My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1270

Vol 5 Chapter 1270: Who Do You Despise?

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The seventh floor of the boundary tower.

In a secret room loft, Shen Lao rubbed his temples and had a headache.

"Has the loss calculated, how much is expected to be lost?"

Shen Laochong asked a sympathetic fat elder.

The fat elder shook his head-"Even if it is a business venture, it is also a big loss. The most important thing is to repair the tower, Lin Chen's little guy, broke the Jiu Xuan meteorite that the tower owner finally found. ..."

Shen Laofu forehead, this kid did not know how much they lost.

"If you dont have to compensate the little guys in the evil list, its okay, the rest is enough to fill these gaps, but the little guys in the evil list obviously want to slap us, and many of them are still paralyzed in bed. Now I dont know what to do. it is good."

The fat old man sighed: "Although this action is unjust, but they did injure in our boundary tower, according to the rules of the 36th domain, we should indeed be responsible for our boundary tower in the end, if too poor compensation, we can't take it ..."

According to the past, how does the evil genius of the evil spirits list look like the treasure of other forces.

But the pagoda is different. The family is big and has great treasures. They have justified reasons for asking for compensation. Naturally, they will not let this opportunity go.

Although not every wounded demon is like this, but at least more than eighty people have chosen this way to decide to knock the world tower hard.

When Shen Laozheng was upset--

Rumbling ~~~

At this moment, the seventh floor of space shook, and old Shen frowned. What's the matter?

Old Shen and Fat Old Man flashed, and when they left the Chamber of Secrets, they saw that there were parties in the seventh floor as if they were fleeing.

When the fat old man saw it, the evil spirits made various moves and jumped up and down. Can't help but mouth slightly open!

"That's it? Still injured?"

The fat old man was speechless.

", old Shen, Lin Chen is going to work with Shenyan Palace!"

Seeing that Old Shen seemed to see the heart of the Lord, the two evil spirits shouted quickly.

Shen Lao Yizheng!

Dried up with Shenyan Palace? Could it be that Shenyan Palace is picking up people?

Seeing that these wicked wizards were all roaming, Shen Lao couldn't help but ask them.

"You, the compensation..."

The strange wizards said strangely.

"No need! Nothing! My son suddenly found that Lixin Palace in my house was very good, so he didn't bother the world tower!"

"Ben Shao suddenly felt that the bottleneck was loose, and returned first. It would be okay for the treatment compensation.

"I suddenly miss the beautiful flower concubine in my family. The injury has been harmless. The power of love is really great. I don't need to compensate anything. I also hope that Senior Shen will quickly open the space to send me to wait."

All the evil spirits have found reasons to release!

Just kidding, if Lin Chen is not there, they can still hold a few wounded and demand a large amount of compensation.

But Lin Chen is now crazy here, and it is turned upside down in minutes. The ghost knows when to remove the eighth floor. If it is beaten all the way, then his life will be gone! Ask for a ghost compensation!

From their point of view, what is the **** of the boundary tower now! With Lin Chen as a lunatic, the thirty-six plan is a plus!

Shen Lao laughed dumbly, grasped in the palm of his hand, opened a vortex of space, and said the voice.

"Everyone, the old man has opened up the space channel to the second floor, you should leave first."

All the evil spirits were relieved, and they all started off.

Shen Lao flashed to the eighth floor!


On the eighth floor, in front of the sky palace, on top of the attic.

The old guardian of Shenyan Palace was pulled aside by Lin Chen.

"Brother Lin Chen." Bai Ruoyan took the palm of the teenager and said softly: "Tap lightly, they are dead, it is always a little troublesome."

If Sister Yan smiled, Fanghua peerless. Lin Shuai forced a serious way: "Okay, I will take less than three points and barely spare them a dog's life."

Everyone at Shenyan Palace: "?"

Less than three points? Forgive them?

A little guy with triple holy realms, told them to use only three forces? Are you crazy or are we crazy?

A genius of the Qiuyu Palace, Shenyan Palace, stood up and asked with a playful smile.

"What kind of wine did Brother Lin drink last night? The drunkenness is so strong, should I introduce it?"

"Ah!" an elder sighed seriously.

"Now the young people really don't know the sky is thick! Tianxue, teach him."

"One move." Feng Tianxue stretched out a finger, arrogant to the extreme; "I only use one move, which can make you die."

Lin Chen also stretched out a finger and grinned: "One punch, I only use one punch to make you yell like crazy dogs."


At this time, Shen Lao's voice sounded.

He led a group of elders in the world, all members were serious and flew to the middle of both sides.

"You guys, this battle cannot be fought."

Shen Laoyi said seriously: "Now our world tower is severely damaged and the pressure is multiplied. If you start a war here and damage it again, our world tower cannot afford it!"

As soon as this statement came out, it immediately attracted the dissatisfaction of Shenyan Palace and others!

"Damage compensation? Who do you despise?"

The two Shenyan Palace Tianjiao stood out, facing the strong old man of Shen Lao's ranks, they were all dazzled and completely ignored!

Feng Tianxue said indifferently: "This old gentleman, if there is any loss of the Jie Tower, I will bear the responsibility of the Shenyan Palace."

"You?" Pharaoh Nuo was anxious!

"The old man also agrees that a holy realm is triple and dare to despise the power of my shrine. It is unforgivable. You guys in the world tower, stand by."

An old man with a dusty hand said indifferently, his eyes were like swords, looking directly at Lin Chen; "Young people like you are very annoying. If you meet an old man young, you will definitely break your bones and pull you to the shrine kneel Ten thousand years of fines!"

Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore the noisy old guy, and said with a smile: "Senior Shen, everyone is willing to pack their hands and tails, you old people just go to rest and drink tea, why not do it?"

"Shenyan Palace said, the old man believes that, because of this, you are not afraid of breaking down the boundary tower, the old man, just shoot it."

Shen Lao flicked his sleeves, and his tone was not salty or light, with the elders of Jie Tower retreating aside.

Bang ~!

The fire is shining on the earth, the wind and snow are slowly walking in the sky, the snow armor is shining with silver, 21 crystals are like twinkle stars, like a generation of kings, the king is coming to the world!

The other demon of Shenyan Palace immediately retreated thousands of miles away, and the power of Fengtianxue was too strong!

He is in charge of Sun Shengyan with his left hand, and the chill in his right hand seems to be in control of Bingxin's cold prison. There are nine heavy ice wheels above your head, and a round of sun and flames twirling behind your eyes. The world of ice and fire shines through your eyes, just like the master of the world!

"Feng Tianxue, the current enchanted list of 8940, the realm has broken through to the five stages of the holy realm. From the perspective of the holy power fluctuations of the holy cave, expanding the hoarding realm to every holy cave has expanded the cave to more than 21 times!"

Exclaimed an elder.

"Even if you hit it casually, there is a destructive power of 140 billion to 160 billion dragons."

Several elders glanced at each other. Although they were unhappy with the attitude of Shenyan Palace, such fighting power is really rare in the world!