My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1280

Vol 5 Chapter 1280: Long Yijing The First

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Long Yijing was embarrassed in front of the humpback old man, but no one felt strange and accidental, because the old monster really wanted to suppress the younger generation, just a thought!

But Lin Chen, the face does not change color!

The old humpback has repeatedly exerted pressure to increase mental pressure, but Lin Chen's appearance has not changed at all! Calm and calm, while calming down, the corner of the mouth is slightly raised, unpredictable!

Compared with Long Yijing, there is a stark contrast!

Even, he took out a few lingering fruits of silver, peeled them and put them in his mouth, chewing and talking.

The apothecary and the simple forces present at the scene instantly recognized the silver fruit on his hand!

"Wandering fruit?"

"Is this kid crazy? Shouldn't these holy things be taken at the critical moment of alchemy? He took it for easy consumption?"

Many pharmacists twitched at the corners of their mouths, trembling in their hearts and violently damaging the heavens!

Lin Chen smiled and smiled at the humpback old man.

"Senior, what's wrong with you? The eyes are so big, is the old eyes dizzy? If you have problems with your eyes, you can pour some sand. It works."

The latter gave Lin Chen a deep look, the pressure disappeared, and a glance of appreciation passed in his eyes.

"Well, Lin Chen, the monster list..." The old humpback coughed a few times, but it came into everyone's ears with great clarity: "This time the registration test is done by the old man, all of you listen well. "

His old, dry, five fingers grabbed the void horizontally, without any divine power fluctuations, but captured the whole void into smashes, the light was dim and free, and a big mountain came!

Boom~! A huge mountain with a height of 100 feet landed from the broken space, and all the powerful men, masters of refining medicine, all had a solemn look.

Even the proud Wizards of the Sinister List are extremely dignified at the moment!

This giant mountain is extraordinary!

It is created by pure spiritual power!

The spirit is out of touch, and everything is created in one thought! This kind of spiritual accomplishment has already reached certain fields of sainthood!

"In a quarter of an hour, those who climbed to the top of the mountain will pass. Remember, you must not use any foreign objects, you cannot run the Holy Cave Holy Power, you can only use spiritual means, and you must not use spiritual power to help others, and those who violate the rules immediately roll away. "

The humpback old man threw down a few words, and as soon as the figure retreated, he sat down at the seat at the next moment, and lay down tremblingly, snoring before he could breathe twice, and he was out of sight.

The geniuses such as Fei Xiaoyu and Shangguan Liuli looked up at the giant mountain with a dignified face.

Dozens of enrolled saint-level pharmacists swallowed their saliva, clenched their teeth and walked up to the giant mountain in one step!

Huge mountain radiates hundreds of spiritual rays and enters the eyebrows of the holy class alchemist who stepped into the giant mountain at the same time!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The mental consciousness kept roaring and trembling, and everyone gritted their teeth, as if someone had shaken their brains with their hands, and it took a lot of effort to stand still.

Brush ~! A figure rushed up!

It is Long Yijing!

His spiritual state seems to support him to resist these spiritual rays, pointing directly to the top of the mountain!

Chi Meier and Shangguan Liuli also started to act, but they were not much better than most of the Holy Class Alchemists.

Shangguan Liuli had just taken ten steps and was shaken by the mental light, shaking her mind and fainting.

After twenty steps, Chi Meier's actions gradually slowed down, only Fei Yu could continue to move forward slowly, but also doubled the pressure!

At this time, a voice came into the ears of the three women.

"Don't deliberately resist these spiritual rays, let go of the condensed spiritual power, let go of your body and mind, and imagine that your spiritual power is vast."

Three girls and one stunned, it was Lin Chen's voice!

They immediately tried to loosen the tense mental strength, and at first they were almost overturned by the spiritual coercion swept by the flood, almost eliminated!

However, after the hurricane passed, the peace was ushered in. The three women were immediately stable. The influence of mental light on them was still there, but they were able to move forward smoothly!

"This...this is!" Shangguan Liuli's expression was overjoyed.

"Master Lin Chen~"

Chi Mei'er stared at Lin Chen, charming and charming.

Fei Xiaoyu Jiao Han smiled: "Thank you big brother ~"

Lin Chen walked slowly, and smiled easily and freely-"Let's go."


Many pharmacists noticed this scene and couldn't help moving!

"Is this the little guy's handwriting?"

Everyone was surprised and suspicious. The middle-aged man next to the humpbacked old man narrowed his eyes and smiled with interest.

"Awesome, I grabbed the main points at once. I also helped three other applicants. It's been a long time since such an interesting teenager appeared, but is it not against him?"

After all, he looked at the hunched old man, who slept deeply.

The man shook his head and smiled: "Yes, he didn't use mental power to help, just a reminder by voice, it's really not countable, ha ha ha!"


Lin Chen has walked to the middle of the giant mountain, and unknowingly surpassed most of the applicants.

Some applicants saw the difference between Fei Xiaoyu and Chi Mei's three daughters, and quickly found their own tricks, and the speed gradually increased.

"damn it!"

Long Yijing saw that Lin Chen was going to catch up and could not help but gritt his teeth.

"Brother Yi Jing, what's wrong, look like kidney deficiency?"

At this time, Lin Chen walked to Long Yijing and joked: "Why not worry about it when you lick a dog? Sometimes when you are a horse, you don't necessarily have to get grass."

"Shut up!" Long Yijing roared!

"Shut up? Okay, don't you want to be first? Come on, I will teach you."

Lin Shuai made him smile, and he rushed up the mountain with one arrow!

At the next moment, many saint-level apothecary's mouth twitched slightly...

brush! brush! brush!

In front of Long Yijing, he sprinted back and forth from the top of Long Yijing to the top of the mountain.

That looks like it hasn't been affected at all!

But someone from Lin wouldn't climb to the top!

He didn't be the first person to reach the summit. After running back and forth for more than a dozen times, he sat on the top of the mountain without blushing and breathless, waiting for Long Yijing to come over step by step!

Long Yijing was so angry that his face was green!

What a shame!

Lin Chen completely rubbed his arrogant self-esteem with his desire to win the top spot on the ground!

But Long Yijing had to move forward! His mental strength is tight, and he is greatly affected by the spiritual light, and the possibility of being eliminated by one second after a delay!

Finally, Long Yijing became the first person to climb the spiritual giant mountain!

At the moment Long Yijing reached the summit, Lin Shuai forced him to look up at the sky forty-five degrees and sighed.

"The pinnacle of our longing is actually already bumpy. The tree-lined trail we thought was already full of traffic. Even though the place was left with traces by countless people, we still yearn for it. It's full of white dew. The pink you think has been discredited by years."

Someone Lin sighed deeply: "Being the first is a very tiring thing."

After talking, he made a single-handed move, and the spiritual light ball of the spiritual giant mountain was taken away and put into the palm of his hand.

Everyone was startled.

A fair-skinned girl of heavenly beauty asked curiously to the brothers around her.

"Brother, who said these famous sayings?"

"It seems that a man named Camward Kilbourne said?"