My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1263

Vol 5 Chapter 1263: The Two Teamed Up Again

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brush! brush! brush!

Streamers move, the sky is full of light and shadow floating. The injured Wizards or alternate geniuses were all rescued.

Lin Xingchen strolled into the void, not thinking, golden pupils scanned the four islands.

After a moment, he frowned.

"Aren't people here? Didn't you say that the kid participated?"

Brush ~! He stepped on a sword light, and came to the space above the green woman's head. After holding his hands, he asked indifferently.

"Women, Lin Chen. Didn't you say you attended the meeting here? If you can't give a satisfactory answer, I will kill you first, and then slaughter the garbage just now."

He was condescending, as if by nature.

"He came here for Lin Chen? What did the little guy do to provoke this kind of person..."

The green lady's heart shook, she could expect Lin Chen to be a troublemaker, but did not expect to provoke people of this level!

But this time it was the green lady who was wrong. Only this time, it was not Lin Xingchen that Lin Chen provoked, but him who was provoked by the latter. Or, there was a fight between the two men until the death!

"How can Lin Chen provoke such a character? What is this little guy's origin..."

A drop of crimson waterdrops dotted the void, and the crimson fairy eavesdropped across the sky.

"Hey, hey, this guy is really a monster, he came here."

In the South Island, a pale-looking boy laughed strangely and crossed his eyes in his eyes.

In order to stabilize Lin Xingchen, the beautiful woman in green dress frowned.

"If you want Lin Chen, he will follow the tower master..."

Before the words were finished, the boy laughed loudly at Lin Xingchen's ear.

"The coach is here!"

On Dongdao, Lin Chen stood directly in front of him, and Bai Ruoyan followed him, holding Lin Chen in his palm.

Lin Chen's eyes looked directly at Lin Xingchen; for this person, he also had a taste of loosing numbers!

Lin Chen didn't believe in fate, but he could feel vaguely that if he continued to grow, he would one day meet Lin Xingchen again, but he didn't expect this day to come so fast!

He was curious, how did this guy get here? Just to kill yourself?

I'm afraid it's not that simple! Perhaps there is a deeper meaning and motivation!

"He is the one who trespasses the boundary tower?"

"It's too young... the old man has never seen such a demon, is it... the person of that world?"

Like the tens of thousands of saints in the four islands, the powers and elders of Qipin Juqing did not dare to easily shoot Lin Xingchen!

If it is a hidden elder or a strong player in the world, they are not afraid of it and they should do it. But if it is a young demon, it is not necessary!

After playing a small one, maybe a group of monsters will provoke behind!

The two elders walked through the void and came to Shen Lao. The green lady retreated to his side and whispered a few words into his ear. Shen Lao frowned and understood the situation.

"Your lord dare to openly kill someone at the boundary tower, sign up and sign up, no matter what your origin, you will not be able to retreat."

Shen Lao asked indifferently.

Lin Xingchen frowned, and the strength of those present could not attract much attention from him.

"Don't you answer, okay, if this just makes you wanton, and damages the reputation of our tower! The old man arrested you today, let the forces behind you come to lead people!"

Shen Lao's sleeves were shocked, his hands did not fluctuate, and he slapped at Lin Xingchen, but the entire fourth floor space was suddenly twisted and twisted!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Xingchen's space seemed to be locked up, and the transparent cubes sealed him!

Shen Lao's strength is unfathomable. Let Lin Chen can not help moving!

He could vaguely perceive that the realm of Shen Lao is almost the same as those of the elders and Ying Taotians of the seven ranks.

But the realm is the realm, and the strength is the strength. These are two different things. It is like the same as expanding the cave. The ordinary saint blooms 40 holy caves, expanding the cave 25 to 50 times.

The enchanted list is full of 40 holy holes, which can be expanded 150 times, 200 times or even higher! The same is the fourfold perfection of the Holy Realm, and the Expansion Cave Realm of the Monster List can defeat the ordinary Expansion Cave Realm with one finger. This is the difference in strength!

