My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1279

Vol 5 Chapter 1279: Lin Chen Debut

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At this moment, Long Yijing felt very handsome.

His face is gentle and elegant, but his eyes are full of enthusiasm for pointing mountains and rivers!

At least, there are few examples of the evil spirits who have reached the cave-enlarging age at his age!

Except for some handsome.

"Cough cough..."

The cough sounded like a spirit striking everyone's consciousness. An old humpbacked man appeared in the square like a ghost. Many apothecary masters waited in awe and awe!

His entire face was dry and thin, skinny, and the entire exposed part of the body was scarred, like a candle in the wind, which was wiped out.

Only those eyes, like the night eagle owl, found the prey, sharp and abnormal!

This old monster, I dont know how many epochs have lived... The Taisi Beidou of the refining medicine field present also had to call a monster of the old senior!

"Hey...Although this time the registration requirement is Sanpin Shenglian pharmacist, it will not let you practice alchemy on the spot, just simply test the speed of mental perception."

The hunched old man laughed strangely and then said.

"The old man feels that there are too many people participating in the competition, and the venue is not enough. He wants to eliminate more people, so the old man personally comes to test you, how about it, is it special care for you."

As soon as this statement came out, everyone's face changed slightly! The people on the VIP seats on both sides also have a wonderful complexion!

Actually this old monster personally tested them?

"This senior, our pharmacist pays attention to harmony, and the previous applicant test is the same. Will this be wrong?"

At this time, Long Yijing stood up and stooped down.

"Cough... Heh haha, the descendant of the enchanted list?" The old hump-backed man chuckled, "Dare to rebel against the old man, come up with the limelight? Really feel like a cow? Who was not a demon at that time."

Bang ~!

The terrifying spiritual pressure suddenly enveloped Long Yijing!

Long Yijing was terrified!

This spiritual power, as a world suppressed in his spiritual consciousness, absolutely crushed!

He immediately held Yuan Yuan to guard one, the holy cave shone, the spiritual force urged to the extreme!

"It's kind of interesting...the spiritual power just advanced to the middle of the Holy Land, barely tolerable."

The face of Long Yijing who the elder humpback didn't buy at all, his mental power suddenly increased, Long Yijing was cold and sweating, and his legs were trembling!

He floated his head!

At this time...

Bang ~!

The space vibrated, and a crack was cracked, and a giant space ship that was blasted over and over was swept across the crack!


All the strong players in the audience were surprised.

The old humpback relieved his spiritual coercion, and Long Yijing was relieved.

"What kind of pill you are refining, almost blow up my ship!"

"Giggle, is Mr. Lin Chen playing Dian Dan?"

The two beauties are lascivious, sounding like yellow orbs, crisp and graceful, making everyone stunned!

But see, the space ship is caught by a huge dragon claw, the young man has a silver robe with nine colors of light, and the dragon head of the Ang station, he has more sacred light, covering the four sides, the rich **** is handsome, and the three'absolute colors' Beside him, a group of people came from a fairyland that is not stained with dust!

It's amazing, as strong as the saints present, they are very knowledgeable, and rarely see such a team!


"This son's spiritual realm, the old man can't see through..."

"So strong Shengwei, this is the triple cultivation of the Holy Realm?"

The powerful people from all sides glanced at the clues and couldn't help being surprised.

"It's him!"

"Brother Lin Chen!"

Chi Meier, Shangguan Liuli, and the charming and lovely Fei Xiaoyu exclaimed.

"It's you? Lin Chen!"

Only Long Yijing, like hell, lost his voice.

"Uh..." Lin Chen was stunned, his mouth raised: "It turned out to be Brother Yi Jing, as the so-called great disaster never died, he must be struck by thunder. The last time someone was guarding, let Brother Yi Jing survive the last time, I don't know Is there still such a good opportunity?"

This remark made many masters of refining medicine more interesting, and the look was very exciting!

As we all know, the fight between the evil spirits list is forbidden, no one can kill the evil spirits list, no matter how no one can kill the evil spirit list.

"Lin Chen? This son is Lin Chen, who caused great horror in the holy mountains, and caused the five or six grade sect in the Southern Territory to turn upside down?"

"He's here too? It looks like I've heard that he can also practice alchemy!"

"Did you say that Long Yijing's injury was...he did it?"

When a strong man exclaimed, Long Yijing instantly looked blue, like a wolf stepping on his tail, especially when his sweetheart was still on the scene. He was angry and smiled: "Lin Chen don't be too It's rampant, the son is now expanding the hole, really want to fight, you may not be able to benefit from it!"

When Lin Chen and Lin Xingchen were fighting, he had been carried back to heal for a long time, and then he broke through the bottleneck and hurried to Danyu. He didn't know Lin Chen's record.

When Lin Chen and Mo Qingxu battled, he knew very well that even if he had expanded his acupoint, he was very unlikely to beat Lin Chen. But there is no reason to retreat for the one you love.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yi Jing, although you are brave and a bit embarrassed, but you look really stupid."

Lin Chenlang laughed, put the Holy Dragon into a human form, walked up, looked at the seat behind the little demon, the two smiled at each other, and gave each other a thumbs up, everything was silent.

On both sides of the seats, on the left front row, a group of young demon gathered, all treasure visions, cloud steaming Xia Wei, spiritual realm unpredictable.

"This man is the legendary Lin Chen, it seems very tricky."

The handsome young man wearing a feather crown smiled heartily.

He looked at the arrogant woman behind him like a hundred birds and phoenixes, and asked with a smile-"I heard that he has used his eyes to make alchemy, and he is shocked to the heavens, can the princess be confident?"

Zi Yunqing of Zi Xingguo has a charming appearance and a proud temperament. Upon hearing this question, she looked indifferent, unsurprised, and her beautiful lips picked out a disdainful arc.

"Not worth mentioning."

The young man smiled and asked, "I heard that his last genius list alchemy conference has not used his full strength."

Zi Yunqing was as cold as snow: "The bells and whistles."

Youth said: "I heard that he can still use the holy dragon alchemy..."

Zi Yunqing said: "Cross gate evil way."

The youth again said: "I heard you like me."

Zi Yunqing: "Go away."

"Don't you like me? Otherwise, I'll suffer a little. I like you."


Lin Chen entered the venue and walked to the old man with a hug in front of him.

"Lin Chen, the demon list, participate in the natural selection conference."

The old man took a deep look at him, revealing a pleasant smile: "There are already enough candidates, how come another one?"

Bang ~!

A terrifying spiritual storm swept through the hurricane and completely covered Lin Chen!

Han Yizhi and Jian Qingcheng stood next to Lin Chen, the pressure suddenly increased, and the crimson fairy waved his hand to block the coercion for them!

The elders of the two Zixia Wanggu elders who followed the demon changed slightly!

"Oops! This old monster also wants to suppress Lin Chen!"

However, what everyone expected did not appear.

Lin Chens eyes were old, and he even smiled at the humpbacked old man. The lightness of the wind and lightness shocked the audience!

The humpback old man moved!