My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1268

Vol 5 Chapter 1268: Shen Flame Palace Is Coming

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Lin Chen has this foundation. Once he enters the cave-enlarging territory, he will soar to the sky and shake the world!

If it had been before, Lin Chen would have thought of becoming stronger to a new height, but after experiencing Lin Xingchen's battle, Lin Chen's mentality changed a lot.

This person's cultivation is not high, but his strength is abnormally terrifying! The leapfrog battle is simply outrageous to the sky. From an intuitive perspective, it is not like a world's creatures at all. The origin may be far more than the monster list!

After personally experiencing it, Lin Chen knew the difficulty of leapfrogging in the Holy Realm. When he was in the Realm of the Warlord, the Warlord Fourfold could face the Battlelord Sevenfold.

But in the holy realm, even if he has all kinds of orange rank talents against the sky, it is nothing more than the holy realm doubled to overstep the battle against the holy realm fourfold, and the holy realm more than fivefold, he must use the final trump card of the God of War armor .

"Improving strength is imperative. Next, I will collect more essence of the suit at any cost to create the God of War suit, and I will go to the holy prison to find the fourth volume of the mind and the whereabouts of the nine brake nails. Row!"

Lin Chen exhaled, Luo Yaoer told himself, before reaching the sixth level of the Holy Realm, don't approach the Cangyu "storm eye" she said.

Perhaps there is a foundation of "Extreme Possession", Lin Chen can sneak into the Holy Prison one step in advance!

"Strength is still not enough!"

After the ecstasy, Lin Chen was more calm.

He flicked and took away hundreds of attributed light **** dropped by Lin Xingchen.

[Obtained 310,000 points of water energy, 10 billion points of advanced fighting spirit essence, 1 million points of advanced skill essence, 690,000 talent points, 650,000 points of heavenly path value, 200 million points of strengthening points, 200,000 points of mental power, 22 The essence of the 10,000 point suit...]

To Lin Chen's surprise, the horror of the high quality of each attribute is high!

Lin Chen licked his lips-"It is really seeking wealth and wealth, and the slight drop in the attribute value of Lin Xingchen can make me leap forward, if he can kill him..."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, feeling that he thought too much. In front of this person, it is not bad to be able to protect himself at this stage.

"Oh! I have a lot of money now, why not exchange it for a large number of cultivation resources!"

An idea hit Lin Chen like thunder!


Boundary Tower, fourth floor.

Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan returned under the protection of Shen Lao and others.

Han Yizhi flew across the air, full of worry-"Squad leader, how are you?"

The beautiful lady has bright red hair fluttering, Jian Qingcheng comes out with a sword light, seeing Lin Chen is unharmed, he was relieved in his heart and couldnt help but blame-"You are too reckless, why should you take the initiative to meet him, in the boundary tower Is it true that all the seniors break the ban? Is it true that several of my seniors in Jianyu are planning to help..."

Lin Chen smiled and said-"Why, are you worried about me?"

"Cough... Of course, without an opponent like you, wouldn't I lose my goal..." Jian Qingcheng coughed softly, and her delicate ears were stained with Hongxia.

She didn't realize at all that her poor excuse had caused the sword domain powerful behind her to cover her mouth and laugh.

They had never seen the indifference, the sword obsessed with kendo revealed this look.

Bai Ruoyan seemed to be a non-smiler. He glanced at Lin Chen and preached-"Let you cheat another girl."

Someone Lin coughed a little: "It's not my business, I'm very simple."

"Really, is it the kind of simplicity that the wound is swollen and my sister uses her mouth?"

Someone Lin: "Cough cough cough!"

Han Yizhi: "Squad leader, your voice is not good? Your voice is not good, you drink magma, very effective."

Lin Chen: "...Stubborn boy, which side are you standing on! Don't think you look good and don't dare to discourage you!"


"The elder husband deeply regrets and regrets this incident, and the elders and I will unanimously discuss the decision and give compensation to the forces of all parties. We will bear all the losses of the injured, and we will compensate all the chambers of commerce. The time spent doing business in the Boundary Tower has increased by ten years..."

Mr. Shen, who was on the fourth floor, personally announced the compensation matters, which made the forces of all parties give thumbs up.

And the business of letting go of the business does two things. A large number of strong people and people flow means that the resources are abundant and the circulation is great.

In the past, every session of the'Decade of Jihad' will gather a large number of saints and strong men. This one is far more than in the past, because the devil's list is also in person, resulting in a lot of strong men concerned.

The Chamber of Commerce is here, and every day's profit is an astronomical figure. Those who can enter the Tower of the World are no different from the cultivation base!

As long as the transaction with a strong man is successful, it is better than dozens of transactions between the outside world and ordinary saints!

Today, Shen Laofangs business is directly extended for ten years, and it is directly extended to the next alternative meeting. It serves two purposes, which can avoid the excessive compensation of the world tower and the excessive consumption of resources and inventory. It can also allow businessmen to continue to pay tax. Tower bottom Yun.

Boundary Tower, eighth floor, in an attic.

"Sister Ruoyan, are you going to leave so soon?" Lin Chen held Bai Ruoyan tightly.

Bai Ruoyan caresses Lin Chen's face and smiles Yan Yan: "Well, I will wait for you. When my little thief comes to Shenyan Palace to pick me up."

Lin Chen frowned: "Can I pick you up now?"

Bai Ruoyan shook his head: "Before I failed to fully control the eternal flame and the inheritance of the flame of the flame palace, my time for action will not be much."

Lin Chen said viciously-"Then I will rob you!"

"Then you have to deal with someone stronger than the elder outside, maybe hundreds or thousands."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

hundreds of? That old woman is already close to Shen Lao's level. There are hundreds of Shenyan Palace stronger than her?

What is the horror of Shenyang Palace?

"Then I am sure that the media is getting married!"

"The plaintext conditions of the Palace of Gods Flame, the relatives need at least eight ranks of the sect background, the top 1000 in the list of evildoers. And just the relatives, not necessarily passed."

Lin Chen: "..."

"Okay, don't tease you." Bai Ruoyan covered his mouth and chuckled. "Nothing can stop us from being together. After my sister has fulfilled her promise to the Palace of the Flames, she will come to you."

"Sister Ruoyan!"

Lin Chen stared straight at the fairy, and the beauty of her beauty accelerated quietly, Xia dyed her cheeks.

"I, I want to..."

Bai Ruoyan's cheeks were blushing, the heavens went down, Hao teeth clenched, and his fingers pressed against Lin Chen's lips, slightly sighing-"Not allowed to think!"

"Goddess... There is a man in the palace."

At this time, the old lady passed into the room.

Bang ~!

On the eighth floor of the World Tower, a violent wind is rolled up!

When the space broke open, a palace suddenly descended from the sky, and it came from afar, and moved the whole palace!

The pupils who were injured by Lin Xingchen and healed on the eighth floor looked up at the sky, their pupils shrank!

In front of the palace; there are eight figures standing!

These eight people have men and women, and the supreme weather of the natural saints. When they appear, it seems that the vision that occupies the whole world becomes the center, from the invincible geniuses in the Shenyang Palace!