My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1275

Vol 5 Chapter 1275: Natural Elections Eve Of The Storm

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The dark hall, a figure descended into the sky!

The horned youth in the hall immediately kneeled on one knee and said extremely respectfully.

"Welcome the host to go out!"

"Hmm..." The man's tone was low, but it contained a supreme majesty, which made several figures outside the palace show their fear.

Suddenly, the people who left the gate suddenly opened their eyes, and the supreme murderous intention to sweep the Eight Wastelands came to Zhoutian!

Rumble~! Rumble~~!

Outside the main hall, countless space storms roared, and the vibes flowed from Yin to Evil!

He is Yu Xuanang, a handsome man in his thirties, whose face is as sharp as a knife, firm and majestic, but inconsistent with it, his face is always as pale as paper.

"There is a second ultimate shadow, but it is true."

The handsome man asked.

The horned youth respectfully reported: "Go back to the God of Yin, it is true, I have confirmed it many times."

The handsome man is the Yin Tianzi who once appeared on the list of evildoers!

The words just fell, boom~!

Another figure came into the hall!

The comer's black robe rolls over, looks like a teenager, rolling the cold magic light all over the body, and a storm-like dragon breath bursts from his heart!

His pair of dark, dark eyes with magical light circulates in the magic light, and his breath is not inferior to the pale and cloudy face, and even more breath of other races leaks out!

"You came."

Yin Tianzi asked indifferently.

He nodded, and when he turned to look at the Yin Tianzi, his face squeezed a brutal smile.

"You control so many alien crystals, you can refine a mixed shadow, and it turns out to be a monster."

Yin Tianzi said indifferently-"Compared to you, I feel more like an ordinary person."

"Really? Quack!" The indifferent boy immediately quacked and smiled, his facial features and features quickly twisted and changed, and turned from a teenager into a humpback old man!

What is more terrible is that it is not the appearance and breath that have changed, even the structure of life is completely changed!

If you don't see it with your own eyes, you don't believe it at all! Is it a child's play to change the life of a saint?

"I think our goal is the same this time, isn't it. The ultimate shadow in the world is only me."

The hunched old man smiled evilly.

Yin Tianzi raised the corner of his mouth: "I want someone, and you will swallow the shadow!"

Both parties hit it off!

"no problem!"


Danyu, Optimus City!

Qingtian is in the middle of the realm, and All Saints gather to knock Qingtian!

Qingtian City is the central giant city in the north and south of Danyu, and its controller even exceeds the scope of the Qipin sect!

On this day, Optimus City is coming!

As early as two months ago, this place was full of people, and there were countless disciples and saints of the third and fourth grade sects. Come and watch the bustle!

If you can meet a certain pharmacist at such an event, it will most likely be a chance and a fortune!

Wow~! Wow~! Wow~!

The crisp and clear sound of Qingquan Stone Creek echoed from the south gate of Qingtian City, and the powerful people who had been traveling turned to look at the sky.

Pieces of Baihualingbird, Qingluan, Fire Phoenix, Jinwu, and Hundred Birds are flying. On the back of the leading True Purple Phoenix, there is a graceful posture with long and round snow legs.

The beautiful lady has an egg face, exquisite facial features, elegant and arrogant, seemingly elegant between the eyebrows, revealing the indifference that is thousands of miles away, such as the princess of the neighboring country, a beautiful iceberg beauty. Like a phoenix among the birds, the stars hold the moon!

The beauty of the iceberg casually glanced at the crowd below, and Dai Mei's eyebrows locked tightly.

"A group of ordinary people, from time to time, who can deserve the princess, is there really no one."

The beauty of the iceberg looked far into the distance-"Is it really difficult to find a man who defeated this palace in alchemy? Is God punishing this palace for being too good, or is this palace trying too hard?"


"It's the ancient holy country, the princess Yunqing of the purple star country! She's also coming to the day election conference!"

"It's terrifying. It's a character on the list of evildoers. I looked at her eyes, and my mental strength was like a sea, and the crotch was almost wet!"

"So beautiful, I want to be trampled by her..."

"Bah! The sky is bright and sunny, you are so shameless, I turn off the lights!"

As soon as this woman appeared, the heroes were shocked!

Dang ~ Dang ~ Dang ~

A bell swayed, and the north gate of Optimus City also had a vision!

There are four flower girls in a long sedan chair lifted lightly, and bells are hung, and every bell ringing out of the sedan chair exudes a breathtaking psychedelic spirit!

At the other end of the sedan chair, there was a storm again, and the two clouds and foxes stepped into the air, with a beautiful posture. A young woman with a beautiful charm was wearing a green dress, and her eyes were full of the charm of all living beings.

In this scene, I saw a lot of saints!

At the top of an attic, an old cave-expanding old man who looked at this scene was shocked!

"Jing Taizong's bell sedan, Huamanlou's cloud fox, is a thousand hands, Li Daoran! and Huamanlou's Jiyunfei Refining Saint!"

In the east gate of Qingtian, a flying sword tiger was born!

Qingtian Ximen, the young man came to the cloud to ride the wind, his left eye tenderness crimson, right eye psychedelic sentient beings. Between the eyebrows is full of vicissitudes of human experience.

Jing TaizongLi Daoran in Daoyu, Hua Manlou in QianyuFei Liansheng, Huangquan Hall in HuangyuXiao Huang, Yunyu Palace in XuanyuYunyunyu!

That shimmering ancient and modern, the name of the holy class alchemist, which has gone through at home and abroad, and has been forever!

Every name is a heavyweight! Even if it is placed in the six-pin family, it is also the top guest!

Not only the enchanted list, but also the super refining giants that have been famous all over the world and have spread all over the world!

"It's terrible, what is this lineup!"

"I want to see it! I don't want to wait for a moment! Who among the legends is the champion of this election!"

"His grandma, the excited old man almost broke the eggs!"

However, this is just a prelude! At this time, there are 41 days left until the day of the General Election Conference!


The other end

Lin Chen was relieved when he was doing business at the World Tower.

He is no longer the same as he is now. As a person in the list of evildoers, he is not afraid of being remembered even if he reveals the "Youshen Fruit"!

Not to mention the exposure of the wandering fruit, even the wandering tree, in the identity of the demon list, is enough to support Lin Chen to possess the holy treasure of the wandering tree! In the thirty-six domain, no one dared to move him!

Coupled with the fact that there are so many business groups and forces in the Boundary Tower now, Lin Chen is not worried that Qi Yun Ling planting seeds and wandering fruit will not sell a good price.

Lin Chen and his party came to the eighth floor; they paid three thousand gold holy yuan coins in person and bought the top secret area for 30 days!

The secret of the sea of flowers, colorful petals fluttering in the sky, beautiful and beautiful.

Lin Chen's body and six avatars sat in Huahai.

Every piece of fluttering petals goes from scratch to scratch. Life and death out of thin air, a closer look, this flower actually flows a mysterious spirituality, which can stimulate the spiritual perception of practitioners!

"Very well, it's a real tower. If you practice spiritual power here, it can be described as a thousand miles."

Lin Chen, sitting cross-legged, opened his eyes and was very satisfied.

He put the six avatars into a state of cultivation, and while taking the Travelling Fruit, he was running the spiritual power of Taishi Bible cultivation.

Next, Lin Chen will prepare for the election conference!

This alchemy contest is far more than any of the medicine refining matches that Lin Chen has contested before!

It's about the Ares suit parts, he has to fight for the championship if he wants to do everything!