tsing Yi who sat in Ying Taotian couldn't help but ask in surprise, she had never seen Zong mainstream to show this expression!

"Old Shen, is this an obvious foul?"

When there was a demon list, Shen Lao, a strong man, some powerful people suddenly found out; Shen Lao and other hidden giants, for the first time, revealed mistakes and even stunned to stay in place!

After half a breath, Shen Lao recovered as usual, staring like a sword, staring at Lin Chen's back!

This boy has too many secrets! Too many of his old people couldn't help but want to get to the bottom!

"You can't be wrong! This look, this temperament, this breath is the new king who shook the world and swept Wanlong! King of Wanlong, Ying Bangbang!"

Ying Taotian's heart set off a turbulent wave!

A generation born out of nowhere, sweeping the ancestors of countless dragons, the king of Wanlong, is actually beside Lin Chen? This information made the lord of the eternal giant dazed!