My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1277

Vol 5 Chapter 1277: Lin Chen Went Out Of The Customs Day And Went To Tianxuan

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The medicinal materials are flying, turning upside down and refining, flowing through the clouds, like enjoying an art feast.

Last time I participated in the top alchemy feast of the genius list, Lin Chen's single alchemy skills, but the third grade peak, if all the avatars are one piece, refining the fourth grade Shengdan should have a greater success rate, which is his previous limit .

There is a huge gap between the fourth and third grades. Just like the difference between the three-fold and four-fold expansion of the Holy Realm, the value of one fourth-grade Shengdan is often equal to ten third-grade Shengdan!

However, at that time, Lin Chen's spiritual state had not yet broken into the middle of the Holy Realm. Since his trip to the Great Wild Dragon Clan, his spiritual power has advanced by leaps and bounds, and he is only one step away from the late stage of entering the Holy Realm!

"Well... if I make the alchemy of the main body, refining most of the fourth-grade sacred pill, I can guarantee a greater success rate. If all the main bodies cooperate with the alchemy, maybe I can challenge the fifth-grade sacred pill. ..."

When Lin Chen withdrew from alchemy, he had an estimate of his alchemy skills.

Five-grade Shengdan, extremely difficult, and the rarity of the Danfang, chasing the orange-level exercises directly!

Lin Chen currently has only two volumes of five-grade Danfang, one of which is the "Shengyan Poxue Dan" Danfang that Bai Ruoyan gave him. The property chest that Lin Xingchen dropped was opened.

If you really have to buy it, Wupin Danfang will at least fold the seeds of Qiyunling he planted more than half of his sales!

"The top ten of the past days of the General Elections are all fifth-grade saint-level pharmacists. With my current strength, it is not difficult to rush to the front row, let alone win the championship..."

Lin Chen was frowning and thinking, only to find that the two beautiful women and elders looked at themselves in dumbfounded.

"Uh... sorry Kazakh elders, too focused, so what, my things are done?"

The two elders eased their spirits a little bit. Although they heard about Lin Chen's rumors, they were shocked when they saw it with their own eyes!

There is no alchemist in this world who can make alchemy with his eyes without needing to seal! Simply ridiculous!

It is also a double continuous burst of holes in the Holy Realm, another dozen of the monsters of the evil spirits, another punch through the world tower, and the Alchemy of the eyes!

As if something happened to this teenager, nothing seems normal!

"Fortunately, it is not a disgrace. With the full-scale auction and search of our tower, in addition to your 30% discount and handling fee, as well as the purchased materials and requirements, there are still 1.42 million gold holy coins."

The two elder women bowed respectfully and stooped, and each handed out a ring, and Lin Chen's jade token.

1.42 million gold sacred yuan coins, calculated according to the ratio, equivalent to 14.2 billion silver sacred yuan coins!

The key is that this is the remaining wealth after purchasing the resources requested by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen was not surprised. During the peak period of a tree with good luck and good luck, the silver holy yuan accumulated over ten years exceeded 100 million silver holy yuan, which is 10,000 gold holy yuan.

Of course, the value of a planted seed cannot naturally be calculated using the resources it has produced. The time of millions and 10 million years is also a long time for a saint.

Lin Chen sold 39 Qiyun Lingzhi seeds and 400 wandering fruits, which were naturally sold at a high price.

"Well, the elders are interested."

Lin Chen was not surprised. The two elders glanced at each other when they accepted Najie. One of them pulled out a pair of scrolls from the snow-filled gap and carefully passed it to Lin Chen.

"This thing was ordered by Mr. Shen to be delivered to His Excellency Lin Chen."

Lin Chen took it curiously and released his mental strength to read, couldn't help moving!

"If you are instructed, Your Excellency Lin Chen please inform us."

The two elders resigned as soon as their hearts were not declared.

"Shen Lao is really willing to spend his capital..."

