My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1276

Vol 5 Chapter 1276: Saint Peach

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Six avatars replace Lin Chens Taishi Bible, taking the wandering fruit, and Lin Chens body concentrates on opening the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 7.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: The Triple Stage of the Holy Realm (21 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 1026.6 billion points

Ultimate strength: 6.8 billion dragon power (carcass awakening +100%)-advanced qi and blood: 454.5 billion points

Advanced spirit: 587 million points (peak in the middle of the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 10.99 million points-advanced rune energy: 19.95 million points-intermediate sky value: 6.22 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 11.2 million points-suit essence: 6.36 million points

Blank attributes: 0 points-strengthening points: 1.865 billion points-refined crystals: 17 pieces.

Advanced elemental energy: 4.1 million points in the fire system, 4.15 million points in the soil system, 3.99 million points in the wood system, 4.33 million points in the gold system, 4.41 million points in the water system, 4.35 million points in the thunder system, 4.13 million points in the wind system, and 3.46 million points in the light system 3. The dark department has 3.52 million points.

Set column: Golden God of War set, holding parts Ultimate Right Armor-Ultimate Left Leg Armor-(Making) Ultimate Right Leg Armor.

Bloodline Status Bar-Kung Fu Status Bar-Life Awakening Bar

Active Talent Bar-Passive Talent Bar-Nirvana Bar-Special Rune Bar-Talent Combination Skill]

"System, I choose to awaken mental energy and consume 6 million days worth."

[In the late stage of the second stage of the hosts awakening mental power, the instantaneous speed of the mental power is increased to 8 times.

Lin Chen has exhausted more than 90% of his heavenly values, and he has been able to improve his mental perception and response speed several times!

At this time, Lin Chen's spirit is like a gathering of thousands of galaxies, and the vast shore is vast!

Compared with the beginning of entering the Holy Land, it is almost earthshaking, more than a hundred times stronger!

"It's very close to the next realm of entering the Holy Realm. Now I can freely release a spiritual power to hurt or even repel the Holy Realm! I wonder if it can threaten the Fourfold Perfection or even the Holy Realm Fivefold?"

Lin Chen was very satisfied and continued to mobilize the system.

"System, I want to use all the essence of the set equally for the right armor and the left leg armor!"

[Consume 6.36 million sets of essence, charged God of War suits, ultimate right armor: 2.3%. Ultimate left leg armor: 2.4%.

Seeing that the armor of the God of War is one step further than before, Lin Chen's dangling heart was half.

On that day, he used the armor of the God of War under the eyes of everyone. Although the power of the Seventh Rank Family will not pretend to him, he will eventually get into trouble. With strength in hand, he is still more stable.

As for the left leg armor, it is Lin Chens killer behind the killer!

As the first handsome in the Holy World, he needs to keep a few more hands! In order to prevent others from launching a strong murderous heart and dementia to his handsomeness and talent.

Qingxue planting sacs; five Lingzhi seedlings are planted to give birth to a new life. This is the reward of Lin Chens list of evildoers. The five kinds of Qiyun Lingzhi seeds will produce different characteristics of spirits, and he did not sell them.

The seeds of Lin Zhi sold by Lin Chen were all produced by sapphire rods. Except for non-character spirits, the output of Tiancaidibao and Yinshengyuan coins is the same as that of ordinary inferior spirits.

On the other hand, Lin Chen felt helpless as he looked at the little shadow that had fallen asleep.

"This little guy's magical power is getting stronger and stronger, and the amount of food is getting bigger and bigger. Half of Shengdan is going to feed this little guy."

Lin Chen looked at the Taoyuan planting sac. In addition to the wandering tree, which produced only wandering fruits, the other spirit plants were shining brightly, and the steamed clouds were filled with heavenly treasures and characteristic spirits.

"I have been taking treasures such as Chijinteng, Longqingguo, and Dragon's Blood Saliva. The Holy Dragon has no spare energy and how much to eat, but now it is too high, but progress is slow."

