My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1267

Vol 5 Chapter 1267: Lin Chen Who Is More And More Abnormal.

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"The beginning of this young man may have exceeded our expectations..."

Ying Taotian fell into contemplation. He had previously wanted to fight with Mr. Shen to forcibly retain the other party, but he finally hesitated!

As the Qipin Sect Master, his words and deeds are responsible for the sect. If you provoke such a young man who dares to break through the world tower alone, the power behind him may be unimaginable!

Shen Lao was not surprised by the actions of everyone around him, and even the cooperative relationship was not counted. It was already a good face to help Jieta stabilize the situation. They cannot force them to deal with this young man.

When Shen Lao turned to Lin Chen, he hadn't had time to ask about his injury. He raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"Are you actually breaking through to repair?"

Although Lin Chens atmosphere of concealing cultivation is excellent, he cant hide the series of figures like Shen Lao.

"Uh..." Lin Chen didn't know himself. When he looked inside himself in one thought, when the 21 six-pointed star-colored sacred caves were shining, they showed an embarrassed and polite smile.

"Well, maybe someone who looks handsome, does practice really have no bottleneck?"

Hearing this, the beautiful woman Taotao and Ying Tao were stunned!

Is that human being? Hu Lai must have a degree!

In the alternate game, there were 10 bursts of holes in a row. How long did it take before they were promoted to Holy Land Triple?

It is expected that they would have occupied a place on the evildoer list anyway. It took a few years or ten years to break through this bottleneck, and it was actually surpassed by this little guy in a month...

"Monster, it's really a monster! To describe you with a demon is simply not a one-of-a-kind..."

"Lin Chen, maybe in time, you have the opportunity to become the most terrifying 100 people on the list of evildoers!"

Ying Taotian and Peach Skirt Beauty gave Lin Chen a very high rating!

"I've never thought of that evil list as the goal, this time just for the sake of an identity to act conveniently."

Lin Chen smiled at random, turned and rushed into the giant pit, but made the three people look stagnant!

On the other side; the old lady of Shenyan Palace panicked rarely.

"Goddess, you... actually lifted the seal and used the torch?"

The old lady was shocked and horrified. She looked at Bai Ruoyan with a worried face. If she had three lengths and two shorts, the whole Shenyang Palace would be shocked up and down!

"It's okay..." Bai Ruoyan's face was pale and she shook her head-"It's just to temporarily undo the seal, the elders don't need to worry..."

"Ah! It's my negligence, my wife." The old woman sighed deeply.

"It's not the elder's fault, but I insisted on leaving. The elder should never blame himself."

Bai Ruoyan said softly, the old lady sighed and said nothing, and she delivered a ray of divine power to help Bai Ruoyan move her mind and adjust her healing.

This time when he went out, Bai Ruoyan secretly left, and originally thought that sending himself to protect the goddess should be no problem. Mo said that the strength, the name of the Palace of Divine Flame is enough to deter countless nights.

But what happened was that Lin Xingchen, an extraordinary monster, didn't look at his face!

"Goddess, don't blame the old wife for talking, I have been in the palace, for your safety..."

The old woman wanted to speak, Bai Ruoyan stunned, looking at Lin Chen rushing into the giant pit, could not help feeling sad.

"Are you leaving again, say goodbye, I don't know when I will meet..."


Lin Chen took off the armaments of the God of War, not taking into account the feeling of weakness in his body, swallowed a few Long Qingguo casually, and immediately entered the depths of the giant pit.

With a punch of two trillions of dragon power, he penetrated the ground into a paste. The deep pits were more than 100,000 feet deep. The colorful light **** nearby were all over the ground, or suspended in the void, dazzling, and each of them was of high quality. !

A beam of light rises in the center of the giant pit!

The golden light is gorgeous; the light is like the divine light, and inside the beam is a golden treasure chest.

"Golden? It doesn't seem to be part of the Ares suit..."

Lin Chen grabbed a palm.

[The host opens a treasure chest with specific talent attributes, and obtains orange-level intermediate passive talent fragments: Extreme God Possession (4/4), and the talent fusion is completed. Please check from the talent column.

Bang ~! !

At this moment, Lin Chen released endless holy light, his 21 holy caves holy power skyrocketed, nine colors like the sun and the moon, mountains and seas can not be comparable to one!

In his Taiyi space-time, 21 virtual holy caves are as menstrual and menstrual, and the holy power has tripled! This makes Lin Chen's strength soaring!

When Shen Lao and others were still negotiating, they were stunned to see the vision of Shenkeng!

"What a terrible holy power, this... how could this be the cultivation practice of the Sanjing triple?"

"How many secrets does this little guy have..."


Lin Chen shivered!

Orange level intermediate talent?

Since the Orange Order talent he obtained, only the God Killer who fights against the false gods and the Sky Rebel who has only appeared once have reached the Orange Order Intermediate Level!

The remaining sun gods, destiny life and death, instant light splitting, extinction fissures, super chaos, are all orange rank low-level!

Most importantly, this is a permanent talent!

Lin Chen can't wait to open the system.

[(Permanent) Orange Rank Intermediate Passive Talent Extreme God Possession, Talent Effect: The host uses all exercises, body skills, offensive and defensive combat skills, including the mind, which can increase the power by 300%. Note: This talent is a passive and active homogenous talent. If you consume talent points, you can use the extreme **** possessive talent once for the designated combat skills of the host's current cultivation practice, and you will get the effect of a very possessive spirit...]

Lin Chen's mouth gradually widened!


Orange level intermediate talent, really abnormal!

Even if Lin Chen does not use this talent, the talent can also increase the power of all his exercises by 300%! Including mentality!

A 300% increase in mentality means that his "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" has tripled, and the holy power of the virtual holy cave in Tai Yi space-time has tripled!

The opening of one holy cave in the Holy Land is equivalent to 100 million dragon power, the second one is 200 million dragon power, and the third one is 500 million dragon power.

Lin Chen bloomed 21 sacred caves with a power of 3.5 billion dragons, and gained the blessing of'Taiyi Space-Time' cultivated by the mind method, and doubled the amount of the sacred caves. The actual cultivation power is equivalent to 7 billion dragon powers, which is double that of ordinary people. !

However, the virtual power of the virtual holy cave has been tripled now! Equivalent to 7 billion dragon force holy cave repair, plus 10.5 billion dragon force!

17.5 billion dragon power!

This number is like an astronomical figure for the Holy Land Triple! This is completely a force that can be controlled by expanding the cave!

"Ji God Possess, this talent is great! My "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" because of the lack of mind, the last two articles, is not complete, which makes it impossible to perform [Heart Strengthening], but Ji God Possess does not have this obstacle, directly 3 times! With his mothers mind and triple foundation, the orange-level exercises performed are also tripled, which is six times!"

Lin Chen's face was full of chitty mans face, and he laughed in the sky!

"I really want to thank your family, Lin Xingchen...hahaha!"

Every upgrade of the Orange-level exercises is a crucial transformation. Now Lin Chen has tripled his mind and 6 times all his combat skills!

what does this mean? This means that he is in a state of being more perverted than the'ultimate moment'!