My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1271

Vol 5 Chapter 1271: Sexy Shenyang Pay Online

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In one century and ten years, how many saints have latently repaired hundreds or hundreds of epochs, and advance to the five-level perfection of the holy realm can have the destructive power of hundreds of billions of dragons.

Feng Tianxue is very young, and it has such details only in the early stage of the 5th Holy Realm. After the achievement of the 6th Holy Realm in the future, it must be a great engine!

Shen Lao was surprised.

"This son also perfectly integrates the two constitutions of Jibing and Jiyang. The characters cultivated by the background of the Shenyan Palace may be more powerful than the surface ranking. I have to say that this son is indeed a genius and a monster. The monster is even better than the old man's spirit."

If faced with the same ranking monsters, Feng Tianxue has a great win!

However, the opponent he faced was the man who was beyond common sense and dared to jump on the tomb of the Holy King!

At this moment, Lin Chen's fist wearing the armament of God of War quietly clenched and his strength climbed!

This time, Lin Chen controlled very delicately. When he wore the armor of the God of War, his strength climbed sharply! But the momentum was not obvious, and he was restrained.

It is naturally impossible for Lin Chen to fight the pure power of fighting Lin Xingchen now.

One is that his body is overburdened and how much strength he can withstand the armor of the God of War depends on the hosts holy strength and the strength of the carcass.

The second is that his Ares armor has consumed a lot of recharge, unless he continues to consume the recharge of the Ares armor by a large margin, which can erupt for a short period of time comparable to the previous strength.

After several previous manipulations, Lin Chen became more and more skilled in controlling the components of the Ares suit.

Unless it is soaring to a very high level of strength, otherwise the spirit of God of War that will burst all will converge strictly!

"One move." Feng Tianxue looked down at Lin Chen, as proud as the sun on the horizon.

"One punch." Lin Chen smiled slightly, confident and overbearing, full of madness!

boom! boom! boom!

Frost is everywhere, mountains and snow fall, Shengyang Hualong!

Feng Tianxue pointed out, the extreme ice and extreme sun's divine force suddenly broke out, and the index came out!

"Shuanglong Haotian!"

Thousands of mysterious frozen thousand mountains, merged into ice dragon. Between the rotation of Yang Yan, the dragon burned by Yang Yan roared the sky, one ice and one yang, and the two dragon dragons revolved with each other, rushing to Lin Chen!

Lin Shuai pressed against Bai Ruoyan and sighed.

"Once, someone in Lin Lin had nothing but handsome and special features in front of the Palace of Divine Flame. But today, I will punch hard!"

"This punch is the dismounting power for all the **** geniuses in the Palace of Your Flames!"

Bang ~! !

Lin Chen punched, Jin Hui flashed into the sky, the wind like a angry dragon went to the sea, the mountains and rivers became gray, and the world was discolored! The space collapsed into a paste, like all the light in the world, it was shocked by his punch to the dim and dark!

At this moment, all the evil spirits and elders of the Palace of Flames were in a terrible time!

However, they are too late to stop!


Feng Tianxue looks terrified!

Bang~~~! !

A face-to-face, one ice and one sun's Haotian Shuanglong finger was instantly crushed by the flash of golden light!

Feng Tianxue's strongest finger can't even slow down the boxing wind a little!

The attacks on both sides are not at the same level!

The golden light fist wind dominates the world, there is a courage to win the battle. After hitting Feng Tianxue with one finger, hegemony is still there, and runs through Feng Tianxue!


Feng Tianxue's head tilted up, vomiting blood like a pillar, and the fifth-grade holy armor Zhenyu Xuanbing Armor he was wearing shattered like paper!

The holy body that was nourished by innumerable treasures, healing sacred goods, and high-level holy pill, was broken like a glass at this moment, the bones were broken, and the flesh and blood were blurred!

The sky is full of attributes and the light ball is falling!

boom! boom! boom!

Feng Tianxue was blown away with a punch, rolled up an endless hurricane, and smashed dozens of mountains along the eighth floor of the Jie Tower along the way.

The aftermath of the fist wind turned upside down, and the space holy weapon Huo Ligong, which moved Shenyang Palace out of the sky, overturned more than ten times, scaring the monsters of Shenyang Palace for a moment.

Finally, the eighteen elders of Shenyan Palace stabilized Huoli Palace and saved the wind and snow.

"What kind of punch is this damn?"

"Which...what is this boy's way? Is this his grandma's power that the Holy Realm triple can play?"

Several elders were badly corrupted and screamed!

Previously, Feng Tianxue wanted Feng Tianxue to teach Lin Chen the elder who was held by other elders before his eyes, and his whole body was **** and fluttering, and Feng Tianxue twitched and twitched with blood, falling into the first state of coercion since sanctification!

As one of the elders of the Divine Flame Protection Hall, he has seen many more monsters!

He had predicted that Lin Chen would have some secret killer skills and could even challenge it!

But Feng Tianxue is fivefold in the Holy Land! Moreover, the strength is far beyond the ordinary Sacred Realm, and this is not the case for Nima's overstep!

It is completely beyond common sense!

"Hoo! I've been feeling uncomfortable recently. This punch made me feel sour!"

Someone Lin exhaled comfortably.

Even though Lin Chen's physical burden is close to the limit, it is difficult to play trillions of dragon power, but after he obtained the "Extreme Divine Possession" talent, the power of Taiyi Shenglu skyrocketed, supporting him to exert about 500 billion dragon power. It was still easy!

Several women in Shenyang Palace were shocked and trembling.

The four evil spirits who were previously incapable of life were numb, and Lin Chen's eyes seemed to see the monster, and the corners of his mouth were trembling!


The old guardian of the Flame Palace sighed deeply.

The elders of Shenyan Palace's desire to rage, while preparing to act, Shen Lao blocked them in front of them.

"Everyone, what I said just now counts? All the losses of our world tower are borne by the Shenyan Palace, and you only have one move, do you want to repent?"

Mr. Shen is not salty, but a dozen elders are so angry that they are exposed!

At this time-


Lin Chen clapped and stepped up into the air, walked to Shen Lao's side, and said amazingly

"Great, too great! Someone in Lin Lin's admiration for the actions at the moment is like a torrent of rivers, endless, like the flood of the Yellow River, which is beyond control!"

Someone Lin was serious and gave his thumbs up to everyone in the Palace of Gods Flame.

"It's worthy of being the big brothers of the Shenyan Palace. Someone in the forest, I have traveled across the rivers of the Holy Realm. Yes, Ive seen people who are too ugly to not subscribe, but I havent seen anyone like you paid to be beaten, admire, admire! Its losing, I would like to call you **** flames, pay to be beaten online!"


Rao is the old man of Shen's state of mind who can't help laughing.

Paid to be beaten? Thanks to you!

"You, Lin Chen, you swindler!"

The hand-held dust-protecting elder scolded angrily, Feng Tianxue was the illegitimate child born of the affair between his wife and the elder wife of the seven elders of Xing Putang, Shenyang Palace. !

"Cheating? Or do you want to try it?"

Lin Chen sneered, at this time, the might of the God of War armor skyrocketed!

Lin Chen had no intention of giving in to the Shenyan Palace. Since these guys were not convinced, they would say nothing until they served today!