My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1272

Vol 5 Chapter 1272: Let Him Be The Of Heaven And Heaven

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Golden light circulates, Lin Chen's armament of God of War is always ready to pull up higher and stronger strength, and his bare feet are not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

Several elders of Shenyan Palace suddenly felt Lin Chen's killing intention, eyes narrowed and beware of the heart, how is this boy's hostility towards their Shenyan Palace so strong?

"Elders, you beat, you beat. You can't afford to lose, my boy, Ruoyan, shouldn't I have this skill? Or, you want me to turn my face. "

At this time, the beauty of the ethereal and graceful voice contains a cold killing intention!

Bai Ruoyan came to Lin Chen's side and gazed at everyone in Shenyan Palace.

"It's a man Sister Ruoyan fancy, really amazing..."

"It's amazing, the power of that punch, chasing after some chief elders' true brothers and sisters..."

"The key is how old he is, my god..."

The three beautiful and beautiful women in the Palace of the Divine Flame are chattering and their faces are full of excitement.

Shenyan Palace is not born all year round, they know very little about the outside world, and it is a very fresh and exciting thing to see the existence beyond their common sense.

"This...Goddess, we dare not!"

The elders kneel on one knee, sweating and sweating!

The status of the goddess is no small matter. If she really angered her, it might be okay now, but in the future she must be in charge of power, ordinary elders kill power, but in a word.

"I told you not to fight, but you have to fight. You have to pay to be beaten. My wife and I will stand together with you. I'm ashamed!"

Pharaoh Nude looked disgusted, and all the elders were angry and bitter.

Damn, who knew this kid was so perverted!

"Brother Lin Chen..." Bai Ruoyan gently sorted out Lin Chen's clothes, and she was reluctant between her eyebrows-"Take care of yourself and your sister is waiting for you at the Shenyan Palace. The next time I meet, my sister believes that you must be named Man who is full of the Holy Realm, who shook the ancient world today."

Lin Chen hugged Bai Ruoyan tightly, and all the monsters in Shenyan Palace were stunned...

If this scene is placed in the palace, I am afraid that it will set off countless young demon wars...

Several elders Tie Qing of Shenyan Palace and Shen Lao and others completed the compensation.

Soon, everyone was apart. Lin Chen knew that even if he could stop all the people present, Shenyan Palace would only send the stronger to come.

Everything was silent, Lin Chen stared at Bai Ruoyan's back and watched her enter Huoli Palace.

"Boy, you are very strong." Shenyang Palace's hand-holding dust-protecting elder said indifferently, although still indifferent, but there was no intention of despising Lin Chen in his eyes.

The Elder Guardian said indifferently: "But, you are not worthy of the goddess of my palace of flames. The old man broke this idea early on, you don't know her future height, the goddess is in my palace and can connect with the legendary **** realm 'S character, only by the identity of the devil list..."

Before finishing the speech, Lin Chen directly interrupted the advice of the elder guardian.

"The enchantment list is not enough, then the sage list is enough?"

The teenager smiled slightly, handsome and domineering.

"If the Holy Talent List is not enough, then the Holy Realm is enough?"

Lin Chen laughed heartily!

"If the Holy Realm doesn't work first, then I'll call God Realm. Let him be the God Realm full of heavenly gods and buddhist immortals, but a life and death trick!"

With a smile, everyone is moved!

The young mans laughter was shocking and revealed terrible self-confidence and determination!

In Huoli Palace, the fairy smiled in full bloom.

After the elder law-gathering stunned for a while, after the "advice" was invalid, he couldn't help but sneer.

"Everyone who talks big will crawl out of your tiny Holy Realm triple before talking!"

Watching Shenyang Palace leave, Shen Lao sighed.

"Good man, he helped us make up for the loss!"


Outside the tower; dive into the Void Palace.

"What pretend to pretend to be! First in the Holy Realm and also in God Realm, do you really think you are invincible?"

"That's right, the frog at the bottom of the well, speaks loudly!"

In Huoli Palace; the words of the four Shenyang Palace demon "afterwards Zhang Fei" sarcastically said.

"You are so straightforward, why didn't you fight him at that time."

Tianyao, the goddess of flames dressed in a green dress, pouted.

The four immediately shrunk their heads, and Li Nei hummed coldly.

"What have we won? What is better in the palace than us! He doesn't know how big this Holy Realm is!"

At this time-

"Huh? Look, what is that!"

In Huoli Palace, the other two female Tianjiao exclaimed.

In the void, when everyone looked at the outside world, they immediately took a breath!

Even if the space is moving at high speed, it can be clearly seen. Outside the boundary tower, from the magnificent mountains to the Canglong Mountain Range, the magnificent area of millions of miles, the veins are cracked, the light is dim, the airflow is dried, the space collapses and cracks, from the sky to the earth , Completely ruined!

In the sky, the elders of the Boundary Tower are repairing space cracks from time to time.

"This... what happened here?"

"The battle of the sixfold life and death of the saint is not so outrageous... The space of the Holy Realm is not so fragile!"

"Is it possible to fight with the six peaks of the saints?"

The four evil spirits of the Shenyan Palace tremble!

This scene is shocking!

Even, there are hundreds of thousands of giant python-like space cracks in the sky, so that their Huoli Palace can't be too close when it travels through the void, affecting the speed!

"Is it terrible."

Pharaoh Hufa walked slowly, standing among the young demon, and even several elders looked at her curiously.

"The handwriting here is from Lin Chen's hand."

The old woman's dull tone set off a thousand waves! All the people in the Palace of Divine Flame are changing color!

"He... did he?"

"My God, how is this possible..."

What did Lin Chen do?

Especially when I saw the giant sky pit, the people of Shenyan Palace exploded their scalp!

If this is true...

Then did he really use less than three forces to deal with Feng Tianxue?

Is that human being

Pharaoh Hugh's eyes were deep, and when he gazed into the distance of the void, he solemnly said the truth.

"The future of this son is inestimable. If he can expand his acupuncture points in the future, it will be a real dragon move, and he will eventually become an existence that cannot be ignored even by the Shenyan Palace!"

The appraisal of Pharaoh Huo made the seven evil wizards move!

It is too difficult, too hard to shake a giant Qing sect with personal strength! But Yin Hufa, who has always been known for his rigor, even said such a shocking evaluation?

After a wave of unsettled waves, the white-browed elder in the blue shirt walked down from the second floor of the Huoli Palace in a hurry, seriously said.

"Yin Hufa, you have time to help see Tian Xue's injury! This little guy has been bleeding from the beginning just now, the healing effect of the old man's five elements Liu Cai Xin Jing does not work for him!"

Pharaoh Hugh shook his head and sighed.

"Leave it alone, blame it on the guy who took it yourself. Give him the blood, blood and continuation of the holy pill. Before returning to the palace, let it be your fate. He is not the first demon who was injured by the Lin Chen. He is paralyzed in bed and no one can cure it."

As soon as this remark came out, the monsters in the Palace of Gods Flame were dumb!

This child hurts... can't even cure the sixfold saints of the Shenyan Palace?

A chill came up from the feet of the four evil flame palace monsters and went straight to the heavenly spirit cover!