My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1259

Vol 5 Chapter 1259: Shuai Lin Shocked

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On the top of the mountain, the insane wizards cast their eyes on Long Yijing, Xiao Jing, and Mo Qingxu with horrified eyes!

Shen Lao heard, frowning.

Lin Chen didn't take it for granted, and raised her lips.

Shen Lao stepped up and walked to the three.

At this time, Mo Qing's virtual shoulders were cracked, and a shocking wound was cracked in the chest, the size of the mouth of the bowl.

Long Yijing didn't have a good skin from top to bottom, **** flesh, twisted facial features, and bleeding in his limbs. Xiao Jing was tragic, his right arm was twisted into a bent bamboo pole, his left leg was bloody, his front chest and back were covered with flesh, and his bones were white!

The holy body is not the same as the emperor's flesh, and it is not trivial to cure a saint.

At this time, the seven sages in the expansion acupoint realm of the Department of Healing, equipped with Shengdan and Xinfa treatment, were surprised that half of them were not cured!

This scene even stunned the powers of the Sixth Grade sect and Seventh Grade Ju Qing!

What is even more shocking to everyone is that the expanded acupuncture area of the treatment department is not useless, but it is to heal and make up the vitality of the three people. The strange thing is that their wounds have not healed!

The vitality and vitality of the Eucharist are made up, but the wounds of the three people have no signs of healing and recovery!

The wound is like an unfilled hole, and no amount of energy can be filled! But can't stop, once stopped, the three people may have all the vitality pass from the wound to death!

Physical pain is one thing, the mental trauma of the three people is more serious, like a fire violently "burning" their spiritual consciousness and tormenting them all the time!

Shen Lao personally probed the pulse for the three people, and as soon as he thought about it, he felt the situation of the three people.

"The wounds of the three people seem to have been destroyed by their ability to heal themselves, cutting off the possibility of healing from the root..."

Shen Lao made a thousand words.

"It's too scary..."

"Is this poison? Right, there is no such poison under the sky. If it is poisoned, the seven old seniors can see at a glance..."

Hundreds of monsters have scalp numbness!

They have never seen such a terrible handwriting!

"It was the ghost that Lin Chen made!"

All the evil spirits and geniuses looked at Lin Chen in horror, and Lin Shuai made a careless face, and the appearance of the corners of his mouth made them even colder!

How many hands did this guy hide!

"Xiaoyou, what... did you use anyway. Now the outcome is divided, so don't spare them?"

The charming woman couldn't bear it and tried to discuss with Lin Chen.

Lin Chen smiled slightly, but Yun Danfeng was light but showed his dominance!

"I am a person who has revenge and revenge. I said that this battle will make them immortal. In my eyes, all beings are equal. They will not be shaken because they are the demon list, they are not dead just because of Shen. Just go for it."

Lin Chen walked in front of the three men and wrote lightly-"If it is an ordinary battle, they are now dead."

Everyone moved!

This kind of courage and courage is really life and death, and it is not afraid of the world...

Shen Lao frowned, according to the rules, Lin Chen did not violate the rules, but no one thought that his means was so terrible!

"Ah! Kill me, Lin Chen, you will kill me if you have a species, a hundred!"

Long Yijing growled hysterically.

Lin Chen smiled and said-"Your situation like this will probably be over for another month, as long as it can survive."

This situation has to continue for another month? My God, is it better to die than to die!

The desolation that caused many evil spirits to bring rabbits to death, and the fear of Lin Chen was the extreme!

This young man seems harmless to humans and animals, and he can be ruthless than anyone else!

For the first time, these evil wizards gave birth to awe of a peer!

In the past, they relied on their identity as a demon list, and they were rampant. People who dare to move their lives in the world have done nothing, but Lin Chen is different!

He is a lunatic who is free! They had no doubt that if Shen Lao didn't take action, the three would die! What's more, he still has the means to make life worse than death!

The injuries of the three great evils can't be healed, it's the effect of the orange rank talent'extinction crack'! Mo Qingxu's situation is slightly better, and the cultivation level is high, and it may be over in half a month. The other two are miserable, starting on the 30th.

These 30 days, they must continue to receive high-intensity healing and recovery, and once they stop, there is a risk of death!

Even if the body survives these thirty days, it is another matter whether the mind and spirit can be completely preserved.

Forgive them? As for Mo Qingxu, Lin Chen will consider it a little bit.

The other two, Lin Chen never thought about it!

Burial of the Holy Mountains Linchen became a sanctuary. When the defense was the weakest, Xiao Jing killed with a sword. If it werent for the little demon to shoot, Lin Chen had already died!

Long Yijing leads people to sneak attack, from coveting his secret to trying to kill himself, if there is a chance, Lin Chen will surely cut the grass! These two are dead enemies!

"Bring it on and inform the forces behind them. Before that, keep their lives."

When Shen Lao brushed his sleeves and looked at Lin Chen's eyes again, not only did he not blame, but he was full of appreciation!

Acting sternly and decisively. He is very satisfied with Lin Chen!

Seven elders sighed and took three people into East Island.

Immediately afterwards, the alternate game continued to be held, and the challenge of the alternate election and the devil's right election continued to be staged. However, after the World War I, Lin Chen was amazing, the other battles were boring even if they were brilliant.


At this time, the ceiling was falling, the glazed ray of light swept through the sky, and the four islands in the southeast and northwest reflected the glaze of the glaze, covering the earth as if a miracle came!

The magnificent Liuli Shengguang rose to the top of Lin Chen's head, and his name disappeared from the gold list of the genius list in an instant!

The list of glazed crystal jade in the hands of all the hidden old monsters shone with a strong light, and the new name replaced Xiao Jing of the "Jiushenmen"!

Guanghua in the list quickly listed and interwoven into a new name.

A new evil wizard is born!

"9815 in the list of evil spirits Gods descend, Lin Chen."

Bang ~! A glass-colored token, like a supernatural power, came to Lin Chen's hand through time and space, and the magnificent glass of the sky above the sky continued to list the message that displayed the list of demon evil!

"The enchantment list is issued by the ten major gates. All regulations are not subject to the constraints of the Holy Realm. The initial enlightenment rewards: five seeds of low quality luck."

"Enjoy the privileges of the enchanted list: You can enter the secret realm plane below the seventh grade of the holy world alone, and you can ignore the expensive gift of the worldly holy country. A gold holy yuan coin."

"You can enjoy the secular life and death rights; under the Sixth Grade sect, you have no right to intervene in the behavior of the demon list. You have the fifth grade dominance, and any sixth denomination below the party holds the banquet, and the demon list has the right to intervene directly. You can enjoy the right to rent. In the thirty-six domain, all chambers of commerce below six grades can unconditionally rent the resources needed by the Genius of the Monsters. Enjoy..."

Lin Shuai forced the tiger's body to shock, completely shocked!