My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1274

Vol 5 Chapter 1274: Shocked The Audience

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"Is it true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. This little guy dared to go to the natural elections just a few years old..."

"I heard that Sanpin Shengya Alchemist took part in the cold bench to be a stepping stone..."

The sects of all parties were secretly surprised. Lin Chen's strength and killer skills were certainly powerful against the sky. But alchemy is not a battle, it's not that you can do it with one punch

"By the way, Yi Zhi how you inherited this power after you came to the Holy Realm."

Lin Chen looked at Han Yizhi and asked curiously.

Han Yizhi smiled: "I was recruited with everyone at the beginning and entered the Sanpin sect "Hua Dao Men", but within a month, the power behind the Hua Dao Men, an elder of the Taikun Palace in Qiankun passed by, and felt that my physique was not pure. The virtual spirit physique is a Vientiane void body comparable to the direct blood of the eighth and nineth sage..."

Han Yizhi briefly recounted his own experience. After Qian Kun Taixu Palace discovered him, the seventh-generation palace owner is also the Vientiane Void, and its inheritance can only be based on Han Yizhi with the same physical talent.

The virtual spirit body can automatically absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, and nourish the peculiar constitution of self-cultivation and spiritual power. So when Lin Chen first saw Han Yizhi, he could hardly feel his presence.

Vientiane has nothing, but goes further. Once the bloodline factor activates the awakening, it is like a state of nothingness, and it can be completely connected with the spiritual power. It can store all the holy power of the ``Holy Cave'' into the spiritual power, and the spiritual power and the holy power are perfectly integrated!

So once Han Yizhi exerts his spiritual power, he can contend with the monster list and even defeat the existence! This is a unique talent between heaven and earth, not to mention the inheritance of the seven generations of palace masters, it can be said to be flying into the sky!

"It turns out that you still have this chance, genius is genius!"

Lin Chen sighed that Class 66 came to the Holy Realm, and Han Yizhi's growth rate is the fastest speed among all people!

Han Yizhi's face was reddish and she smiled with her hand: "Don't laugh at me, compared with you, what a genius I am..."

The beautiful young mans reddish smile makes someone feel Lins heartbeat beating inexplicably, and once doubts his sexual orientation, causing the two left and right to cast strange eyes on themselves.

In full view, Lin Chen came to the counter of the seller's counter in the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The forces of all parties stopped their movements or suspended their movements, and stared at Lin Chen in the corner of their eyes.

In front of the counter, the two beautiful elders smile like gentle autumn.

"Lord Lin Chen, what do you want to sell?"

Lin Chen pondered a little, thinking.

"It's okay to sell seeds with luck and luck, there is no kind of special treasure."

The elder woman smiled and said with a smile: "Of course, it's just ordinary seeds of lower spirits, right?"

The powerhouses froze!

This year, there are still those who sell seeds of luck and luck? Isn't this blood loss?

An inferior luck plant that has grown to its peak, even if it is a resource produced in a thousand years, is also a huge sum of money!

Lin Chen is not ignorant of this, but he has no time!

How long will he wait for thousands of years, not to mention fully planting all the seeds of Qiyunling on hand, which will require more resources in the short term.

Lin Chen wants to cultivate better, and he will have more resources to give back in a short time.

He placed it in front of the counter with one hand, a palm of light, a series of lights emerged, embellished with brilliance, and airy.

Everyone was still wondering if he was going to sell one Lingzhi seed or two, and when he saw the exhausted Lingzhi seed in front of the counter, he was completely stunned!

Thats right, its really foolish!

10, 20, 30, 39!

Seeing that the whole hall was quiet for a moment, someone Lin scratched his head shyly and apologized.

"Well, I'm sorry. I have a few seeds of luck. They are selling so much now. Please ask the elders to help me sell them within three days."

Hearing his words, some very senior seniors, as well as the principals of all business groups, could not help but shudder a few times!


It must be crazy!

You call this less? What are you talking about?

A family of five-grade sect, holding about 10 of the best-in-class luck!

There are a few of the top five sects that hold 10 inferior spirit plants and one mid-grade spirit luck plant. This kind of sect often has a better chance to cultivate the top 1,000 monster-level geniuses in the genius list.

Naturally, there are a lot of powerful people who live in luck, and one person has only one or two or three kinds of bad luck.

But this Lin Chen shot 39?

This is about to sell the four old five denominations?

Although the details of Liupin sect are several times that of Wupin sect, they dare not play like this!

At this moment, all the powerful men in the Taihe Temple have redefined the concept of "less"!

"This... Your Excellency Lin Chen, are you sure you really want to sell out these seeds of luck and sowing..."

The elders of the two beautiful women shook their lips slightly and asked tremblingly.

Lin Chen suddenly clapped his hands!

"Oh, wait a minute."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

Regret? That's right! No one sells so many luck seeds in one breath, you say you sell one or two in a hurry to cash out, selling 39 is outrageous!

However, the next moment-

Someone Lin felt a box of exquisite jade boxes from his body. When the jade boxes were opened, the hazy faint silver glow of the silver yarn was free between the jade boxes, and each jade box was placed with twenty litchi-sized silver lights. The fruit, the dream is gorgeous, and it is filled with pure spiritual energy, like a gem.

There are 20 jade boxes in total.

"Help me sell these too."

Lin Chen pushed the jade box seriously.

Most of the strong men first stunned, then took a closer look, when staring at it carefully, they were heart-pounding!

"The color is silver, the whole body is like jade, and the spirit is haunting, which makes people wander away. This thing... is it the legendary sacred product of the pharmacist, wandering fruit?"

A principal of a business group was shocked!


Deathly silence!

The powerful of all parties have their mouths open, like hell!

You must know that the six-line chamber of commerce of the "Pin Ge Chuo Tzu" Chamber of Commerce has just purchased three pieces of Youshen Fruit since its establishment!

Today, there are four hundred wandering fruits placed in front of them?

The principals of the major business groups were shocked and dizzy, their hearts trembling!

They saw the wandering fruit set in front of the counter and almost rushed to grab it!

If it is not the boundary tower here, I am afraid that the strong players present will fight openly on the spot!

"Yes... it's true, it's true wandering fruit!"

"Moreover, the color is excellent... not at all like picking at a distant time!"

When the two beautiful women were shocked, Huarong lost her color, and one of them responded immediately, respectfully said.

"Lord Lin Chen, you can rest assured that we will help you sell at the highest price at this stage!"

After finishing the talk, carefully put away the seeds of Qi Yun Ling Zhi and "You Shen Guo" to be sold by Lin Chen!

According to the rules of Boundary Tower, they can earn their hearts on the transaction fees after this transaction. I am afraid that Lin Chen will regret it and quickly take it away!

"By the way, after the sale, help me buy what I need according to the above list. The rest will be sent to my back room."

Lin Chen threw out a list and his emerald order. A large number of names were listed on the list, such as 2000 cubic meters of Tianyi Holy Water, what kind of crystal and quantity, how many second grade holy items, how many Thousands of herbs names...

The elder lady's eyes received the list and the jade, which was shocking and joyful.

"Lord Lin Chen is assured that he will do his best."


Until Lin Chen left, many strong men's mouths were still closed.

It's so perverted! This young man! They have never seen such a big deal so far!

In the alternate team of evil spirits, a charming woman gazing at Lin Chen's leaving back, she couldn't help but snow legs tightly clamped, and her beautiful eyes were like Sheng Qiushui, charming and charming.

"Princess Lin Chen is really extraordinary, he is so handsome to sell something!"