My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1265

Vol 5 Chapter 1265: Burst Hole Under Crisis

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Outside the boundary tower, Cangyu Mountain is located in Cangyu.

Brush ~! Boom~!

Three silhouettes crisscross the sky, Lin Chen fists Lin Xingchen with a fist, and Jinhui fists across the sky, sweeping through the sun and the moon.

Lin Xingchen cut across, and the blade of the sword slashed Lin Chen's wrist, and a series of sparks exploded from Dang Dang Dang!

Bang~! Lin Chen missed his fist, but was cut by Lin Xingchen with a sword. Fortunately, he was protected by the armor of the God of War, otherwise this sword can let him directly divide the body!

"The collision just now, his holy power has a kind of coercion that the holy world sage does not have, but it has not yet transformed."

Lin Chen was cut to the ground, and his consciousness was not sinking.

Lin Chen vaguely knows the fourfold of the Holy RealmExpansion of the Cave Realm.

Lin Xingchen's cultivation was not fully understood by him, but he vaguely estimated that he did not have the taste of condensing the realm, but his swordsmanship was ridiculously high.

That is to say, his true cultivation probably hasn't surpassed the cave-increasing state yet?

"Damn, how terrifying this guy is! The cave-increased realm can receive Chen Fang and my fist with a force of more than 1.5 trillion dragons? Is that your **** system?"

Lin Chen's mouth was slightly pumped. With 1.5 trillion dragon power, the five layers of Holy Realm could easily be crushed into pieces, and could not touch a Lin Xingchen?

Lin Chen, regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, jumped into the air again!

No matter what the origin of Lin Xingchen is today, he will fight to the end!

"Holy fire refining the sky!"

Bai Yan was empty, like a fire **** surrounding Lin Xingchen, Bai Ruoyan's fingertips were connected, and the erupting flame of the eternal flame crashed into him from the fire hell!

"Annoying stuff, get out!"

Lin Xingchen waved his sword, slashing three Baiyao swords to cut off the hell, and the last sword greeted Bai Ruoyan!

Bai Ruoyan's expression was solemn, and when he was about to bite the tip of his tongue to urge the secret method, a bunch of golden gods turned into a fist, banging the sword with a bang!

"I want to see how many swords you can use!"

Lin Chen's foot kicked, tearing the void, flashing to Lin Xingchen's Heavenly Spirit cover, and punched out with fist!

Bang ~! With this punch, the trillion dragon power burst out and penetrated the entire ground of Jiujian Mountain. It was beaten upside down, and only the aftermath overturned the Wanli Mountain River into fragments!


Lin Xingchen snorted coldly, the swords turned like a roulette wheel, and the blazing white light spurred away, and received a touch of golden radiance!

Dang ~! Bang~!

Lin Xingchen was repulsed hundreds of miles, Lin Chen took the victory and chased, and an elbow hit Lin Xingchen. When the pure power broke out, Lin Xingchen's white light sword gas was lifted up sharply. On the contrary, a sword was slashed in the arm of the God of War!

Dang ~! boom! The void was broken, Lin Chen was cut back with a sword, and his arm was numb.

"Fuck, what the **** is his sword, it doesn't look like a holy sword, and it is connected to his arm..."

Lin Chen sighed in a sigh of relief, drove the Dragon Force and raided Lin Xingchen without giving him a chance to breathe!

He beat and destroyed all the way all the way. The arm of the God of War, his right arm, waved close to Lin Xingchen's chest, abdomen, and speed. He punched up with a punch, tearing the sky into endless space cracks, shocking!

Lin Xingchen blocked the three swords in a row, and responded equally fast, horizontally, diagonally, and vertically. After receiving Lin Chen's power-packed fist, at the same time as he retired, the other one stabbed out, facing Lin Chen's

boom! boom! boom!

The two of them went from the battle of Jinji Mountain to the Canglong Mountain Range. What they passed was only a moment, hundreds of thousands of miles were turned into ruins, and everything was destroyed so far!

