My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1273

Vol 5 Chapter 1273: Natural Election Conference.

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Lin Chen stood staring Yaowang.

Shen Lao patted him on the shoulder, "Don't look at it, everyone is gone."

Lin Chen said: "... Senior Shen, I'm not watching. I'm just thinking about why my handsomeness caused me so much trouble. Too handsome, is it really a sin?"

Old Shen: "..."

[The host gains 700,000 mental power, 90,000 water energy, 100,000 ignition energy, 90 million strengthening points, 230,000 heavenly value, 60,000 set essence...]

As soon as the Dragon Shadow swept away, the Holy Dragon took away the attributed light sphere that Feng Tianxue dropped for Lin Chen.

Seeing the horrible increase in the attribute value, Lin Chen could not help sighing: "It's really cool to beat these monsters. It's much faster than killing beasts to steal attributes! If only a few more of these hit me! "

Lin Chens use of the God of War armor can only easily control its explosive power, and can not display combat skills.

The reason is very simple. The high-speed skyrocketing pure power brought by the Ares suit cannot be used as exquisitely as the power controlled by his own flesh shell, which can be added to many Holy Power attacks.

Even many talents cannot bless the attack of the God of War armor, unless one day, Lin Chen can perfectly control the power of its skyrocketing increase.

"Look, you're still joking, it's not as bad as the old man thought. How about the little guy, do you want to join our world tower?"

Shen Lao, who has always been immortal, showed a smile like Lao Lai, and looked at Lin Chen with a smile.

"I'll think about it again, Mr. Shen. I need to retreat for a while. Do you have a good practice secret here."

Lin Chen came straight to the point.

Mr. Shen was not reluctant, and said with a smile: "Naturally, only need to pay a certain commission. Jin Luan, in the name of the old man, issued the Emerald Order to him."

A blonde old man next to me moved!

The Emerald Order is second only to the Xuanzhen Order, and you can get a 40% discount on all cultivation secrets and purchase items in the boundary tower! The jade order issued by the entire world tower is not more than one hundred, and the winners are all powerful people who have great affection for the world tower!

Unexpectedly, Shen Lao appreciated Lin Chen to such a degree.

Lin Chen took a jade-colored token passed by the blonde elder, and saw the envious and amazed reactions of other elders. Lin Chen intuitively felt the preciousness of this thing.

"Since Mr. Shen appreciates me so much, then I will also give you something for the elderly."

Lin Chen smiled, his fingers shone, Yin Hui flashed.

Mr. Shen shook his head and smiled. He had paid attention to Lin Chen's news. This young man had many kinds of luck and spirit embedded in him, but with Lin Chen's background, he did not think that this young man could send anything that was beneficial to him.

But its good to have this heart.

When Shen Lao raised his hand, he saw what Lin Chen sent, and his face changed suddenly!

Ten litchi-sized fruits fell into Shen Lao's eyes, wrapped in silver gauze-like brilliance, gorgeous and dreamy.

"Wandering fruit?"

The elders beside Shen Lao were horrified!

This thing is a supreme saint that nourishes mental power and improves spiritual perception! There is no market for real price, but you can't meet it!

This child has a wandering fruit, is it because he has wandering trees and other artifacts?

Among the lower-grade luck spirit plants, the wandering tree has the highest value, and a wandering tree can rival hundreds of lower-grade spirit plants and even more!

On Lin Chen's hand, all the luck and spiritual plants are not as good as Shen Lao's level or can actually help him, but this wandering fruit is a treasure.

Looking at the back of Lin Chen's refreshing and simply leaving, Shen Lao couldn't help but sigh.

"It really is a generation of evildoers, even these holy things..."


Two days later, Lin Chen recuperated and recovered, with a new state of mind!

The sixth floor of the boundary tower, the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The major business groups here are entrenched, and there are many strong men. Among the remaining saints, some are on the fourth, third, and top groups of strong men who trade in the Taihe Temple on the sixth floor.

In the Hall of Supreme Harmony, many forces brought their genius and evil spirits to choose treasures in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. A special landscape attracted everyone.

Entering the palace, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi, Jian Qingcheng, and the Crimson Fairy go together.

The stunning scenery with different styles made people stop.

I saw that Lin Chen was surrounded by three'extreme colors' like the stars, but no one felt wrong, because this young man has this strength!

Han Yizhi curiously said-"Squad leader, are you going to participate in the contest?"

Lin Chen nodded and said with a smile: "I was not interested. I heard the prize of the competition champion. I had to try it once!"

The Tianxuan Contest is the alchemy conference that the elite of the 7th sect and the elders of the 6th sect recommended Lin Chen to attend!

This alchemy conference, held by Dan Yu, has extremely high specifications and is not limited to the age of participation. There is only one chance to participate in life!

Some old monsters who dont know what to do for thousands of years will also go out for this. The minimum requirements for registration are: Third-grade Saint-level Alchemist!

More importantly, the prizes for the champions of the Elections: a roll of orange-order alchemy handprints, two middle-grade alien crystals, one middle-aged luck seed, one of the places of the highest presbyterian church in Danyu, and access to elders A selection of five elements and nine grades of holy mines will be selected in Wanbao Secret!

Each of these rewards can be shocked when placed in the Sixth Grade sect!

In particular, the quota for becoming the Supreme Presbyterian Church is a fatal attraction for some alchemy giants who have fallen into a bottleneck!

The Danyu Presbyterian Church has a collection of ten thousand volumes of medicinal scriptures and thousands of kinds of pill books, each of which is the most precious alchemy experience and record in the world. It is one of them, and it can even win the fifth and sixth grade holy pharmacists!

Achievement of the Seventh-grade Holy Alchemist is not a lie!

It can be said that when you enter the Presbyterian Church, you have the opportunity to touch the highest realm of the Alchemy Realm of the Holy Realm!

But what attracted Lin Chen most was the last reward.

You can choose a five-element nine-grade holy mine!

For the production requirements of the Ares suit parts and right leg armor, Lin Chen and others can find a way, but this gold-based nine-grade sacred mine cannot be purchased with his financial strength and level of contact. This is his only chance at this stage!

"The son is really courageous, and the concubine has heard that the top ten of each day of the general election is a fifth-grade saint-level pharmacist."

The crimson fairy smiled lightly, and the pear vortex was tender and full of styles.

Since the battle between Lin Chen and Lin Xingchen, the crimson fairy's eyes on Lin Chen have become very ambiguous or weird. From time to time, there is a small family of jasper, petite fox-like love.

"Really..." Lin Chen couldn't be denied, and smiled: "There are many old monsters born in the natural elections of the past. One is more horrible than that. It is one of the very few in the Holy World that can see multiple orange-order alchemy fingerprints blooming at the same time. The big stage!"

"Five-grade Saint-level Alchemist..."

Jian Qingcheng marveled that this level of pharmacist, even her family, is also a VIP of the top seat!

The conversation of the four people was not heard. The strong men in the hall heard clearly, and some scalp tingled!

He actually wants to participate in the election conference!

Its really daring for the artist, Lin Chen is even bolder!

In the previous general elections, even in the first 20 of each session, there was not even a young pharmacist!