My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1258

Vol 5 Chapter 1258: Crazy Definitely Crazy

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"Less nonsense, let's talk about it first. The baby girl in our family has been thinking about it for a long time. If you say anything, you have to take him to the old man's family for a trip!"

"Blue old ghost, it's not that I look down on your granddaughter. No matter how beautiful your granddaughter is, can there be a beautiful goddess in the Palace of God Flames? You want to sell your granddaughter, but they don't have to!"

"Bah! What do you mean by an old immortal? It's a big deal when the immortality medicine is released, the room is closed, the pants are taken off, and the small light is turned off. I don't believe that this kid is not hooked!"

"I said, do you have a sense of virtue? Look at how thin the child is. You should come to our Taohua Palace to take care of it..."

"Aunt Taohua, don't talk about it. This kid is going to Taohua Palace. I'm afraid it's not a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. I want to borrow a night of kindness and just say something, what are you doing."

"I want to say that let this kid simply dive in again to bring back several dragon princesses, and make one to earn one!"


At this time; everyone is so excited and excited like a child, or the truth is revealed, or the mouth is fragrant, or heartily, and even looking forward to Lin Chen's future, you are excited with words.

It is rare that none of them are coveting Lin Chens secret.

As they have such years of experience, cultivation and status, they understand what is meant by "luck" and "opportunity".

Lin Chens strength and uniqueness are not factors such as the Holy Vessel that appear on the surface, but something deeper.

Each top powerhouse has its own secrets. Even if these secrets are dug deep, it is difficult to get the substantial benefits equivalent to the price paid, and even bury the self.

It's like having a strong man coveting the mind of a young genius. After taking away the genius, forcing him to engrave the key to the mind, how can you ensure that the other party doesn't have the key to revising the exercises?

Even if the change is only a subtle point, if a cultivation error is made, a subtle defect can endanger the cultivation, and in the worst case, death!

Retreat ten thousand steps, even if the other party's thoughts and secrets are obtained. How can we ensure that we can practice ourselves? Whether one's own bloodline and root bone can inherit each other's abilities, etc.

Taking Lin Chen as an example, can he get his'King of Dragons' Ying Bang Bang by killing him? Problems such as these are all unknown, and more unrealistic!

Opening the bow did not turn back arrows, some things did not turn back!

Sacred objects can be robbed, resources can be robbed, even if there is something of the Lord.

Even luck and chance can compete! But the premise of'competing for chance' is the premise of'unlord'. Once there is a master, it is no longer'opportunity', but the'life' of others.

Among the powerful humans here, which are not the sages worshipped and worshiped by hundreds of thousands of souls in the world, ordinary sages also need to be respected.

Their horizons and patterns are not comparable to those of the Fifth Sect sect such as the Dark Domain and Dark Court! It is not that seeing a young man have some secrets, he will grab the narrow-minded people.

What they have to do is to cultivate this seed and let it thrive and become a towering tree, and eventually grow to influence itself and the world it is in!

Whether this effect is positive or negative depends on what is happening.


Seeing Lin Chen coming out of the plane, the geniuses shrank away as soon as they saw Shasha.

Shen Lao descended from the void and gave Lin Chen a meaningful look. For this son, he had already paid attention to it, but his performance in the alternative round this time still exceeded Shen Lao's expectations!

Shen Lao sighed, walking slowly towards Lin Chen, passing the geniuses along the way to make them excited for a while!

Shen Lao Xian's ethos, his eyebrows turning the snow-white holy wheel, his eyes glowed with extraordinary dust and indifference, stunning a genius!

This Old Shen, but their ancestors and grandparents have to be called seniors when they see them. When they were young, they were also characters on the list of evildoers.

His old man, the dragon, sees his head but does not see the end, not to mention the top 100 genius lists, and even the evil wizards on the current evil list may not have a chance to meet!

Today, seeing this'living legend' up close, how can these young talents not be excited.

Even if they can get the old gentleman's words, they will be used for life!

I saw that the old man admired by the geniuses came to Lin Chen's face seriously and patted him on the shoulder with a serious expression.

"Boy, can your Gil Ying Bang Bang lend me..."

Lin Chen was scared! I rely on, what does this old senior want to do?

Every genius twitched at the corner of his mouth!

What stuff? Did they get it right? What to borrow?

Lin Chen was embarrassed: "Well, Senior, you are embarrassing me... I don't want to borrow it, the impact is not so good, you can't let me do it for the day..."

Shen Lao immediately put his face on his face-"Why doesn't this work? Just borrow two or three days! Your Gil will affect the balance between the human race and the dragon race. Do you still not understand the seriousness of the problem!"

Geniuses: "?"

Is it too much earwax, wrong? what's the situation!

A lot of geniuses petrified from chaos...

Lin Chen's gadget...can it affect the balance between the human and the dragon? Is this world crazy or are they too young?

Lin Chen looked seriously-"Senior, aren't you trying to make me difficult..."

Shen Laodao-"This matter is too involved to allow you. After the event, you come to Dongdao yourself. The old man will also call on all the seven rank forces who are here today. You must take out your Gil. Show it to everyone!"


It must be crazy!

Geniuses almost vomit blood!

Its okay if you old people want to see for themselves?

You still want to call the power of other Qipin family, watch together? Can this still lead a team?

In the hearts of the geniuses, the image of Shen Lao's majestic and majestic shore collapsed!

More than a dozen female geniuses blushed, slender hands covering their pretty faces, some of them pretended to be cold, in fact, Yu Guang peeked at Lin Chen from time to time, and some were charming, staring straight at someones long straight legs ...

Just as Lin Chen and Shen Lao could not stand still, several heartbreaking screams rang from the central island.

"Ah! It hurts, it hurts me!"

"My leg, why, why can't heal it!"

"Ah, my son! I can't stand it anymore, so I can pull it out!"

The screams screamed blood, and the hearts of the cones made the geniuses in the central island subconsciously hit a chill.

Everyone took a closer look, and the three evil spirits who were carried out were lying outside the palace for healing. The Holy Light was full of vitality. The Tower of the World sent out seven saints in the cave-enlarging realm who practiced the auxiliary therapy system.

With the foundation of the boundary tower, even Shengdan can be enjoyed by three people at will, and heal with the mind, it is with such a huge foundation that the boundary tower will be selected as the venue for the selection competition.

However, even the seven healers in the expansion cave realm who had been rescued by the fivefold of the holy realm on the verge of death were sweating at the moment!

The beautiful woman with green radiance stood up and took her hand away from the wound on Long Yijing's chest. When she turned to look at Shen Lao, she was full of incredible eyes.

"Shen...Senior Shen, we can't heal the injuries of these three little guys..."

As soon as this remark came out, the geniuses and even the evil spirits exploded in their scalps!