In the former war emperor realm and early holy realm, the resources produced by the inferior spirit plant can still meet Lin Chen and his holy dragon, but now one person and one dragon have transformed greatly, but Long Qingguo and Dragon Blood Saliva cant keep up. Too.

In fact, it's not that they can't keep up, but Lin Chen's efficiency is a bit high. He is not like other saints, who can practice for decades as a retreat.

Looking at Qingxue planting a capsule, a pink seedling grows quietly!

Lin Chen couldn't help being happy!

"Growed, this is..."

Lin Chen carefully looked at the peach-colored seedlings, which was the reward of the Scarlet Fairy, and Zhongpin Lingzhi planted the seeds!

For Zhongpin Lingzhi, the holder only has the top five ranks and six ranks. And the quantity is even rarer, and the spirit is planted to the middle class, and the resources only produce Jinshengyuan coins and a small amount of eight-level medicinal materials.

Lin Chen learned from Shen Lao that the top grade Lingzhi is only controlled by Qipin Juqing!

Every product of Lingzhi is a new world! It is said that there is only one strain of Qipin giant engine!

As for the top grade, there is very little record, which can be traced back to the history of the Holy World 100 million years ago.

Peerless Lingzhi has never appeared.

Lin Chen looked at dozens of breaths before he recognized this Lingzhi body!

"The roots are like dragon beards, the seedlings are like ancient grasses, their leaves are dark green, they are pink, and their colors are like the red of a this a flat peach tree?"

Saint Peach, Nirvana rebirth, mortal consumption, can transform the level of life, Shouyuan increased ten thousand years, and even has the magical effect of impacting the Holy Land!

The saints can take this medicine, and the strength of the holy power will skyrocket. Shock repair, mortals that break through the bottleneck, the scope of application even the six layers of the Holy Realm also have the effect of breaking through the bottleneck!

"Actually the holy flat peach, what is the origin of the scarlet fairy, in order to smash a fantasy dream charm heart stone, even this kind of lucky seeding can be handed out!"

Lin Chen was astonished, and his heart was ecstatic, and Saint Peach would have a huge promotion effect on his holy dragon and body!

"Just wait for the Tianyi Holy Water of the Boundary Tower. Before that, I will practice my refining skills."

Lin Chen sat cross-legged, sacrificed the heavenly medicinal materials, and began to practice alchemy!

Although he does not have the orange-order alchemy handprint, the enhanced "True Dragon Hand" should be regarded as the first alchemy handprint under the orange-order handprint!

For seven days in a row, Lin Chen couldn't get out of it, and he practiced spiritual power, and the body focused on improving the refining medicine!

During this period of time, a storm raged in the boundary tower, dozens of luck seeds were auctioned, hundreds of wandering fruits were born, and all parties were competing to buy them.

The reason is very simple. The seeds of Qiyunling plant rarely circulate in the market. The majority of those who really obtain the seeds of Qiyunling rely on chance and luck, or the inheritance of power.

Even the most common seed in the lower grade, because once cultivated to its peak, its value will continue to grow with time.

If properly protected, Shipin Lingzhi can live 10 million years, and the benefits and resources during this period are a huge amount.

On the eighth day, when the two beautiful women elders brought the auction results and Lin Chen's list materials to the secret realm where Lin Chen was, they were even more dumbfounded!

Among the floating medicinal materials floating in the sky, there are dazzling sights, different visions and gorgeous streamers, like entering the ocean of heaven and earth!

This large amount of Tier 7 Tiancai Dibao is not enough to make them move, and what really shocked the two beautiful women and elders is the teenager under Tiancai Dibao!

He sat alone, the spirit petals of the sea of flowers fluttered around him, his temperament was born like a fairy, and it was aloof.

His eyes come and go, turn up and down, and sometimes gaze, sometimes close his eyes, if there are spiritual herbs in the sky, remove the shell, purify, and condense the Huadan!

The elders of the two beautiful women flashed and peach blossomed.

"He actually... Alchemy with eyes!"