My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1262

Vol 5 Chapter 1262: One Person And One Sword Who Can Stop It?

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There are not many old strong players in the world tower, but they dare not take it easy!

Very simple; in the Holy Realm, the more powerful the genius, the more horrible the background. Similar to Lin Chen's wonderful flower, who has no power to kill the demon list, he has been the only one from ancient times!

This young man is not on the list of evildoers, but his strength is so terrifying, which proves his extraordinary origin!

The enchantment list can determine the life and death of the fourth-grade sect in one sentence, and can attack the denominations below the sixth rank without any punishment. This is the privilege of the enchantment list, and the same is true for the higher level!

If this young man... is a list of saints! That is not the level that Cangyu Boundary Tower can afford!

The green lady didn't take the first shot, the enchanting list has been irritated. If she forcibly blocked, there will be constant persuasion of the demon, and she will force her to do it. At that time, she will be troubled on both sides, and she has to stabilize the situation. To protect people, on the contrary, there will be accidents in front of various denominations.

What she has to do is to protect the evil spirits list first. If she dies she is the sin of the tower!

Lin Xingchen and one hundred evil wizards stood against each other.

It has only been their bullies that bully others, and no one has bullied them!

When Lin Xingchen sneered, the side of the demon list took the lead!

"Wanhuo Lishen Gun!"

A wicked wizard holds two guns and dances thousands of fire sacrifices to heaven, turning into a meteor shower and falling down, every streamer is like a lore shot, spread all over the week!

"Tai Xuan Long Qing Shou!"

Another demon shoots a palm, palms evolved through the ages, and disillusioned the ten giant dragons to sweep the mountains and rivers, and turned the world!

"Golden Sword and Wind Sword!"

Ji Yuxuan's demon sword saint draws his sword, the long wind whizzes tens of thousands of miles, the wind is violent, the blade is golden, the sword with green and yellow sword is more powerful than a sword to Lin Xingchen!

"Zhenyang Split Sky Arrow!"

A sky-shattering arrow that pierced the stars and pierced the moon penetrated the lasing from a hundred thousand feet, pointing directly at Lin Xingchen's heavenly cover!

"Fast light split!"

"Wanfo Town Magic Palm!"


An orange-level martial arts method, a variety of supreme killing techniques, performing countless martial arts divine powers, and slamming Lin Xingchen, the spectacular scene is the ultimate. It is all from the hands of the demon list, and it is rare forever!

In the thirty-six territories today, there have been no signs of siege by hundreds of evil wizards in the 100,000 era!

Even if all of them have only 30 holy holes for cultivation, the hole has not yet been expanded, and the tricks they can play are not inferior to the saints in the expanded hole!

"A group of waste wood, see clearly, what is called a real exercise."

Lin Xingchen's shoulders shook violently, and his sword was traversing thousands of miles, splitting the sky!

At this moment, time seems to be forbidden!

Thousands of colored sword qi spewed out from his sword. He lifted his sword and walked like a sword fairy outside the sky. The sword monuments vanished out of thin air. Standing around him, dozens of beams of sword qi stormed like a tornado. The virtual shadow of tens of thousands of sword saints has evolved supreme swordsmanship from his side, such as clouding the moon, focusing on him!

"Wh... what?"

On Dongdao, a drunken drunkard suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Lin Xingchen's direction, trembling with fear!

"This is the vision of Wanjian worshipping God, which is not even reached by the old man!"

West Island, the white-browed old man in a green shirt looks horrified!

"Wanjian worships the gods, and the swordsmanship passes through the gods. Ancient and modern China and foreign countries can only be achieved by the swordsman's approval! In every era of the Holy Realm, there will only be one swordsman who passes the swordsmanship!"

South Island, another eagle-faced old man was shocked!

"Today's holy world, swordsmanship is the only one of the kings, who is the predecessor of Fang Xiaotian who is known as the land swordsman! Is this the second swordsmanship?"

At this moment, all the hidden sword saints lurking in the four islands changed their colors!

"breaking Dawn."

Lin Xingchen struck out with a sword!

This sword makes all the evil wizards dark!

As if the entire world was cut off by him! Only a little star light was continuously magnified in their eyes, and finally saw clearly, that little star light haunted the five-color sword qi, it was Lin Xingchen's sword tip!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

All the offensives of the hundred evil spirits exploded into a single instant!

The central island on the fourth floor of the boundary tower shuddered. If it was hit hard, it instantly shattered into countless pieces. All the evil candidates were affected and injured to varying degrees!

At the first moment, the beautiful woman in green dress stood in front of all the wicked wizards, slender hands raised, condensed with the ripples and embellishments, blocking the five-color sword light that pierced the space plane!

boom! boom!

When the green brilliance and the five-color sword gas collided, they finally blocked the edge of the sword, but the green-faced woman's face was slightly pale, and she was shaken back by dozens of miles.

The shattered aquamarine brilliance, like the scattered flowers of the celestial maiden, shoots into every demon wizard and alternate candidate to protect their lifeline!


The five-color sword spirit offensive is broken, the starlight is vertical and horizontal, and when the aftermath reverses, the faint starlight smashing through all the evil wizards, they spit blood and retreat at the same time!

Tens of thousands of saints on the four islands are horrified!

"The situation is wrong, save people!"

"Save the young master first!"

"Don't try to deal with that guy, give it to the Jie Tower, save the son and withdraw immediately!"

"Train the Sect Master, don't shoot without permission, save people and run!"

All the denominations with their own geniuses running for the election have sent out their own strong men to save people as soon as possible!

The key is that the strongest gang of powerful people all went to the fifth floor to see Lin Chen's Jill go!

Now the people here alone can't hold the horse alone, everyone's idea is to save people first!


The fifth floor; while the generals are still intensively discussing Lin Chens problems,

"Huh? Someone comes to Jie Tower to make trouble?"

"What happened to the kid? What, was hurt?"

"Wait, the situation is wrong!"

Almost all the powerful received the news as soon as possible by their own means.

"Huh? What happened?"

Lin Chen has been tireless for a long time. Seeing that these guys are not entangled with themselves, they can't help but find a reason to slip away.

Shen Lao, who has always been immortal, stood up suddenly, his eyes crossed the meaning of killing.

"Someone has come to the Boundary Tower to make trouble. Since the old man took over, such a thing has never happened. He is still a young man..."

Shen Lao tears the void and all the powerful people leave the secret room, leaving Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan in an instant.

"I'm leaning, everyone is so fast when it's time to go!"

Lin Chen mouth slightly smoked, Bai Ruoyan smiled Yan Yan.

"It's okay, we are together."

Slender hand a little void, Bai Ruoyan led Lin Chen to leave.


The fourth floor of the Boundary Tower, the fragmented central island is at high altitude.

In a white coat fluttering, the five-colored sword lingered around him, Lin Xingchen stepped on the sword qi storm, and stood with the sword.

He didnt chase down the enemies, and put his sword into the sheath,

Lin Xingchen didn't look at the wizards who were injured by him, walking in the void, his golden eyes flashed through the sharp sword light.

Those uncommitted monsters' pupils tremble, urge their body to retreat, and their scalp explodes!

One hundred evil wizards were defeated by his sword!

Where is this person sacred? ,

A hundred Wizards of the Wicked List, can't even take his sword?

One person with one sword, who can stop it?