My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1260

Vol 5 Chapter 1260: Shan Chuangjie Tower

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Lin Chen finally knows why the wizards on the monster list all look at people with their nostrils.

Why do all the geniuses like to go crazy to attack the list of evildoers!

That privilege is beyond the sky and overwhelms countless people!

The five luck-spiritual planting seeds obtained from the board of evil spirits alone are enough to support more than half of the resources of the five-grade sect cultivation!

This privilege is free to be the uncle designated by the Holy Family!

A demon wizard holding a demon order can judge the fate of the third- and fourth-grade sects in one sentence, as long as he has enough strength, it is no problem to destroy the sect directly!

What's even more extreme is that you can't fight back!

If the Wizards of the Enchanted List attack the Fifth Sect, even if they can't beat the Fifth Sect, the latter can't hurt the people of the Enchanted List!

Even ruining the city and killing the country, and destroying hundreds of millions of creatures, will not be punished!

Acting as a demon list, you can also rent and occupy the resources of various chambers of commerce. In one sentence, you can evacuate the entire chamber of commerce and give priority to the wizards of the devil list!

The enchanted list is the most unique existence of the holy human race!

The most important thing is, with the identity of the enchantment list, Lin Chen no longer needs to worry about carrying his Wandering Tree, and even the name of the enchantment list does not dare to move him!

"It really is that sentence; only the Bully List bully people, no one else bullies the Bullish List... The first time the coach forced the feeling of crushing the dead with identity..."

Lin Chen clenched the demon token, creating a special connection.

This thing contains a hundred-foot space, and there is a special space channel. It will regularly send the annual rewards of the enchantment list, created by the powerful, and the ``Golden List'' that only records identity and other information with the genius list is not in the same order of magnitude!

Starting today, Lin Chen is a member of the list of evildoers, and he really holds the deathless gold medal!

On the bright side, no one in the thirty-six domain can be moved by the clan powerhouses or even the Seventh Rank sectarian forces, let alone worrying about others coveting his Lin Chen's secrets.

"Little guy, if you have trouble in the future, you can come to the Boundary Tower more. If you have any questions, you can come to the old man..."

A group of elders were very enthusiastic about Lin Chenke, this spiritual guy, like a treasure everywhere.

Lin Chen declined some time, and when he returned to Dongdao, a group of mighty powers came around in an instant.

All walks of life walked over with a smile on their face, and surrounded some people in Lin, so scared that Lin Shuai forced his chest to cover his crotch and shivered.

"What...what, I'm still a kid, what do you want to do! Don't think I'm good-looking to bully, Hey, Yali Butterfly!"


Boundary Tower fifth floor.

Inside the room; hundreds of top strongmen from the Sixth and Seventh Grade sects gathered.

Bai Ruoyan sat blandly beside Lin Chen. Although she was there, Bai Ruoyan didn't think these top strongmen dared to treat Lin Chen, but she still chose to be beside her.

"Little friend, the old man asks you, is Gil King of the King of Dragons really you?"

An old man with a dragon horn over his head couldn't help asking.

The strong men all looked at Lin Chen in unison, even though they had already guessed that eight or nine were inseparable, but this matter had to be confirmed by him himself.

Lin Chen sighed, pretending to be a deep Tao.

"To this day, there is nothing to hide. That's right, I am the one who beats the Wanlong Club's arrogance; super invincible Ying Bangbang! Originally, I want to hide this secret forever, after all, this person is Such a low-key, but why, my handsomeness always makes my low-key worthless, I really want to be a general handsome, picking up attributes and sultry girls, why do you always look for me!"

Lin Chen raised his head and sighed-"It's really annoying to look handsome."

Quite a lot of great powers are covered with black lines, so you are still low-key? If you can be considered low-key, the whole Holy World will not be low-key...

The beautiful woman in peach skirt giggled, her eyes were as bright as pearls, and she was shining in autumn.

"It really is a young demon, little boy, can you show your Jill again, let us see?"

Looking at the many eyes that could be expected, Lin Chen was helpless. In one thought, a blue light flashed at Dantian, Lin Chen's holy dragon turned into a human form.

Shenglong's face was overbearing and cold, a pair of purple-red wings fluttering like flames, and there were yin and yang dragons lingering around him, and the head was covered with azure blue color, and the body surface showed a faint glory.

This is the breath that Lin Chen deliberately released, in order to enable everyone to clearly perceive the blood breath of the Holy Dragon.

Instead, Lin Chen buried the blood vessels of Taixi Ancient Dragon and Taizhou Ancient Dragon deepest.

Although the two bloodlines exist in the body of the saint dragon, it is as dusty, but the human saints present, which is not a means to the sky, be cautious first.

"Really...really four bloodlines?"

"It's amazing, little one, do you want to come to my Wanjian Pavilion..."

When everyone was able to discuss Lin Chen, the results of the fourth layer of the alternate game began to gradually appear.

The result of the battle did not exceed the expectations of too many people.

There are not many people who can really choose to fight against the evil spirits list. Among the limited challengers, only the geniuses of Han Yizhi and the third talent list defeat or nearly win the evil spirits list. The other geniuses are completely defeated!

However, this challenge experience has made the alternative geniuses who have challenged the wicked wizards have extraordinary gains, and the future will be a valuable experience for them.

Lin Chen was annoyed by these powerful people for nearly a day and night. Various arrangements and teachings. Although the conditions they proposed were extremely tempting, Lin Chen nodded, not to mention the orange-order exercises, even the orange-order alchemy handprint. Learn.

Of course, the price is to join their sect, even if you hang a guest, you have to obey the order.

And on the day when the result was announced; the change appeared suddenly!

Boundary Tower Second floor.

Today, when the elder Huang of the pagoda spent a quiet day as always, a figure in the space on the second floor slowly appeared!


Elder Huang was stunned. How could a guest enter this world at this juncture? Has the space channel been temporarily closed?

This man wins in white, he is eight feet tall, he stands upright, he bears a sword, his long hair is **** with a nylon scarf, his face is like a knife and a chisel, and the light and soft hair dances clearly between the golden yellow. In his pupils, there seems to be an eternal starlight extradited, vast and mysterious.

The white clothing flutters, behind the youth, there are white, blue, blue, purple, orange, and five-color sword qi rotating, and the space that has traveled, leaving an endless brilliance all over, like stars flickering, converging into a dreamy dazzling galaxy avenue.

Elder Huang is slightly fascinated, he has never seen such a young and proud!

He raised his hand and introduced it one step at a time, which could provoke the avenue.

This young man is so extraordinary!

Even if he doesn't do anything, as soon as he appears, all the light between heaven and earth will converge on him and become the most dazzling star in the universe of heaven and earth!

"This guest..."

When Elder Huang used a respectful tone, the young man in white glanced at him, and the sword in the golden pupil flashed!


Two wisps of sword-like energy penetrated Elder Huang's holy body, blood raging!

"Wh... what..."

Elder Huangs Holy Caverns lost their strength, vomited blood, and fell to the ground while covering their penetrated chest. Their eyes were unbelievable!

With a single look, he fell down as a triple consummation of the Holy Land?

The golden pupils passed by like a wind, struggling step by step, moving one by one to the higher level of the Boundary Tower!

This person is Lin Xingchen!

One man, one sword, one single breakthrough tower! !