Lin Xingchen frowned when she was imprisoned.

"Well, this old thing can't be killed unless I'm in his heyday, because the woman of the demon clan, my injury has not fully recovered, I can only borrow some external force first."

Lin Xingchen pulled out the sword suddenly, biting the tip of his tongue and spitting out his blood on the sword, as if the sword's intention wrapped in five-colored clouds was growing!

"Five Emperors' Sword QiBai Emperor's Sword!"

Lin Xingchen waved his sword swiftly, the blade of the sword glowed with dazzling white swordmans, and split the sky and sky!

Choke~! Bang ~!

Bang~! Bang~!

The seal imprisonment set by Shen Lao was broken!

Even more frightening is that countless white swords and tens of thousands of swords flying into the sky, cut open the void, and actually cut off the space on the fourth floor of the Jie Tower!

Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan, who stood in front of many strong men, could still have action in the future, and they were completely cut off by Bai Guangjianmang.

At this moment, the complexion of Shen Lao and all the powerful people also changed!

Bang ~!

The space plane on the fourth floor of the Jie Tower collapsed and was separated by this sword!

"This sword has the strongest space-time trajectory, and this one can't be cast!"

When Shen Lao's expression changed slightly, everyone was immediately heard: "Everyone, I urge everyone to help stabilize this space for the old man. Afterwards, we will have a re-report! Otherwise, the middle layer of the Jie Tower will collapse, and things will be very troublesome!"

Tens of thousands of saints and various denominations looked at each other one after another, ignoring the others. A piece of sacred force was urged to pour into the divided space from all directions, stabilizing the fourth plane that was about to collapse.

However, Shen Lao and Ying Taotian and others are more worried about Lin Chen and others!

The current fourth-level space plane is cut into five parts, each part is covered with white swords, four islands in the southeast and northwest are the four parts, and the central island area is the fifth part!

Now on Central Island, only Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan, and Lin Xingchen are left!

"Oops, the goddess is trapped!"

The old lady of the Shenyan Palace tried to tear the space of the central island, but she couldn't pass the area covered by the white light sword, and her face changed slightly.

When the elders of the Qipin sect attacked the imprisonment in the four islands, Ying Taotian stepped out with a handsome face full of dignity.

"This Shenyan Palace friend, Senior Shen, let's do it together. I can't afford to keep it, otherwise the people inside are in danger!"

"Add me one more, the little guy Lin Chen is dead, and it is also a loss to us."

The peach skirt beautiful woman walked in a graceful posture.

"There is work, everyone." Shen Lao clenched his fist, and it took some time for him to break through the white light sword. If the four strongest players teamed up, he might be able to break the obstacle of the sword with the fastest speed. .

But the premise is that Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan must insist that they break the space barrier! Otherwise, Bai Ruoyan will have three lengths and two shorts, and the Shenyan Palace will have to be shocked by the three earthquakes, and the boundary tower will have more responsibilities!

The four people stand on one side, and the holy cave in the body condenses the endless holy power, pushing it out horizontally and bombarding it on the white light sword awn like the silver waterfall!

boom! boom! boom!

The fourth floor of the whole world tower was trembling!


In the space of the central island.

Lin Xingchen's mouth was bleeding, "It seems that it is too early to use the five emperors' sword qi, not to mention the injury itself, but now it is not a problem to win this person and regain the red **** Aya!"

On the other side; Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan looked at each other and smiled. It was amazing that I didn't feel the slightest pressure, as if the two were together, and I was not afraid of even the greatest difficulty.

"Sister Yan, how long have we not joined forces."

Lin Chen held the fairy jade hand, hehe laughed.

Bai Ruoyan smiled peerlessly-"The last time we joined forces, it was still against the false **** family."

"Then we will be crazier this time!"

When Lin Chen laughed with great enthusiasm, a piece of golden light flashed vertically, and the armor of the God of War was born, wearing it suddenly!