My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1266

Vol 5 Chapter 1266: Chishen Aya

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Lin Chen made a phantom phantom with a phantom phantom, but in fact approached Lin Xingchen with Tianyin runes.

[The host continues to increase the strength of the Ares armor, the right armor charge: 1.89% reduced to 1.25%.

Bang ~! Directly mobilize all the strength of the Ares armor, and suddenly consume a large number of parts to recharge, pulling it up to the limit he can withstand!

1.60 billion dragon power, 1.800 billion dragon power, 200 billion dragon power, 2.20 billion dragon power!

Lin Chen banged out with a punch, the space was trembling, the world was capsized, and time and space were caught in the chaos of the world!

This fist broke two trillion dragon powers in anger! Before Jin Guang's fists were completely squeezed, it shattered thousands of miles of space. It was like a shocking blow to the world, and he hit Lin Xingchen!

Lin Xingchen was swayed by a false shot, and did not have a self-disordered position. After quickly backhanding the sword and holding it, the five-color sword gas of the flowing sword body turned from white to blue!

"Five Emperors' Sword QiBlue Emperor's Sword!"

The azure streamer appeared like a screen, and when it was just behind Lin Xingchen, Jin Guang fisted him with a fist!

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

The force that penetrated the sun, moon and stars struck Lin Xingchen, the sky blasted an unprecedented air wave, and the sky completely collapsed in hundreds of thousands of miles. The aftermath of this punch, even Bai Ruoyan, slightly affected , The beauty was lifted off the potential!

Lin Xingchen brushed the whole person down, falling hundreds of times faster than the meteor!

boom! boom! boom!

The earth's veins are broken down in an instant, as if the egg was broken by a hammer!

The entire mountain range, hundreds of thousands of miles away, collapsed in an instant, bursting through the cracks like a python, spreading all the way crazy, and dozens of mountains along the way collapsed and collapsed like tofu pieces!

Cangyu, Fozong City.

Everything here is ignorant, and Buddhist monks who participate in the cultivation of Buddhism retreat here.

In a temple, the two abbots in yellow shirts suddenly opened their eyes, passing St. Mang in their eyes, full of doubts.

"Strange, no disaster has happened in recent days, how could there be an earthquake, blame, blame?"

The two abbots were about to move. With a bang, a terrible force penetrated through the ground from the dragon, and with a bang, the temple collapsed in an instant!

"This... what happened?"

"Earthquake? It came from there!"

"Jie Tower's direction? Right, Jade Tower is more than two million miles away from us!"


The smoke dissipated, Lin Chen gasped, his strength dropped from 1.5 billion dragon power to 1.20 billion dragon power.

Just a moment ago, it consumed six thousandths of the armor of the Ares armor, and a few more times, he did not have much limit on the armor of the Ares armor.

The bottom of the mountain range below, cracked hundreds of thousands of feet of giant pits, shocking, like a ruin of the ancient ruins.

"Still let the **** defend..."

Lin Chen looked around. Fortunately, the surrounding area was surrounded by the defense tower. There were few forces stationed in it, and there were no people within a million miles. Otherwise, how many people would be buried with that punch.

Bai Ruoyan turned into a ray of light smoke, Lin Chen worried: "Sister Yan, all right."

"It's okay. His breath hasn't disappeared yet. Let's go quickly and withdraw to the boundary tower..."


At this time, before the words were finished, a sword light rose into the sky, Lin Xingchen wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth, and he was surrounded by the five-color sword qi, the momentum was not reduced!

"Very well, this is the first time I have been forced to this level by a mortal. Lin Chen, you really have a value worth killing."

Lin Xingchen smiled angrily, but Lin Chen said suddenly.

"I said, are you sick? Just because I look handsomer than you or how good are you, you must kill me so persistently? What is your motivation for killing me?"

Lin Xingchen frowned: "In that Holy King's Tomb, you touched something you shouldn't touch. If you hand it over, it's a good idea to let you go."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Holy King's Tomb? What should I touch in the tomb of the Holy King?

He escaped from the death of the tomb of the Holy King, and the little shadow only stolen two things for him!

"I only took two things from the coffin of the Holy King Haotian, one is the blue jade stick that can produce the seeds of luck, and the other is the cut red silk! Is it because he is the same of these two? Come?"

Lin Chen's heart was shocked. With Lin Xingchen's background and combat power, the blue jade crystal rod that produced the seeds of luck and planting might not attract him.

If calculated in this way, it is most likely to come for the cut red silk!

"Aya, I dont have more than one, I have a total of four Aya! He only knows that I took one Aya and madly killed him to the Jade Tower to find me, mother, if let him know that I have four Pieces, I am afraid not to fight my old life!"

Seeing Lin Chen's changing look, Lin Xingchen sneered"It seems that you already know, hand it over, otherwise I will kill your woman. Your strength is weakened, and then fight, you think you will be My opponent?"

Lin Xingchen is bluffing Linchen.

In fact, he is also the end of a strong crossbow. If he is allowed to return to the innocent state of his heyday, let alone Lin Chen wearing the armor of the God of War, the people in the boundary tower will not be his opponents!

He is just forcing it!

"Yes, my strength is reduced. However, how do you think I only have this card?"

Lin Chen grinned, not afraid of Lin Xingchen.

"Is there a back hand?" Lin Xingchen frowned, as the five-color sword radiated brilliance, at this time, the space was distorted!

"It's really a young man who is overdone."

"Is it true that my world tower does not exist?"

Shen Lao and Ying Taotian, peach skirt beautiful woman, the old woman of Shenyan Palace, appeared at the same time!

They have broken the shackles, stabilized the status of the boundary tower, and left the tower for the first time!

"Have you broken the bondage?"

Lin Xingchen was a little surprised, this was more than double the time he expected!

"Of course I would like to thank my little shadow."

When Lin Chenlang laughed, an inky dragon shadow returned to Lin Chen, confidently yeah, and seemed to be inviting credit to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen released the Holy Dragon to collect the attribute light sphere in the boundary tower, and also left the small shadow in the boundary tower. The shadow was born in the boundless void, and his understanding of the space field is far beyond ordinary creatures.

Lin Xingchen's Bai Di Jian Qi involves the Avenue of Time and Space, Lin Chenhao gambled, leaving the little shadow in the boundary tower to help you to break the shackles, fortunately, the bet is right!

"Innate Shadow? It seems more than that..."

Lin Xingchen regained his previous calm, looked around at all the strong men who surrounded him, and sneered.

"Well, keep it in your hands for a while, this thing is not collected completely, and you can't see its secret. You are the mortal who first ignited my anger, I will definitely cut you in other days!"

Lin Xingchen waved his sword, Bai Mang divided the void, and Lin Xingchen disappeared.

"Want to go?"

Shen Lao grabbed his hands and opened the space blockade, but found that he could not stop Lin Xingchen from leaving!

His sword, the space channel split open like a terminal point that does not belong to the Holy Realm, even Shen Lao can't cut off his space channel!

Ying Taotian waved a hand, Lin Xingchen had long since disappeared and threw himself into an empty space.

"The secret can only be peeped after the collection. It seems that the four pieces of red silk secrets I have are quite big."

When Lin Chen thought about it, when she looked down at the tremendous pit, it shone with a dazzling attribute light, which made her happy!