Although Lin Chen's pure power can shake Lin Xingchen today, he can only use his right hand to fight, and as long as Lin Xingchen has a sword, he must resist with the armor of the God of War!

1.5 billion dragon power can stop his sword spirit after rhyme, but he can't stop his sword spirit sharp edge!

In the face of Lin Xingchen, all of Lin Chens current methods are too weak and too immature!

No matter it is rune, talent, awakening, nirvana, mind, cultivation, everything, it cant even interfere with him, just like a child dancing with a sword in front of an adult, the only reliance is the armor of the God of War!

Lin Xingchen Any time a sword is shot at close range, Lin Chen must use the armor of the God of War to resist, as long as there is an error, he will be instantly cut into gray by sword gas!

Lin Chen's spiritual perception can be described as being stimulated to the extreme at this moment, coupled with his long-term use of wandering fruit and spiritual awakening, the speed of spiritual perception far exceeds the same level.

Lin Xingchen held his sword, brandished his sword, produced his sword, and every detail, Lin Chen didn't let it go. Seeing the tricks, he shook the sword with his fist, and blocked the sword with his fist!

"I don't necessarily consume more energy in this way. I have to find an opportunity to erupt the strength of the armor of the God of War to a higher level, and take advantage of it. But the chance is only once, and the essence of my suit is not much!"

Lin Chen became more and more courageous, and the attributed light ball that Lin Xingchen occasionally dropped into his body, but he was completely unaware!

Bang ~! Click~

When Lin Chen's body heard a blast, the sound of a cracked eggshell echoed, and his 20 hexagonal stars had an even brighter hexagonal star!

Lin Chen actually broke a hole at this juncture? Break through the bottleneck and step into the triple early stage of the Holy Land in one fell swoop!

Even more ridiculous, he didn't even realize that he devoted himself to the battle of mobilizing pure power!

Seeing that Lin Chen had made another breakthrough, Lin Xingchen, who had always been indifferent and lonely, could not be stirred up by any opponent, but at the moment, his heart was a bit irritable!

In the past, apart from the demon woman, he hardly ever saw those opponents killed by him!

Only this battle made him more irritable. He thought that Lin Chen could be won 100%. The main power used to block Shen Lao and Jie Tower and other people. How could he even explode such a strong power?

At this time, Lin Chen's offensive changed, and the dragon force was urged to retreat!

"Brother Lin Chen, attack him and let me cover you."

When Bai Ruoyan transmitted the sound; with a bang, the sky shook an abyss-like space crack, the waves of fire rolled, the flames swept through the sky, hundreds of thousands of giant palms were burning the nine-fold firemark of pure white flames, burning Nine Xiao Yuntian, burning the sky into a sea of fire!

Nine heavy burning heaven palm! Shenyan Palace Orange Rank is awesome, nine-in-one, which is comparable to Orange Rank intermediate combat skills!

Moreover, this trick was personally performed by Bai Ruoyan, and the power of the eternal flame and Shenyan Heart Sutra appeared divine, and even Lin Xingchen showed a trace of surprise!

This woman's combat power is somewhat beyond his expectations!

"Baidi Three Swords!"

Lin Xingchen's five-colored sword flashed with a sword in his hand surged Bai Hui, slashing three swords obliquely! The triangle-shaped white-mans sword marks rose into the sky!

Poof~! Poof~!

Jian Feng cut off the nine days, white flames were empty, and they were flying, and scattered into countless broken awns, a golden afterimage flashed suddenly in front of Lin Xingchen!

"It's raging? You're still far away!"

Lin Xingchen's eyes were swift and ready, and his left finger exploded with the five-colored swordman's anger, taking the finger as a sword, and a sword pierced Lin Chen in front of him!

Lin Chen's figure was defeated and turned into a star burst to dissipate!

"No, avatar!"

Lin Xingchen reacted in an instant. Although this person's breath is exactly the same as Lin Chen, it is difficult to tell the truth, but there is no such force that breaks the sky, the sun and the moon, it is false!

It was at this moment that a fist that shone with gold shone down from behind Lin Xingchen!