My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1261

Vol 5 Chapter 1261: Heads Up Demon List

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The fourth floor is Central Island.

The strong players of the four islands gathered. This time through the alternates, there are 134 geniuses in the alternate list. Although they have not completely become the list, they have enjoyed most of the rights of the list.

The normal step is to select the list of demon list. In the next hundred years, it can reach the standard of twelve assessments, and when there is a place in the list of demon list, it can be promoted to the positive election.

From a common point of view, it is simply impossible to defeat the demon wizards who are currently selected.

If you use the alternative method to defeat the main election to select the new era of evil wizards, I am afraid that the evil monster list will never add a few seats.

The gap between the current monster list and the alternative monsters genius is as great as the gap between the sky and the growth rate of the training resources and the level of contact is not an order of magnitude.

The alternative can challenge the positive election and this is the first time to break the routine due to the vacancy of the list of demon.

At this time; Shen Lao is temporarily away, and another green-dressed lady comes forward, the head of the worm, Shen Yuluoyan, and the vicissitudes between the eyebrows tells her that her years are not as young as her face.

The Green Lady announced indifferently.

"The geniuses who have passed the selection this time can complete the 12 assessments in the Boundary Tower within a hundred years. The assessment content will be different from the previous ones. Please prepare enough to participate."

The geniuses in the Central Island cheered, some wept with joy, some excited cry, some sighed in the sky, and some mixed taste, finally became the candidate of the evil list! There is one last step left from the dream location!

There are also many old holy places in the four islands with a wave of sighs and sighs, the alternative places are out, and they are the leading figures of the holy realm of the new era!

The genius of the Holy Realm, the Holy Realm is not lacking, but what is lacking is these wizards who are qualified to become the list of demon!

"This little guy has finally become a candidate for evil spirits, and then he can give him the coordinates of the treasures of the sixth-grade secret realm he found when he was young."

"It's not easy, there are alternatives to evil. It's harder than the first one. This time it can stand out, and luck is also a lot..."

In the four islands, some elders of the six rank denominations and hidden elders were relieved to become candidates for the list of evildoers.

When the young woman in green is planning to award


On the fourth floor of the whole boundary tower, the space in the four islands was shaken!

"What happened?" The green-clothed woman frowned and asked immediately.

"Elder Lin, it's not good. Someone broke into the boundary tower!"

"He has injured dozens of our elders. Several elders are at stake. Senior Wang Lin sent someone to save his life!"

One Sacred Realm does not allow for private voice transmission, and directly transmits the Holy Power to the fourth floor, and all the powerful people in the fourth floor have wonderful faces!

"Someone trespasses the boundary tower? Who is so brave, is it Qipin Juqing?"

"Wait and see, old Shen went to the next level to see how Elder Xuan Lin handled it."

The strongmen of the four islands watched its changes, and when the words just fell, the entire fourth floor space trembled!

Sorry~! !

Void cracked a crack of golden light, and a wave of sword-like ascension broke through the tower of Jiuxiao!

A young man in white with a colorful sword spirit behind his back walked with a sword, walking through the void, transcendent, arrogant and cold, and walked directly above the central island!

His pair of golden eyes are distinguished and extraordinary, and when he overlooks everyone under the central island, he seems to be looking for something.


"This young man..."

"Not right, very wrong!"

Some of the old hidden monsters who cultivated for the high and deep were in surprise.

too young! This child's life fluctuates much younger than the wizards present on the demon list.

Who is such a young swordsman who is good at breaking through the world tower?

The strong players of the four islands havent expressed their attitudes and watched their changes. The grudges of the younger generation wont easily strike at the older generations. The forces behind each other are extremely involved. Closed easily.

"Young man, why break into my world tower and hurt my elders. You know that this is the alternate game of the holy world monster list!"

The young woman in green walked in the air, her eyes deep, standing thousands of miles away from Lin Xingchen, and sneered coldly.

"List of evil spirits? Do you dare to call evil spirits any garbage, just a bunch of ants."

Lin Xingchen disdain to the extreme, sneered, and aroused the anger of all Wizards Wizards and the shock of the strongmen of the four islands!

In today's holy world, who doesn't know the enchanting list, but the most unique and top group of geniuses in the 36th domain, who dare to arrogantly call the enchanting list rubbish? This tone is crazy out of the sky!

"Great tone!"

"How many drinks did this Xiongtai drink, how could it be that the brain was gone?"

"My son boldly guessed that he might have been stimulated by the demon list in his childhood, so he lost his mind."

Many demon wizards were disdainful, and even worse, a red-haired teenager grinned evilly, urged the power of the alien crystal, and a palm burst out, the palm print of the six-pointed star-shaped star covered the sky with fire, the ceiling was lit up, and the Holy Manga shined!

Brush ~! A snow-white Yinhui sword slashed in the wind and slammed towards Lin Xingchen!

Sigh~! Thousands of millstone-like blue light tornadoes stirred the wind blade flurry and enveloped Lin Xingchen's retreat!

Three grumpy monster wizards shot directly!

"Oh." Lin Xingchen was extremely indifferent, his twin pupils flashed sharply, the sky was sharp, two wisps of thorns like spiral cone thorns, brushed across the sky!

Bang Bang Bang!

The attack of the three great evils easily penetrates and crushes into nothingness!


The evil spirits and the geniuses were shocked!

Lin Xingchen stepped out, and the situation changed suddenly! The sword-like five-color sword gas rotates in the sky, and in an instant, it becomes the master of heaven and earth!

"I'm here today just to find Lin Chen's ant. You waste don't even have the right to die in my hands. If you want to find something, go together."

Lin Xingchen's words made all the evil spirits angry!

The other party said that they stepped on their heads alive!

"I'm going to see today, what a crooked melon are you, and dare to speak wildly!"

"Master Ben hit you today what is peach blossom!"

"I haven't shot in a long time. I never thought I would be an idiot who didn't know what to do."

More than half of the Wizards of the Sinister List were provoked, and they set off to fly!

This scene is extremely magnificent!

Hundreds of wicked wizards are standing opposite Lin Xingchen!

The beautiful lady in green was hesitant, and she could perceive that this young man was no different.

"Go tell Shen Lao, this breath is unfathomable, don't do it without permission, I have never seen this person in the evil list! I will protect these little guys in the evil list!"

The green-clothed woman voiced several elders who wanted to lay siege to Lin Xingchen.

At this time-


Lin Xingchen pulled the sword out of nowhere!

As soon as the sword came out of the sheath, the mountains and rivers moved, and the fourth floor of the boundary tower throbbed and dimmed, as if all the brilliance between heaven and earth would be dim under this sword!

This is a peerless sword. No one on the scene can see the grade clearly. I saw the sword body with ambilight, and the five fingers of Lin Xingchen are entangled in a vein. If the Excalibur!

"To deal with you, I only need one sword."

Lin Xingchen is as indifferent as Xuan Bing for thousands of years, and looks at all the evil spirits, if he looks at the dead!