My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1256

Vol 5 Chapter 1256: Send Them A Fortune.

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Shen Lao recovered his mind and stabilized the scene for the first time, proclaiming it loudly and transmitting it to the battle plane.

"Lin Chen didn't foul, this person, no, it should be said that the dragon's life breath is in the same vein as Lin Chen. It should be part of his life. Since it is his own independent power, there is no violation."

When Shen Lao passed on the four islands, many powerful people were in an uproar!

This kid is still hiding this hole card?

However, there are many powerful people immediately relieved!

That's right, they heard Lin Chen's information. There is indeed a dragon clan on this child.

This holy dragon even stayed beside him when he became holy, but Lin Chen's performance and achievements when he buried the holy mountains were too dazzling, and this tiny holy dragon was almost completely covered up.

But what they did not expect is that this dragon race has also advanced by leaps and bounds today. Seeing its breath, it seems that it is stronger than the ordinary Sanjing triple perfection?

However, the most shocking are the powers of the Sixth Rank forces and the Seventh Rank sect!

They only received the latest intelligence from the Dragon clan a few days ago. How many days have passed? Turning Wanlong upside down, the king of Wanlong, who shook the ancient world, appeared in their posture in the Terran List of the Human Race in this posture?

This **** is too ridiculous!

Who would have believed it if he had not seen it with his own eyes?

"The old man still can't believe it, this... this is too fake! Could we be wrong, maybe the king of Wanlong, Ying Bangbang, may have a twin brother..."

"Yes, the British state was originally a dragon of unknown origin. We can't make a reckless conclusion, look carefully, and then look carefully, this matter is sloppy..."

Some great powers endured the horror and continued to wait and see.

Desert plane

The three evildoers heard Shen Lao's voice and couldn't help but stunned. Was it actually the dragon clan that Lin Chen had kept in captivity?

"How about a dragon family, the ability to turn the tide, the son will destroy him with one swipe!"

When Mo Qingxu sneered, the palm of his hand was heavily imprinted, spinning rapidly, and the Holy Power blazes the sky, and a note of "Burn the Palm of Heaven" bombards Lin Chen again!

The moment Lin Chen made "Bang Bang Bang" visible, the energy of the dragon's veins was like a monstrous sea, and each dragon's vein was like a river, and the galaxy moved, bursting out in an instant!

[The host launches instant light splitting, extinction and splitting talents, consuming 320,000 talent points.

The holy dragon burst out, and the high temperature of the entire desert plane suddenly fell!

boom! boom! boom!

Thousands of miles thundered and the sea of anger swept.

Five **** dungeons constructed entirely from the energy of the water system completely enveloped the entire plane, the water struck thousands of miles, and the sea of stars became the sky!

A dragon leaped through the sea and smashed the sky-burning palm!


At the same time, the three great evils lost their voices, and Ying Bangbang held his hands horizontally. Thousands of azure dragon claws jumped out of the sea, and three people were imprisoned!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Xiao Jing's eight-treasure sword dragon box, Long Yijing's lightning mirror, suddenly rose up, the holy light shining, and protecting his master!

The energy of the Hei Ji prison is as infinite as possible. In addition to 10,000 dragon claws, there is a blast of water, blades, guns, and even chains, which imprison and stab three people!

No matter how much attack they make, the dragon breath energy that traps them is like soft water. After being crushed, they can condense in an instant, and they will be condensed in five'Jail prison dungeons'. The energy is endless, as if there is no end at all!

In this prison cell, it became Lin Chen's home field!

Lin Chen didn't let this opportunity pass. Five fingers clasped. Two of the five prison prisons had counteracted all attacks of the three evils. The three prisons continued to shrink and tighten, gradually compressing and shrinking.

Beginning with the bones, flesh, and holy power of the three great evils, all squeezed into a mass, the flesh and blood are blurred and a mess!

Bang ~!

Slow runes, falling from the sky! Focus on the consciousness of the three evils, so that they have no chance to speak!

Shen Lao pupil shivered!

Ying Taotian and other people are also scalp numb!

Can't be wrong!

This trick is supernatural! Same as in the intelligence!

The king of Wanlong, who shined at the Wanlong meeting, also used this trick to overthrow the dragon prince who is comparable to the evil spirits list!

It's crackling~! Kaka Kaka~~!

The bones were squeezed to make a slight cracking sound, Mo Qingxu's rare heart was a trace of fear!

This guy, come true!

He actually intended to kill them! Its really not afraid of the sky, but he is a character on the list of evildoers. Lin Chen didnt even give them a gap to surrender. He really wanted to destroy them!

Lin Chen's holy dragon defeated Yang An and then had only 12 billion dragon power. From the perspective of cultivation, he was inferior to Mo Qingxu.

However, his Jigong Tengu is a supernatural supernatural power, the straight human orange-level intermediate skill, combined with the strengthening of the bloodline, more than four times the power, and even the blessing of Instant Light, which is divided into five!

Five prison prisons, water and fire, he was suppressed to death, not to mention one Mo Qingxu, even two Mo Qingxu could not escape!

To put it bluntly, the death of the three has been decided!

The three monsters are desperately defending and trying their best to fight back, but the injury is getting more and more serious. The falling attribute light ball is more like a blowout!

Seeing the faces of the three evils gradually turn purple, all the talents realized that something was wrong!

"No! Explode!"

"Damn, Lin Chen is crazy! Will he kill all three evils?"

"Mo Qingxu, they are going to turn the skin!"

"This kid is too cruel, is he really not afraid of the forces behind the three evildoers?"

"Lao Tzu is less than one percent younger than him, killing three Wizards of Wizards? Is this guy going to poke through the sky?"

When everyone was terrified...

Bang ~! Bang~!

At this time, the five dungeons broke open! It turned into a torrential storm, scattered the entire plane, and finally turned into a sea of oceans, and lively transformed the desert sand plane into a sea plane.

The shot is naturally Shen Lao.

"Little guy, you have won and lost, you have won."

Shen Lao's voice surrounds the entire plane. When the words just fell, the three evils turned into a streamer and were sent out of the battle plane.

"Is it really shot, okay, in the current situation, the enchanting list is not so good to kill, and these guys will provoke me again in the future, and it will be blasted together!"

Lin Chen put away the fierceness between the eyebrows and smiled slightly, harming humans and animals.

"Senior senior laughed, how could a handsome man like me be a killer? I simply felt that these young men with no one in sight were beaten by five elements, and sent them a fortune, maybe they would stand behind them, and go further?"

The corners of the mouth of many old monsters were slightly drawn.

Speaking of beating people as "send a character"? Are you shameless?

But then, it was the time when all the hidden elders and powerful men felt scalp numb and thought terrible!

After the previous battle that ravaged the three great evils, all doubts and unbelievable questions were eliminated!

The beautiful woman in the peach skirt stared at the cold young man beside Lin Chen, her lip trembling slightly, she couldn't help shivering.

"You can't be wrong, this is the king of Wanlong Gil Ying Bangbang!"