My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1281

Vol 5 Chapter 1281: But She Is Too Good.

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At the end of the quarter, only 13 people passed the test here! Compared to the previous few times, the number is several times lower!

This extremely difficult test was won by the younger generation of pharmacists!

If it is a few days ago, it will definitely cause some sensation. But with the "Monster" Lin Chen, everything is so boring!

And the three daughters such as Chi Meier had all passed. In the face of this difficult test, it was difficult for ordinary third-grade Saint-level pharmacists to pass. These three people, only Fei Xiaoyu is possible.

With the guidance of Lin Chen, all three girls passed and entered the race!

The race is very simple and focuses on weight. Right above Optimus City, Optimus Island Alchemy, see the heights once!

Lin Chen came off, and at this time, a very uncomfortable gaze stared at him.

He turned around and looked directly at his gaze, whose master was actually a pale and evil boy!

He has seen this man!

On that day, in the alternate competition of the Jie Tower, this person has won many battles and became one of the alternate candidates. He has never challenged anyone else since.

Seeing Lin Chen staring at him, the latter grinned and showed a strange and strange smile!

"This man is indifferent, but gives me a dangerous feeling... his age may be much more than the surface..."

Lin Chen had a heart in his mind, and at that moment, the boy got up and left.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he saw clearly that the boy was walking on his toes.



Lin Chen and others are the last batch of applicants. This time, a total of 391 Holy Class pharmacists were enrolled!

This number does not dare to arrogantly gather the top pharmacists in all domains of the Holy Realm, but at least in the thirty-six domains, it is full of famous names, the great people of the Megatron, the Holy Order Grand Master, Taishan Beidou, gather together!

Everyone is a heavyweight! Below the sixth grade sect, seated VIPs! Even the six-grade sect, lacking this series of holy-level refining pharmacists, are all sweet buns.

On the contrary, even if the young apothecary participates in the enchantment list, the apothecary still can't compare to the older generations!

After the registration, Lin Chen and Zixia Wanggu met.

"Friend Lin Chen, we met again. If you need anything, just speak."

"When will you come to the South Valley Wanggu to sit down, you can come if you have nothing to do."

The two elders Wang Gu smiled and asked warmly, when I saw the boy again, I was amazed!

Once, this young man who still needed their help was less than a year old and has grown into a character on the list of evildoers! This arc of growth is simply unique and unprecedented!

On the ranking of the demon list, he only has a gap of more than 700 from his own lady. This gap may continue to narrow!

"The two elders were so grateful for their help in the past. If there is a demand for alchemy, the boy will do his best."

Lin Chen smiled, he was not a person who did not know what to do.

"Hahaha, if you want to thank you, thank our lady, we also act according to regulations."

The two elders frowned and smiled.

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head, looking back at the demon.

She is wearing a light orange long dress today. No matter how many times she looks, she is still astonishing, and her pure beauty is full of enchanting beauty.

As soon as the two sides met, the charming and fascinating appearance of the young demon bloomed, and asked Lin Chen with great interest.

"How is it, how much is sure? It's all old friends, can't you be thorough?"

She was referring to Lin Chen's grasp of winning the championship. The little demon queen is a rare investor with Lin Chenyi, who has not been in contact with each other for a long time, but he knows very well.

Lin Chen touched his chin. "From a normal perspective, you can use all the cards in less than 50%."

The two elders in Zixia Wanggu thought for a moment, and moved instantly!

Is it nearly 50% sure to win the championship? This is a natural election conference! It's not like the alchemy conference that was waiting to compete with geniuses of the same age!

What level has this little guy transformed into now?

"However, there may be an accident this time. So I am preparing a killer skill. If it succeeds, it should be more than 90% sure, but if it fails, I am afraid that even the top 100 will not be able to enter."

Lin Chen shrugged, scared the two elders, and looked at the monster's eyes completely!

Jiucheng? Are you still personal?

"Qingwu..." At this time, Long Yijing appeared beside the seat of Zixia Wanggu.

He first swept Lin Chen obscurely and resentfully, then stared at the demon, and fell in love, holding the golden jade box.

"This is the birthday gift I prepared for you to dance lightly. On the birthday day 36 days later, I have to be in the alchemy competition to congratulate you in advance..."

After all, Long Yijing didn't even give the demon the time to refuse, so he opened the jade box, which was actually a pure white ginseng! The roots are thick and the beards are long, the stripes are different, and there is an inexplicable throbbing appeal.

"Colorful dragon king ginseng? Or the second highest white dragon king ginseng!"

The pupils of the two elders of Wang Gu shrank, their voices were terrified, and their hearts were shaking!

As soon as this thing appeared, many powerful people in the registration venue cast surprise and shocking eyes!

This thing helps to increase the holy power, open up the holy acupuncture point, and break the bottleneck, and even promote the magic effect. Especially the Holy Realm Quadruple, this object has a certain effect to help the Holy Realm quadruple to break through a Holy Cave, there is a certain probability to increase the cave expansion times!

That's right, increase the hole expansion factor!

To put it bluntly, this is the supreme holy product that is enough to make the sacred realm of the world four crazy! It is not surprising that the two elders of Wang Gu were so moved because they were also in the bottleneck of the late quartet.

The preciousness of this thing, alone on a single value, even Lin Chen's wandering fruit should be inferior!

"Is Long Yijing crazy? Give this kind of anti-celestial miracle to give him away? Isn't he fragrant when he keeps the next hole expansion to hit a higher level?"

"Even if he and we are the same as the evildoer list, it is impossible to take out this thing easily. This guy has a **** book! At least the boss is not confident that he can buy this thing..."

"Hey, if you can win the beauties of the beauty, don't worry, you don't look at who he sent, the demon queen of the demon list! This is one of the ten best colors of the recognized devil list, if you can hold the beauty back , Afraid of waking up dreaming and laughing."

Some of the wizards and holy-level alchemists were shocked and sighed.

This handwriting is too heavy!

Long Yijing firmly believes that there is no cave expansion to resist the temptation of this thing. This was passed on to him by his ancestors. It is for his own use, but he has made up his mind that he must chase (lick) until the little demon!

But the next moment--

"Yeah~ He gave me a gift~"

The little demon queen is like a pure girlfriend, her beautiful lips are raised, twisting her waist, holding Lin Chen's arm and shaking, and muttering.

"He's so perverted in this kind of perverts. Handsome Lin must have a better gift, right? Come out and let people have a look~"

Male demon wizards almost spurted blood in their noses!

The pure and beautiful face of the little demon queen, coupled with the charm of all living beings, the hot body, this spoiled, who can stand it!

Looking at the cunning smile on the corner of the little demon's mouth, Lin Chen's mouth slightly twitched...

Wipe, this is to bring fire to me!

At that moment, Lin Chen, who had a sense of justice, wanted to scold her loudly!

But she is too big.