My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1264

Vol 5 Chapter 1264: Is That Human Being

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"Oops, although Lin Chen was shocked by heaven and earth, he was far from being able to contend with that monster!"

"What should I do? Mr. Shen and they can't break this sword spirit for a while!"

The elders of the six ranks of the sects were as anxious as the ants on the hot pot, and they had to break the imprisonment of sword qi and protect their disciples.

Suddenly, a glorious glory of golden light rose into the sky! Shining on the fourth floor of the whole world tower!

"This... this is?"

"My God, is this Lin Chen?"

"He still has the cards!"

The saints were horrified!

[The host uses the Ares right armor. The increase in the strength of the Ares set depends on the number of components and the degree of recovery.


Jin Guangyaotian, an invincible momentum to explode the heavens and the world, sweeping the entire space plane!

Lin Chen released the golden divine light all over his body. He rolled the silver robe, his eyes were like gold, and the strong Jin Hui made his whole body, flesh and bones and even a hair, all of which had undergone earth-shaking transformation!

Lin Chen's pure power was surging all the way, unstoppable, raging across the sky and breaking through the sky!

20 billion dragon power, 50 billion dragon power, 100 billion dragon power, 200 billion dragon power, 500 billion dragon, 700 billion dragon, 900 billion dragon power!

The golden light gleamed, and countless golden masculinities were included in Lin Chen's armor, like a boarding god, and now he was awake and his power was shaking for nine days, like the **** of war!

Still soaring!

Lin Chen's pure power, straight through the trillions of dragon powers!

1.100 billion dragon power, 1.300 billion dragon power!

Rumble~! Rumble~!

The fourth floor of the whole world tower is roaring, trembling, as if it is difficult to withstand this force!

All the saints in the four islands were dumbfounded!

They were still worried a moment ago, how can Lin Chen support Shen Lao in his hands to rescue them?

Now, whoever wins or loses is not necessarily!

Lin Xingchen finally moved!

A year ago, after a hurried battle, he remembered that Lin Chen's wrist brace had turned into an armor?

"Although there were injuries this year, I did not move in a row. I grew up from a small warlord to a holy land within a year. If I don't kill you today, it will be a big problem in the future!"

Lin Xingchen's rare dignity rose up, and Jian Feng picked it up, slashing Lin Chen across, and in a dim world, a ray of starry sky stared directly at Lin Chen!


Jin Hui flashed, the world was overturned, Jianmang burst into pieces!


Lin Xingchen's eyes narrowed, this sword was enough to instantly kill any of the five peaks of the Holy Realm, so that he could crack it so easily?

Lin Xingchen's five-color sword spirit is surging again!

The moment when Jianmang burst, Lin Chen stepped out slowly.

All the saints who were distracted by the battle were dumbfounded!

He was covered in gold and gleaming, a ray of golden goddess fluttered like a dragon shadow, his eyes turned like Lin Xingchen, and the golden light shone.

Beside the peerless beauty and companion, the golden divine power covers all directions. An epic picture scroll slowly and comfortably opened, just as the might of the God of War is unmatched, no one in the world can shake his edge!


Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and he exhaled a little.

Huh~! Click! Click! boom! boom!

In a breath like a 100,000 storm, thousands of miles of space on the central island was destroyed beyond recognition, the space burst, and countless space debris wandered away!


The sages of the saints exploded!

Just a casual breath, as if the world-extinguishing storm swept through the space plane, blowing the crystal wall of space into pieces!

What is the strength of Lin Chen now?

"This power is probably around 1.5 trillion dragon power, which is also the limit of the right arm of the God of War now..."

Lin Chen's heart was wonderful for a while, he had no doubt, and now he can raise his hand and throw his hand, holding the sun, moon and stars!

"Original... So we looked down upon him..."

"It's terrible. I thought the holy dragon was his last hole card. I didn't expect him to have a hand..."

"Don't say he hit three times, even today all the evil spirits present will not be his opponent!"

"How can there be such an unreasonable guy in this world..."

For the first time, the evil wizards feel frustrated!

They asked themselves not to be inferior to anyone in the world, but when they saw the two monsters Lin Chen and Lin Xingchen today, they felt how far they felt from them!

This distance is a gap in life!

"It is worthy of being the man the goddess looks at. If he is really a wizard, he might come to the Palace of Divine Flames over time!"

Protecting Bai Ruoyan's Shenyan Palace old lady for a while.

"Is it troublesome to this degree? It's a bit tricky. But if there is a scarlet satin on this child, all the price is worth it!"

Lin Xingchen's five-color sword qi splits a white light sword awn and merges into his sword.

His face was even paler!

"Last time I let you run, this time it was not so simple."

Lin Chen's body moved, and urged trillions of dragons to jump in space!

"Baidi JianqiSacrifice to Heaven!"

Lin Xingchen slashed with a sword, and the white light sword slashed like a star to cut the moon, splitting the entire central island plane!

"Reward you a punch!"

Lin Chen raised his hand and threw a fist into the sky, the golden dignity of the God of War armor skyrocketed sharply, hitting the place where the sword spirit was strongest!

Bang ~! boom!

The world tower is crumbling, the two sides are retreating, Lin Chen and Lin Xingchen vomit blood at the same time!

All the saints were turned upside down. The five planes that were split were as fast as a few rotations. They were dizzy. When they saw clearly, their mouths were slightly opened, as if they were ghosts!

In the space of the central island, a space of thousands of feet is cracked in the space of the tower body, leading directly to the outside world?

"Jie Tower was actually penetrated? My mother!"

"The space inside and outside the Boundary Tower may not even be able to explode in the sixfold Holy Realm. Are these two guys still human?"

A lot of veteran powerhouses are air-conditioning!

According to legend, a strong man with six heavy holy realms once had a grudge against the Jie Tower, and personally dispatched a surprise attack on the Jie Tower, but failed to break the boundary of the space. Now it has been broken by two young juniors?

At this time, a pure white flame descended from the sky, turned into a heavy beam of fire, and instantly bound Lin Xingchen!

All the sages were shocked, it was Bai Ruoyan, the goddess of Shenyan Palace!

"Brother Lin Chen!"

Bai Ruoyan's shot was full of effort. When a whisper, Lin Chen jumped into the sky, and his figure was like a fight, and the trillions of dragon forces broke a space crack!

Lin Chen came to Lin Xingchen in an instant, the God of War armor was like a mountain hammer, and a heavenly spirit cover that angered Lin Xingchen!


Lin Xingchen broke free from the moment's bondage, his sword pointed to the sky, and the sword struck out!

Dang ~! Bang ~!

The mountains and rivers are sinking, and the sun and the moon are eclipsed. Lin Xingchen's stamina came out this time and was seized by Lin Chen to take the lead and hit him with fists, slamming people beyond the boundary tower!


Lin Xingchen was injured, and a large number of attribute light **** were dropped. Lin Chen summoned the Holy Dragon to take it away.

Lin Chen couldn't care about what he had obtained. He stepped on Jinhui and rushed out of the boundary tower. Bai Ruoyan followed, and the three rushed outside the boundary tower.

Lin Chen has no time to replace others and break Lin Xingchen's sword energy. He uses the armor of the God of War and has limited power. He must defeat or kill him before the essence of the suit is exhausted!

Bang ~!

With a tremendous loud noise, Lin Chen and Lin Xingchen fought outside the boundary tower again!