Lin Chen was astonished. The scroll was sealed with a pair of mysterious elixir and Baizhongjingshu!

Each of the scriptures is from the hands of a high-level alchemist, written by the alchemy elders of the world, and the hundred volumes of the scriptures are both hundred holy level alchemists! Every pharmacist will not be lower than the fourth grade!

Although the content was burned down by Shen Lao with his mental strength, it can only be viewed once, but it is more than a hundred copies and is of extraordinary value!

In the past, Lin Chen will certainly not easily accept such a precious thing, but this day's election meeting is related to his ``God of War suit'' process, he must go all out and do everything he can!

"It seems that I owe a big favor to Jie Tower!"

When Lin Chen sighed, when he opened the two rings, on one side was a pile of golden Shengyuan coins, like a small mountain.

On the other side, there are 3,400 cubic meters of Tianyi Holy Water encapsulated by Holy Power, and tens of thousands of eighth-order medicinal herbs are arranged and arranged, and there are more than forty precious Eighth-order Holy Beast Cores.

There are also 4 inferior crystals, two of which are the most precious blood-based crystals, and one middle-grade fire crystal!

It is not that so many forces and business groups in the Jade Tower have so many alien crystals, but the primary goal Lin Chen explained is the holy weapon, followed by the purchase of alien crystals.

However, the raw materials of abnormal crystals can be many! Inside this ring, there is the "Nine Yang Treasure Qi" in the outer sky, the nucleus pulposus of the glazed earth, and the "dark source" of the dark nest cave. These are all the prototype energy to generate alien crystals!

However, when they are found, they are taken away and picked, so the value is not as good as the real crystal, which falls into the hands of others. At most, it is sold as a special energy body, but Lin Chen is different!

He is the one who controls ancient mystery, and he can use his luck to plant alien crystals! Just give him a while, all of these prototype energies will become his crystal background!

In addition, there are a variety of holy objects in the second ring!

That's right, a lot of second-class sacristy! There are 281!

This is the largest number of holy objects purchased by the power of the World Tower. The holy objects are not rotten streets, but rather very precious resources.

Similar to the five-piece holy weapon "Zhen Yu Xuan Bing Jia" on Feng Tianxue, although it was smashed by Lin Chen's armor of the God of War, it was not that it was impossible, but Lin Chen's power was too powerful, really. If so, all the holy objects on Lin Chens hand are not as valuable as the fifth-grade holy armor.

"It takes more than 700 pieces of second-grade sacristy to make right leg armor, which is really a long way to go!"

After Lin Chen sighed, he poured all the Tianyi Holy Water into his flat peach seedlings, followed by his five newly cultivated inferior spirit plants!

It is nourishing with holy water, the spirit is soaring, and the seedlings of the spirit plant grow rapidly.

Lin Chen entered the second stage. Tianyi Shengshui irrigated the evangelism tree to speed up the production of ecstasy fruits. Now there are thousands of ecstasy fruits left.

A wandering fruit can gain 10,000 to 20,000 high-level mental powers. Whether you can break through the next spiritual realm depends on the remaining retreat time and wandering fruit accumulation!

Then, Lin Chen issued an order.

"System, we must learn all the content in the scroll!"

[Consumption of 510,000 points of advanced exercises and spirits, fusion of hundreds of volumes of Danshu memory, fusion of Danfang memory...]

When Lin Chen merged the memory of Danfang, his expression changed again!


More than twenty days, passing by. Lin Chen has been closed in a fine mysterious environment for a month, and the forces in the boundary tower have not left much.

To the saint, January is like a finger, not worth mentioning. For Lin Chen, it is an urgent practice time.

Bang ~!

At this time, terrifying mental fluctuations came out of the boundary tower!

The strength of the spiritual power even alarmed Shen Lao!

"This spiritual force... Could it be that little guy is out of customs?"

The old Shen on the ninth floor flashed and disappeared.