My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1269

Vol 5 Chapter 1269: I'll Come And Talk To Them

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"I wait for the rescue to come late, please ask the goddess for atonement!"

The eight in front of the palace in the void, kneeling on one knee, as if even apologizing were born to be superior.

Headed by a snow armored young man, his face was like a sword, his face was fair and fair, his bravery was strong, his nose was tall, and he looked like a king overlooking all living beings.

The evil wizards who are as strong as the evil monsters list look out from the sky, and they all feel suffocated by oppression!

In the palace, eighteen elders are suspended, all of them are strong, second only to the old lady who protects Bai Ruoyan personally!

However, at the next moment, when Xue Cai youth witnessed the top of the attic, a silver-robed teenager and Bai Ruoyan walked out hand in hand, and they were furious!

"Ravage! Where did the ants dare to disrespect the goddess of my flame palace? Die!"

The snow armor young man stood up sharply, his fingers flicked, and the white brush that cracked the space like a needle tip!

This time, the mighty but extremely terrifying, tearing the space into a vacuum, aiming at the extreme accuracy, is completely directed at Lin Chen, and will not hurt Bai Ruoyan a trace!


Bai Ruoyan waved his sleeves, shattered Bai Mang, and said coldly-"Bold wind and snow, what do you want to do!"

Feng Tianxue clenched his fists and gritted his teeth-"Goddess, you are noble and extraordinary, how can you let this kind of dirty ordinary people defile your **** body!"

"The eighteen generations of ancestors that tainted your grandma and bear! Do you pretend to be a geoduck? Believe it or not, the coach forced you to go to your ancestral tomb in two days!"

Lin Chen stepped forward and stood in front of Bai Ruoyan, full of chill in his sneer!

Originally Bai Ruoyan was called back in such a hurry, his heart was full of discomfort, and he was also targeted by these kings and bastards, did not get angry when he was squeezed by someone in Lin?

"Oh, the trivial tribe of the Holy Realm?"

Feng Tianxue's condescending sneer, even the four young flame palace youths behind him also showed sarcasm or disdain.

"Do you know what it means for the Holy Realm triple in the Shenyang Palace?" Feng Tianxue flicked his nails, predominantly.

"The sweeping old monk in my palace is also a four-stage start of the holy realm. The holy realm is triple, and at most it is a watchdog. You are as bad as a dog like this. Now, kneel down and self-discipline, and you can keep the whole body. "

He was so proud, as if he was born with nine ranks, so of course, it would be like alms and mercy to say more words to others.

At this time-

"How about the triple of the Holy Land." Instead, Bai Ruoyan pulled Lin Chen behind him. You two protect me, and I look after you. I simply envy others.

Bai Ruoyan said to Feng Tianxue indifferently-"Brother Lin Chen's full play is less than 23, what kind of thing was Feng Tianxue when he was 23?"

What is it?

The Wizards of Shenyang Palace were shocked!

Everyone in the demon list is also shocked!

For the first time, they heard Tianxian cursing people!

"The Sanctuary of 23 is Triple..."

The geniuses behind Feng Tianxue slightly suffocated!

Indeed, at the age of 23, they did not even become a holy land!

After sanctification, the appearance of aging is extremely slow. Almost all geniuses do not care about these decades. Even when they first saw Lin Chen, they subconsciously thought that they were only of the same age.

"The 23-year-old Holy Realm Triple? Lin Chen? Are you Lin Chen?"

Feng Tianxue's expression condensed. He heard in the middle of the Shenyan Palace. He heard the name a few times. When he became sanctified, he burst 9 holes in a row. It is indeed a talent for heavenly monsters!

"He is that Lin Chen?"

"In this way, it's really handsome..."

"We are here to pick Sister Ruoyan, what are you doing together!"

Several women in the Shenyang Palace, who are all over the country, have different styles and cast curious eyes on Lin Chen.

"This son is Lin Chen?"

"Well, it's a seedling."

Eighteen elders looked at Lin Chen one after another.

Lin Chen pulled Bai Ruoyan behind him again and smiled wildly.

"If Sister Yan, you don't have to waste time with these people. To deal with such people, I have a tried-and-true method, that is, hit him until he serves!"


Feng Tianxue looked up and laughed, as if hearing some of the world's greatest jokes.

"Potentiality is potentiality, strength is strength. Potential also has to survive to become a strong man. You are a sacred realm, and you dare to challenge me, can't you find death?"

"Oh, looking for death?" Lin Chen smiled indifferently, before the golden light flashed, the God of War armor appeared.

Seeing that he took out his golden armor, all the wicked wizards watching from afar suddenly had scalp numbness!

Rumble~~! boom! boom! boom!

The windowsill exploded and the portal was broken. The loft in the VIP island on the eighth floor can be said to be flying around, and it only takes a breath from quiet and elegant to noisy and chaotic.

Many of the monsters who were still lying on the hospital bed and planned to compensate for the Pit Boundary Tower suddenly bounced out of the bed and lived like dragons and tigers, and ran out like crazy!

"Damn, he's coming again!"

"My grandma's day, I still have to stay away from him! It's a madman to escape!"


"Lin Chen is going crazy!"

All the wicked wizards are just like seeing ghosts!

"Huh? Why is it that the most recent list is so seedless?"

The people at the Palace of Divine Flames couldn't help laughing, as if watching a group of clowns.

Do you know that the Wizards of the Monster List look at Shenyan Palace and others with an expression of you coolness?

Not slipping?

Damn, they clearly saw that Lin Chen and that sword overturned their "perverted" fight back and forth!

With that punch, I can penetrate the boundary tower! Don't slip right now, isn't that the old life star hangs up, is it too long?

Not to mention Lin Chen, he is a lunatic! Crazy, he even dare to kill the monster list!

Staying in the same plane as this guy, but if he starts crazy, ten lives are not enough!

"Friend Lin Chen, don't, don't do it!"

The old lady hurriedly stopped Lin Chen in front of him to stop him. There could still be her disciples in the palace. Lin Chen's fist came up, did she need to mix it up?

"Hahaha, elder law protector, you're too surprised. The young people don't know how high and thick they are to let him suffer."

"This little guy is probably in the wind and water from the outside, let him see the inside of our Shenyan Palace, and know how big this day is."

"Relax the elders, you can rest assured that since it is the Lin Chen kid, we will have a sense of disappointment. If there are any problems at that time, the old man will take action to protect him, so let him suffer a bit of the hardships and lessons from the skin?"

When the eighteen elders passed on the voice, the old lady was badly corrupted, and she directly yelled!

"It's hard? Eat your head! You group of old people are confused, I'm protecting my disciples in Shenyang Palace!"

The elders were stunned!

What's the matter, this elder guardian!

How old are you and still swearing? No quality, no mood!

Lin Chen had already put on the armor of the God of War, patting the old woman on the shoulder, smiling with a smile.

"Older seniors, this windy wind, you lean back a little bit, or let the younger generations come and talk to them."