My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1257

Vol 5 Chapter 1257: What A Honest Kid

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"Win... win?"

"Old Yin Yin! Absolutely old Yin Yin's hand, grandma's, we are being played around by him! He has already had the heritage of defeating the evil spirits list!"

"Yeah! If he used this holy dragon from the beginning, with his avatar and the huge thundercloud together, the three evils would have surrendered long ago. Only when you are wounded do you make the final move!"

"It's terrifying. Have you seen it? The three evildoers were pinched by Lin Chen in the hands like chicks and almost squeezed alive! When I was over, I was scared. I was going to find a beautiful girl to appease my frightened young soul! "

"Squeeze the pressure, don't be surprised. Squeezing you is too beautiful, squeezing you is really beautiful."


The geniuses of the central island directly blasted the pan!

The monsters of the monster list are slightly twitched-

A dozen and three, actually won!

This is probably 36 domains, the most terrifying leapfrog challenge! The object of the leapfrog is still the enchanted list, or three!

At least in terms of the contact between the Sixth and Seventh Grade forces, such monsters have never appeared!

"This... this is too much..."

The old lady who was staying by the white man was moved!

It was only when Lin Chen received Mo Qingxu's'Ten Yang Jueyan' that the old lady knew that the goddess's vision had never gone wrong!

But she still underestimated Lin Chen! He not only conquered it, if the old Shen did not take action, the three would have to fall on the spot! Kill these three talented demon wizards!

"Goddess, have you already known this result..."

The old lady bowed respectfully.

Bai Ruoyan smiled, "You look at me too high, no one in the world can know what he wants to do next, I just firmly believe that these three people will not be an obstacle to him."

The old woman stunned and bowed deeply-"The old lady still looked away, the goddess is wise..."

In the desert plane; someone Lin sparks with lightning along the way, taking all the attribute light **** all the way!

[Obtain 200,000 enhancement points, 10,000 thunder energy, 10,000 water energy, 20,000 talent points, 9,000 mental energy, 30,000 ignition energy...]

[Open three of the Five Light Supreme Treasure Chests to get the second-grade sacrificial weapon; the ultimate flame holy hammer, giant que open sky sword, Zimo flying ring...]

Lin Chen's attributes have soared unstoppably!

In the final hand, "Jigong prison", someone like Lin squeezed out a large number of attribute light **** from the three monsters like a sponge.

"Ah~! The day of picking up attributes is really happy! Isn't it quiet to be a handsome man who picks up attributes? Why should I cause trouble everywhere? After this alternative meeting, what fights do I have to pick up? Attributes!"

Lin Chen sighed in his heart. The 21st sacred hole in the body was slightly loosened. After a while, the brilliance of the hexagon starburst flashed, and then dimmed again.

Lin Chen left the plane and returned to the central island. The desert plane is completely reduced to a vast ocean, and the weather of the entire space-time plane is reversed with the power of the individual. The influence of the supernatural power is revealed!


VIP Palace on East Island.

A green shirt next to the beautiful woman in the peach skirt was wearing a green sword, and her pupils disillusioned three thousand sword gas storms, her expression moved, and she was horrified.

"Predecessor Shen said earlier that this dragon and Lin Chen are in the same vein and are part of Lin Chen! That is to say, they are one!"

"Yes... there is information about Lin Chen, he does have a holy dragon!"

"When the old man heard the intelligence of alchemy with his eyes, he also had a holy dragon to assist him in alchemy!"

The generals glanced at each other and saw the horror and consternation in each other's eyes!

" you remember what Lin Chen said when he first arrived, he...he said he went to Wanlong Club..."

An old man with a thick shirt stuttered dryly, and the strong men of the four islands twitched their hearts!

If so, does this mean that...

Gil Ying Bangbang is Lin Chen, Lin Chen is Ying Bangbang!

Lin Chen is the real king of dragons!

Absolutely! He didn't even brag?

This Lin Chen is really an honest child! Not only did he go to Wanlong, he also captured the king of Wanlong!

One of the supreme feasts below the barren ancient dragon clan, the Wanlong Club, has reached the culmination of the new era of the Taigu dragon clan and won the king of the dragon. Is it a human race?

Don't dare to blow like this on the shelf! This is completely beyond cognition!

Dare to infiltrate the Wanlong Club and also slaughtered many dragon geniuses and won the top spot. How much game, courage and courage must be included in this? It cannot be done with brute force!

It is like Ying Taotian, the Seventh Rank Sovereign, who can use his cultivation base to enter the Wanlong Association alone, even if he loses all the power of the Dragon Clan, he can retreat.

But he wanted to dive in, it was as difficult as going to heaven! Not to mention that after sneaking in, you still have to participate in the Wanlong Association, and you must stand out in the pretense of standing out from the dragons of the various races. This is almost impossible to accomplish!

Its like one day, a long-lived sage leader of a certain human race, who opened up ways of cultivation, enlightened the saints, wrote a human civilization, and built a sacred monument from the human race, but he suddenly one day told the world that he is not a "human", this is What a shock?

Ying Taotian wondered and wondered-"Unexpected, unexpected! This kind of thing, even dare not think about it, I am afraid that the Dragon Race is also completely in the dark by him! Lin Chen is the king of dragons, the king of dragons is Heavenly God Linchen!"

The juggernaut in the blue shirt shone his eyes, his trembling heart shivered.

"Damn, it's not good that our human race will have a terrifying genius! Think about it, what's the potential of this little guy now? 20 sacred caves can single out and win the three enchanted lists, and even beat the body by two levels. Holy Dragon is also the king of Wanlong who defeated countless dragon princes and even the blood of the Ninth Grade. How much more terrifying is his future?"

The juggernaut in green shirts even used the word "terror" to describe Lin Chen!

This group of powerful people, born in the power of seven ranks and giants, have experienced countless epochs. They have seen too many wizards, geeks, evil spirits, and even themselves. They have also trained peerless evil spirits who have appeared on the evil spirits list.

So that when they saw Mo Qingxu fighting, they were a little surprised in their hearts, and they didn't fluctuate beyond the background of the Shenyang Palace.

"Yes, this son is so different! With my experience, the experience and the experience have all been seen. But the uniqueness of this son almost reveals special and powerful everywhere in him!"

"This little guy's three cultivations of spirit, physical training, and sacred power are excellent in every field. Now even the blood and magic of the dragon race are perfectly controlled. It is unprecedented four cultivations!"

"Hahaha, the new generation of King of Dragons is actually from our human race. I really don't know if this secret will be revealed in the future. Those dragon race guys may fall out of anger."

"Don't be too happy too soon, we will call on Lin Chen to ask after you finish!"

"Hahaha, no matter how you ask, this king of dragons is also my human race. The old man's heart is really his mother's coolness. How can there be a kind of refreshment that engages other people's wives! The expression of shit, the old man really wants to take this kid into the wilderness and swim around!"